1 Nov 2014

Khaki By Annie Liebovitz

Winter Wear, Annie Liebowitz, Vogue, Vicki Archer

Annie Liebovitz for Vogue

The Winter Weather Essential shot by Annie Lieboviz makes me want to get my khaki working.

Khaki parka style jackets are doing the rounds and I for one am super happy.

Khaki is another neutral to add to the repetoire of colours that work well together in the wardrobe.

Khaki, like the grey, the cream, the navy and the black is very flattering on most colourings.

and the khaki parka style, especially with the faux fur collar, looks very modern.

A little cinched in around the waist and tailbone length, the parka jacket is a winner.

This relaxed style of khaki worn over a tailored skirt or over the LBD is a great look.

Mixing the slick with the unstructured.

I had a summer style in khaki which I have worn and worn. It is embarrassing how many outings this jacket has had. Now it’s becoming too light so I am on the hunt for a new khaki version but in a slightly heavier fabric.

I have found some beauties, tell me what you think… xv

Many Shades Of Khaki

Winter Wear, Khaki Parka, Vicki Archer

1.  joie daley  //  2.  kiind of vintage  //  3. bcbgeneration  //  4.  andrew marc  //  5.  treasure and bond

and for a little divine extravagance, the yves salomon featured in the Annie Lieboviz image

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Just perfect for this time of year. It is turning cool and crisp here!! A great selection!

Have a great weekend Vicki!
The Arts by Karena

Mimi Gregor

I like the nipped-in waist on these parkas; it prevents one from looking altogether too much like the “Michelin Man”.

I like this olive green khaki; it is so much more flattering than the tan khaki. I think that it’s more versatile, as it’s difficult to imagine wearing the tan khaki in dressier applications.

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki,yet another favorite of mine! At one point in my earlier days, I would wear nothing but Khaki, and I loved it. I still do and now you’ve got me on the hunt for something in this color and fabric! Always, always the perfect fashion statement to be found here for all seasons. Much love to you, and thank you ! Anita


And so practical. Early this morning, we had the first snowfall! It’s not sticking on the ground thank goodness…at least yet but tells the tale of things to come brrrrrr! That hood would come in handy despite creating that awful condition of “hat head”


No autumn weekend without Khaki…the style and the color which I like since my young age and also the it-color for summer 2o15, I have heard.


My husband and I have taken up extensive walking in the past couple of years. It’s for health reasons, keeping our weight down and for the beauty of nature. We plan on continuing the walking this winter when possible. I have just purchased a new parka type jacket – not that Michelin Man look – and now am searching for stylish hat and warm gloves. I feel that if we dressed appropriately – and fashionable – we will embrace this winter instead of shivering from car to store and complaining about the wind and cold. Give it a try!

Gigi Thibodeau

As Mimi said above, the nipped in waist makes these both practical and a bit more feminine, less Michelin-Man, than many parkas. And I love the khaki. I live in such a cold part of the U.S. that parkas are about as high fashion as it gets here in mid-January! :D xo Gigi


Along with my collection of trench coats and leather jackets I now have a couple of parkas and anoraks. All I need to do now is holiday in a colder climate. It’s funny since living in Qld Australia instead of my usual planning of a beach holiday I catch myself day dreaming of walking down a city street wearing long boots and trench coat or feeling snug beneath a parka drinking hot chocolate. There have been moments where the temps have dipped and I’ve been one of the few appropriately dressed. So many people move to Qld and give away their winter clothes.
A look in my wardrobe and you’d think I was a “Prepper”. The good thing is I’m ready for any last minute invites to colder climates. Just hoping the fashions don’t change dramatically.
Deb (previously Debbie)


Deb, I left QLD for Europe and had to buy a lot of new stuff for the colder climate. Even it doesn’t get colder in my part than 12 dgr, I love to wear
finally boots, parkas and hats. I understand your
desire/feeling totally and it’s clever you keep it because Parkas in Khaki never go out of fashion.

susan athanasakou

As Candice…I love them all!
I look at a lot of parkas and I must say cheap tatty fake fur around the hood ruins some otherewise beautiful ones.
Fake by all means but a bit better quality please!
The fur here on numbers 2, 3 and 4 looks quite good.


Agree strongly on the nipped in waist. That photo is marvellous. Her hair, the sky, the landscape. I like how you show several versions of khaki as there is a shade to suit anyone in that range. I am so tired of default black in winter coats. When it is dark & rainy or icy pedestrians don’t show up well. And even if it doesn’t kill you at a crosswalk, it is just depressing.


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