22 Jan 2019

Kick Start January (And Every Other Month)

KIckstart January on vickiarcher.com

Kickstart January? The sneaker/trainer trend is going nowhere.

And you know me – I am relieved.

Whether you like it or not, it is revolutionary when it comes to comfort.

I went to an inspirational breakfast meeting this morning (more about that later) and I knew it would be very dressy so refrained from wearing sneakers with my best dress – I wore these instead. I was one of the only ones not kickstarting their morning in sneakers. There were all white versions, the all black styles and the designer models in the mix. Truthfully these women were rocking it.

All ages interpreting a trend in their way. That is my idea of fashion. Wearing, working and owning our style. ✔︎

When it comes to which pair of sneakers or trainers I am on the less is more side.

I don’t believe we need to spend on the top designer versions. Yes, the Balenciaga trainers are very cool and I wouldn’t knock them back. Spend big on them myself? No, very happy with my Nikes or Adidas at 10% of the price. Interestingly, they are mostly sold out. So what do I know?

Which is not to say I frown on them if you love them and desire them with all your heart. I am the first to say, “Go for it”.

I’m simply saying we can “kick start” without spending the big bucks.

More interesting to me is how an athletic trend has taken over and stayed. Does that mean we are really starting to consider our “comfort” when it comes to fashion? The thought of wearing a ten-inch heel fills me with fear and loathing. Where is the VA I knew and have grown up with;)

If you haven’t embraced the sneaker trend, I encourage you. Try them.

Start easy – wear them with your trousers/ jeans, work up to a tailored suit and lash out with your favourite sweater dress.

Once you start, you will never look back. xv

Kick Start January And Every Other Month

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the VA fave adidas superstar

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Great shoes for on-the-go living! And they look so good with the rest of the wardrobe these models are wearing!


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