20 Apr 2012

La Collection Privée

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Have you tried any of the scents from the Dior La Collection Privée? They are exclusive fragrances for men and women created for the house of Dior by it’s perfume creator, Francois Demarchy.

Dior describes them

‘A collection of rare, authentic, refined fragrances for both men and women, composed with noble and rigorously selected ingredients. These are true olfactory creations, with a flower at the heart of each…’

I do love the French penchant for drama… a fragrance that is ‘noble’… ‘ a flower that is at the heart’… it does make them sound most appealing… They are very lovely and so far I have sampled Cologne Royale…a gorgeous scent for the men… in the feel of Eau Sauvage… with a hint of Sicilian Lemon and Italian Neroli.

Milly La-Forêt , one I am seriously tempted by, is named after Dior’s country escape outside of Paris in Milly La Forêt. This scent is reminiscent of a romantic stroll through the forest… with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and iris.

But…  New Look 1947 might be the one for me…. 1947 was the year that Christian Dior held his first fashion show in Paris and it was there that Dior was hailed as ‘a new look’… This is a highly floral fragrance with Indian tuberose, Turkish rose and Jasmine… As a lover of tuberose… I think I this could just be me.

There are ten perfumes in all… and the packaging is superb… The bottles are very simple and elegant with beautifully engraved black lids… the problem will be choosing only one fragrance… As I understand, La Collection Privée is only available in Paris and London… so if you are in Europe try some samples and at the same time make sure to ask for the little white illustrated booklet describing each of the scents.

I think you are going to love these… xv

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Lost in Provence

Tuberose, Turkish rose and jasmine?! Yes, please. :) But actually, now that I think of it, doesn't Fragonard have something along those lines. NOT the same thing, I know (synthetics! I shake my fist at you!) but not the same price range either…

Bon weekend!

Melissa Lee

Years ago, I worked in New York City in the cosmetic industry. I used to keep a bottle of "Eau Sauvage" in the refrigerator during the hot summer months. It always felt so cool and refreshing and I loved the scent on my skin, even though it is supposed to be a male fragrance.

Thanks for the memories! I'll look forward to trying the others. My Dior fave right now is J'Ador…love it!

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

Perfect! This one is a must for next week..love tuberose, oddly enough it reminds me of a beautiful walk, deep within the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney… :) Looking forward to our walk thru Paris Vicki!! :) xx

Karen in CT

.. wow, a Friday scent present .. thanks as always .. I love tuberose as well .. but you just got me onto Serge's fleurs d'oranger .. and I must say, I do love it … the 1947 looks great too .. best, Karen in CT

Teresa at Splendid Sass

I haven't been disappointed by a single bottle of Dior that I purchased! They just know how to put together great fragrances!! I will add this to my list.
Happy Friday!


Your website is looking beautiful, Vicki. And that fragrance sounds lovely. I was about to do a post on "Creed" … maybe next week. I'm saving my pennies to buy the smallest bottle they make of the new fragrance called "White Flowers." Have a lovely weekend, my friend. Lisa & I are working on the theme for next month's BIO. xx's

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Vicki, you are right the packaging is gorgeous. Their collection for spring was in my opinion sensational too. Love to investigate next time I cross the pond…..Wonder if Rodeo Drive has it????????Maryanne xo



I fall for pretty bottles and beautiful fragrances every time! This looks lovely and I'll look forward to trying it. I am a Licensed Clinical Aesthetician which means my vanity is like a chemistry lab and missing girly fluff. Sometimes I just have to defer and go for the sweet goodies! If you have a sec, check out my post on VANITY.

Enjoy your Friday and have a nice weekend.


shiree segerstrom

Vicki, I saw "Milly" recently in an editorial somewhere and was struck by the name. I will make a point to check on it. Funny story, I have had a "nose" since I was very small and was accustomed (still am) to wearing (sneaking) my mother's expensive perfumes. One day in first grade I went up to one of our first grade teachers who was a very handsome woman, large and well dressed, and said to her "Is that Chanel No. 5 you're wearing?" and she of course said "yes it is, how did you know?". I've had French Essence on my blog roll for quite a while and was wondering if you'd be so kind as to add Joy of Nesting to yours? Great post Vicki. Have a lovely weekend! Shiree'

shiree segerstrom

Teresa, French fragrances are usually so lovely. I must admit to turning up my nose at a lot of American scents. Particularly these days as everyone seems to be reinventing the wheel. My two cents. Shiree'


I love home fragrances…I'm currently hooked on Jo Malone's Grapefruit but I will definitely try these at some point. You always give us such good tips on these kind of things.

Shell Sherree

They sound exquisite. I'd love to get my hands on one of those little illustrated booklets… I wonder if they'll decide to release the range here in Australia. I hope so. Have a beautiful weekend, dear Vicki.


Oh my. Those two Dior fragrances (both of them) were exactly the ones on my list to try. I love Dior!


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