3 Jun 2021

Khaki: You Are On My Mind

Khaki: You are On My Mind on vickiarcher.com

Original chinoiserie paper can get you focusing on all sorts.

In my case, khaki.

Whether it’s the beige colourway or the deeper olive shade – I’m always up for a dash of khaki.

Particularly when it comes to a pair of pants. Cargo style, straight or jogger – khakis are a fabulous pant to wear with white or black. Feeling brave? Try a citrus yellow, the best red or even a Schiaparelli pink; winning combinations if your mind is in the vibrant game.

When the jeans are too hot, the sweats done for or the dresses not right a pair of khaki pants will go a long way.

You know the drill ;) xv

The Best Khaki

crop khaki  ||  utility khaki ||  wide leg khaki  || jogger khaki

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Good morning Vicki!

I agree. This color is neutral enough for me that I can wear either a crisp white shirt with a khaki skirt or a sweater in the fall with a comfy but stylish pair of pants.


I am with you, Vicki. Beside b/w this is the best colour to mix…. and to be brave? Definitely ! also personally I like to wear it with b/w which combi accompanied me since I was in my younger years. B.t.w. Liked the pic with your sweet grandchildren.

Michelle à Détroit

Cropped or ankle length khakis are my uniform, usually with a black or navy top, turtleneck or blazer. Years ago, I read an article about Giorgio Armani and that his daily uniform consisted of khakis and a navy tee. I happily swiped the idea. As an aside, I was rushing up Madison Avenue one day back in the 80s when saw him outside of his new boutique, directing the preparations for the opening. Sure enough, he looked smashing in his uniform. That day, however, I just happened to be wearing one of his jackets. His eagle eye zoomed right in on it!


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