16 Jun 2015

Kaftans: The Long And The Short Of It

kaftans from vogue italia 1960's

The long and the short of it is that kaftans are the answer.

Last week with the high and heavy temperatures in Provence the kaftan was a great way to travel. As the days moved along and my kaftans changed colour I realised that they really are an easy way to look and feel summery.


Long or short, they work in the heat or even in the not-so-hot.

Maybe they aren’t everybody’s robe du jour but if you haven’t tried life in a kaftan, I can highly recommend it. Wearing a kaftan is a feel good experience, it’s happy and there is something so joyous and free about a kaftan. A kaftan gives that holiday feeling even if we aren’t on holiday.

Not just to wear at the beach or to the pool but for everyday. Styled with those espadrilles that we love and a whole load of bracelets; the kaftan is a fabulous look.

I have been collecting kaftans forever, wherever I can find them. Kaftans are a comfortable way to wear colour, to embrace pattern and floral and to really enliven the summer. They are timeless and both flattering and forgiving. Although be careful, as that supreme comfort factor makes it very easy to forget the regime.

Nothing shows: everything goes. Know what I mean? xv

kaftans from vogue italia 1960's

Must Haves: The Long And The Short Of It

on the knee

***bollydoll kaftan  // nanette lepore kaftan  //  ***camilla kaftan

below the knee

***natori floral print kaftan  // mara hoffman embroidered kaftan


today is the day that the net a porter international sale has opened. 50% + off nearly all current summer. it’s worth trying your luck.


creating a wardrobe of caftans, there are more of my favourites in showpieces

images vogue italia 1960’s

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Mimi Gregor

I remember caftans from their previous go-round. Being a petite person, something as voluminous as a caftan makes me feel that all I would need is a turban and a crystal ball, and I can set myself up as Madame Mimi, clairvoyant. Yeah, any article of clothing that makes me snicker probably is not a good idea.


I am sure you would not look like Madame Mimi… ;)

My crystal ball is telling me you should try some of the shorter ones Mimi, I think you would be pleasantly surprised… :) :)

Anita Rivera

These really are the way to go; they travel well and easily, they unfold beautifully and flow with you on the go…..AWESOME, Vicki! I hope you are enjoying London! Anita


Yes I am Anita… the weather is gorgeous and the Internet connection rapid!!


I have worn caftans forever. I love them and I have many. They are great with flat sandals, espadrilles and sometimes in the evening with a high heel sandal. My favorites have been from Lotty B. Lotty lives on the island of Mustique. She has been making caftans for many years now and they are beautiful!!
They are so lovely, I kept Lotty to myself for many years!! The Cats out of the bag now!!

La Contessa

My Mother wore them and so do I………….just ordered another a few days ago!
I think your other friend MADAME C likes them TOO!!!!!!!
If the REGIME goes good to know I will have something to wear!!!!!!!!!!


I love the easy free caftans, long or short, they are both casual and elegant. Perfect for summer heat, they usually come in stunning patterns, pack well, and can go from the beach to cocktails. Adore!


It’s funny but in a kaftan I love pattern and colour but in the regular wardrobe I stick with the plains..
Whatever works… :)


I am not tall enough to wear a kaftan. I look like I am being swallowed by a fabric monster. But I do love the look on those models in the 60s ..


Always stylish, fresh and flowing, such a summery fun look!

The Arts by Karena
Closer: Michael Clinton

Leslie in Oregon

I love to wear kaftans and favor those that are a light, airy cotton in a beautiful print and not too voluminous. They are not easy to find, so I’ll appreciate continuing tips on locating them!


There’s one thing that all of the women photographed in today’s entry have in common. They are all very thin. Voluminous clothes look better on thin women. For the rest of us, slimmer, A line versions of the caftan are infinitely more flattering. Caftans may be very comfortable, but all of that volume can make one look HUGE. Just my opinion, of course.

Penelope Bianchi

One of the chicest women I have ever known…..(not sure she is still alive….hoping so!) Toni Webb; wife of Del Webb (he invented “retirement villages”) “Sun City”……she was so chic and fun and warm and divine……she said…”I have never met a caftan I didn’t love!!”
She always looked fabulous! Brava!!!

my castle in spain

Oh yes! in summer, I find it the easiest to wear..and I must say, it’s the type of garment which suits all sizes but like you say…it’s very easy to forget any diet :-)Thank you for the selection Vicki! xLala

La Contessa

Then my INSTAGRAM friend in MELBOURNE told me about AIRLLYWOOD………I have yet to go GOOGLE HER but will NOW!Her KAFTANS are made of cotton………………..I ADORE THEM.
ALL KAFTANS suit me just fine………….hide a multiply of things plus look SMASHING!


Ohmigoodness! I’m having a 70s flash-back! But in a good way. Used to wear them all the time with armsful of bangles (yes!), big earring (yes!) & pretty sandals (yes!). And, yes, I wore my hair in that 70s up-do as well. For the record, petite women can look great in kaftans, you just have to get the right fabric, cut & proportions. I haven’t worn one — or even thought of them — in decades, but you have reminded me how deliciously cool (and elegant) they can be. I used to sew my own back in the day, but am too lazy for that now. Going shopping as soon as I leave here . . . thank you!


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