11 Sep 2015

Julie Christie: Another Beautiful Face


Julie Christie has one of the world’s most beautiful faces.

She was unforgettable in her film roles, as Bathsheba in Far From the Madding Crowd and Lara in Doctor Zhivago?

She is a woman that would seem to have only become more attractive with age.

This season I am having a crazy love affair with chunky knits. Julie Christie’s exquisite portrait had me imagining knitting, well almost. Knitting must be one of the most satisfying pastimes but for now I need to rediscover this craft with baby steps.

Chunky oversized sweaters look fabulous with A-line skirts or skinny pants. Textures work well when they contrast; think silk and lace worn with sumptuous woollen sweaters. If the pants are worn with a cute boot then even better.

I like the whole jangle of bracelets with the big sweater look too.

The weather has turned; I may be wearing chunky sooner than expected. xv

Julie Christie Style: Knit One, Pearl One

autumn cashmere shaker stitch  //  top shop unique cable knit

eileen fisher ballet neck  //  a.l.c mock neck knit

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Anita Rivera

She is marvelous. In Dr. Zhivago, it was hard to take your eyes off of that perfect skin, lips and eyes. And now? She is the epitome of aging well. The color of her sweater, bracelts and make up are PERFECT!


Yes… I love this idea of the big grey chunky sweater with loads of bangles… I’m thinking cream too… :)
Dr Zhivago must be one of my all time favourite films… It’s time for another session…


Doesn’t she look amazing Vicki and a woman after my own heart with the Afghanistan silver bracelets { a weakness of mine } A beautiful photograph of her. XXXX


Vicki, Another classic woman on my list along with Grace, Catherine, Audrey, Jackie! Love the chunky knits!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring India Hicks!

Linda B

That is a truly lovely image. And it makes me long for wool season! It is months away from the desert SW of the USA, and it is always way too short as far as I am concerned. I am a knitter myself, and have had to stop making more chunky knits I adore because I have plenty for the few days they work here! Lately I have been trying to content myself with making whisper thin, lacy knits–but it’s not the same. So–all of you in more temperate climates enjoy your jumpers and cardigans for us! We’ll be happy to send you some sunshine in return. ;-)

Esther George

Hi Vicki, wow just beautiful. I confess I have not seen any of her movies for a while…on my to do list. I did try to learn the art of knitting I didn’t get very far too busy with other things but my French friend used to knit on our train trips to and from work she had a way of holding the needles, her grandmother taught her how to knit. Thank you for sharing beauty. Have a lovely weekend. Regards Esther from Sydney.


Love love love the bracelets. My ex-husband use to say walking along the street with me was like walking beside windchimes, between my bracelets & earrings & pendants & rings (which were usually the only thing that didn’t tinkle or rattle). Alas, I have more silver bracelets than I have arm-length to put them on. I keep telling myself I don’t need any more, then find one I can’t resist. I have the identical will-power for leather jackets & cool boots. I console myself with the thought there are worse addictions . . . .

david terry

Have you ever seen Christie in the movie made from William Trevor’s novel “Fools of Fortune”? She’s stunning in it (and, at that time, she hadn’t made a movie in years and years). Basically?..she plays a lovely, fortunate, wealthy, amply-loved (by her husband and all her children) member of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy in the 1920’s……..until, one night, the black&tans burn down the family’s big house…murdering her husband, half the servants, and her twin, sevenyear-old daughters. It’s beyond appalling….and Christie (her character and her young son survive the fire) then devolves into a monstrously alcoholic, mostly-crazy, irretrievably despairing widow who can’t even get out of bed for the next fifteenyears (until she dies). Lots of actresses win academy awards for putting on fat suits or prosthetic noses, etc…….but Christie shows it all just by ACTING. I don’t think the womkan is at all vain (which isn’t often the case with famous actresses). I should emphasize that both she and the movie, despite what happens in it, are very beautiful…..but, then, the story is by William Trevor. I admire her work a great deal.


David Terry

Beeta @ Mon Petit Four

Julie is so so gorgeous; she is definitely one of those women who look better and better with age. And I am so in love with chunky knits too! So much so that I have been thinking about signing up for a knitting class at my local craft store just so I can start knitting some lovely sweaters and throws for myself! :)


And could you possibly forget her in Darling? Yes, she has continues to become more attractive with age and her style adds to her allure.

I love chunky sweaters and sadly I buy them and try to wear them every fall. But My body shape could also be described as chunky. Chunky sweater + chunky body = not attractive :-(


Oh I used to wish I looked just like her :) She is such a lovely woman , she is lovely at all ages.And her hair, she has never had a bad hair day !
Now I want to go watch all her old films ! I love wearing big chunky sweaters , I am thin and they keep me warm :)

cindy hattersley

She is marvelous and I adore the whole look! It will be quite a while before we will be wearing anything chunky and warm here in CA. We have had a week of over 90+!


Love Ms. Christie. Lovely, classic and making all of us ladies over 40 feel good about aging. I’m so looking forward to new fashions for fall. The leaves are turning here in Chicago and the days are getting shorter. Can totally see myself in one of those fabulous chunky sweaters!

Jane x


I watched Doctor Zhivago recently for the upteenth time and was again captivated by Ms Christie and shed a tear again at the scene where Zhivago as Lara calls, him sees Lara and sadly dies trying to get her attention. Such a sad ending. It’s like I’m watching it again for the first time, every time.
I will have to watch Far from the Madding Crowd again to refresh my memory of Ms Christie as Bathsheba. She is a gorgeous women and actor.


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