26 Jul 2017

Khaki (once called olive) Is The New Black

Khaki Is The New Black on vickiarcher.com


Who would have thought there could be a crush on olive?

It doesn’t seem right. Olive – well, olive is very – olive.

I don’t actually think of olive as olive, I think of the sludgy, slightly dull but very flattering soft shade of green as khaki.

Khaki has become my new black.

It is now one of my neutrals, ever since I let the hair do its own thing. Going grey not only required an injection of self-confidence but also a re-think about what colours worked in the wardrobe. The khaki is a welcome change from black and the shades of grey that appear to dominate my everyday wardrobe.

Like grey, there are many shades of khaki.

One of the shades I prefer was once called olive. I am not sure in my mother’s day if olive was a thing but I don’t remember her wearing this colour ever.

p.s She still dyes her hair and she is fast approaching 100 years. (If she had excellent eyesight she would most likely tell me to dye mine too.) Perhaps olive was not on her radar.

I digress,

I found a couple of really fab pieces on sale to add to my khaki collection – I didn’t find them until this morning so they weren’t in the latest sales edit – plus one ridiculous piece of fun.

This jacket (mad about this one – shape and length with touch of extra detail) will be a change from my Old Navy twill field jacket. If there is one coat I have worn and worn, it is this one. I mean worn until I can barely look at it anymore. It has probably been one of the best buys I have ever made. If you don’t have one, it is worth a peak and it is back in stock in a variety of camouflage and colours. Not to be missed and the definition of more dash than cash.

Wear the jacket and pants together or add a white tee underneath plus sneakers. Be brave, put your eccentric side out there and wear this over the top.

I will if you will. xv

Khaki Is The New Black

cargo jacket  ||  atm slim sweatpants  ||  faux leopard fur coat

image, olivia palermo via marie claire

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Mimi Gregor

Hearing about your mother brought a smile to my face. My husband has an elderly second cousin who is 96, and even though she has never worn a stitch of makeup, and seems the antithesis of vain, she still dyes her hair. I think it is not so much about vanity as it is about recognizing yourself in the mirror the way you imagine yourself to look. With failing eyesight, one no longer even has to squint to blur over the wrinkles and imagine the younger woman that one expects to see. She definitely is not trying to fool anyone into thinking that she is younger; she manages to tell those she is talking to that she is “96… and a half” repeatedly during a conversation.

Anita Rivera

I love this color. I wore a LOT of it in the 80s and it flattered me very well. I haven’t had much in my wardrobe after the 80s in Khaki, but I think I need to reconsider! Enjoy your day, Vicki!


I love khaki and have a favorite jacket bought in a boutique in Buenos Aires that works with everything in my closet ..
I still wear mostly black but it goes well with khaki lol ..

Taste of France

I think olive vs. other khaki is a question of skin tone more than hair color. On me, it brings out all the worst yellowish tones, not flattering at all.
I see more and more women with stunning gray hair, so you are in good company.

Carol Oldershaw

Olivia Palermo is wearing a beautiful red belt. Any idea where I might find same?

Thanks, Vicki, for this great site.

Jackie Edwards

I wore Olive in the 1980s but it was a much darker version to what we see today , which I agree is khaki. Your mum sounds wonderful and you are indeed blessed to still have her. I would even bet she still goes to the hairdressers.


Olive became my black three years ago and every time I try black near my face I cringe. What other neutrals and accent colors are you planning on wearing with olive?

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I wore khaki in the eighties and I have never stopped appreciating this colour. About your mum, I couldn’t stop smiling, my mum is almost 80 and my sister helps her with her hair, they have tried everything to convert me, happy to say, they have given up. Have a lovely weekend. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney. PS YouTube had a short story Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld the costumes were just beautiful, it featured Keira Knightly.


Sorry to bist the bubble but Khaki is actually a type of sandy beige. Not green. Was never green. You’re wearing olive. Khaki has been used as a color name in English since 1848 when it was first introduced as a military uniform, and was called both drab and khaki—khaki being a translation of the English drab light-brown color. Khaki is a loanword from Hindustani meaning soil-colored’.

Jane Jess

Hi Vicki! I have a new found love of khaki thanks to you! It is a great neutral and a nice alternative to the grey/black/navy that dominates my closet! After reading one of your posts a while back I went on a mission to find a field jacket and am in love with it! I live in Canada and we have four seasons so this jacket will work well in all of them. I will continue to add this shade as it pairs with everything. Thanks for your inspiration, always love getting my Vicki mail! xx

Deborah Peterson Milne

I’m with you, I’m a big fan of olive. Perhaps it reminds me of my career army grandfather. Paired with black, I find the combo a classic. How incredible your mom is almost 100. Good genes! x


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