14 Feb 2017

La Dolce Vita: What’s In The Suitcase

La Dolce Vita: What's In The Suitcase on vickiarcher.com

“You start on a voyage; you know where you will end up but not what will occur along the way. You want to be surprised.”

Frederico Fellini


La Dolce Vita and Rome, Not Much Longer, I am coming.

This spring I am planning a long weekend in Rome.

I have missed Italy and in particular Rome. It is time to be enchanted with the Italians lust for life and to luxuriate in the architectural beauty of the Eternal City.

Rome is one of those destinations, like Paris, where there can never be too many visits and where each visit feels like the first.

In preparation I am working my way through my Roman movie list and letting my imagination take hold.

La Dolce Vita, the sets and the costumes, will be my inspiration for what to pack in the suitcase. I have no idea where to stay as yet (all ideas most welcome) but I know exactly what I want to see and do. Like many travellers I have my re-visits, my must-do’s and I have my new adventures to create. I like to plan a mix of both; the familiar and the unknown.

Isn’t that what travel is all about?

The art of mixing adventure, excitement with comfort and familiarity. The feeling of “coming home” when you are so far away from home is the perfect destination; making new ports of call our homes away from home.

La Dolce Vita: What's In The Suitcase on vickiarcher.com

The question is what to pack? What will be in the suitcase?

Taking inspiration from La Dolce Vita it must be black and white. I am feeling embellishment and a touch of glamour; a trip can’t be all sightseeing and sneakers. I immediately revert to layers, to cashmere and silk as the accessory for a chilly evening and to earrings, darling and dangling, as my dress-everything-up fall back

Black with white or white with black in the day; I am thinking trousers and tees to swap with a silk blouse. A puffer style vest will take me everywhere but don’t imagine a practical style, this pretty is the one I want. This will work over tees and trousers and equally over this divine La Dolce Vita inspired dress.

La Dolce Vita: What's In The Suitcase on vickiarcher.comla-dolce-vita-vicki-archer.3jpg


































I have recently discovered Halsbrook, an online destination created by Halsey Schroeder. The site has been live since 2012 and was developed by Halsey to showcase beautiful pieces that stand the test of time. Halsey wanted “the shopping experience to be elegant and effortless from start to finish.”

It is a refreshing change to come upon a curation that is specific to our needs and that offers pieces to be not only affordable but also beautifully designed. I am a fan and have been letting my fingers do the “packing” for this trip.

La Dolce Vita: What's In The Suitcase on vickiarcher.com

I am planning three nights in Rome and as a lover of Italian food I can’t imagine I will be staying in. Call me old-fashioned but I love dressing for dinner, wherever I am. Friday night will be all about the dressier black pants and a fabulous top with that beaded puffer vest I mentioned and Saturday evening is where the LBD will work it’s way out of the suitcase.

Sunday evening might be pizza and gelato (the regime must be abandoned in Rome) and Samantha Sung will come to my rescue.

Daytime dressing and destinations don’t alter much for me. I stay with my tried and tested formula of pants, tees and a jacket. A blazer or the puffer will work over everything I pack. That is my major consideration; everything must work together.

La Dolce Vita: What's In The Suitcase on vickiarcher.com

I want the journey to start with the pack and for the planning to be part of the pleasure.

Life out of a suitcase is far more compelling when the expectation of adventure is as much a part of travel as the arrival.

La Dolce Vita, I cannot wait. xv

La Dolce Vita: What’s In The Suitcase

by day

belford sweater  //  **piazza sempione black pants  //  **belford black and white tee  //  lk bennett tweed jacket 

**samantha sung sunshine dress

day and night

***glamourpuss quilted vest  //   kobi halperin v neck blouse with flutter sleeves  //  **les copains black tweed top with beading

**bajra black and white paisley silk scarf  //  lorenza gandaglia woven handbag  //  **minnie rose poncho

by night

elie tahari lace mallory dress  //  les copain stretch knit dress  //  piece of cloth stretch crepe pant  //  ellie tahari lace blouse

antonelli albanga white poplin top

Thank you Halsbrook for the inspiration and for sponsoring, La Dolce Vita: What’s In The Suitcase

images, la dolce vita directed by frederico fellini

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Kimberly Smith

Dear Vicki,
You might want to try the Hotel Raphael, near the P. Navona (a Relais & Chateaux). It’s small, elegant, mostly European clientele with a lovely rooftop bar/resto over looking the Bramante Cloisters. In the spring the wisteria is incredible!


Thank you Kimberly, I will make enquiries.. it is always better to have recommendations I find :)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Vicki, when traveling I find if I pack black, white, and perhaps a colorful scarf just in case the yearning for color overcomes me( which I often never even wear) makes the trip completely about the experience, not the struggle of what to wear.

It’s been years since we were in Rome, but your wardrobe choices are perfect! I’m going to visit Halsbrook, for some spring and summer inspiration.


Yes.. the lack of choice is so refreshing and saves so much time!
I like that Lidy.. “The struggle of what to wear”… I might have to quote you :)

Corrina Tough

a) never seen la dolce vita – it’s on my to watch list
b) we spent a week in Rome just after xmas- I had never been and I fell in love
as always I packed too much but I actually wore most of it!
Here is what I packed for winter but as I imagine spring to be not so much warmer you could not have thermals and be equally warm/cool. Dark denim jeans and black leather skinny jeans which I teamed with various mixes of turtlenecks (black/grey), sweaters in red/gray/black – some of those were turtlenecks too and converse black leather high tops and a trench coat /scarf or velvet blazer. I had also bought black boots with a heel and balerines with a heel for going out but ended up not wearing any dresses due to coldness- with the exception of a LBD I bought there which is really for spring summer but I wore a black turtleneck skivvy underneath and a black velvet cut off blazer on top, brown leather Italian boots purchased in Rome and animal print scarf! The black leather pants and velvet blazer in burgandy colour I wore a lot and it looked quite dressy even with the converse so in the evening I just changed mt shoes et voila! upscaled it xx Enjoy I am jealous xx


It brings back fond memories and a certain amount of excitement to hear you speak of your upcoming trip. I have been to Italy three times and I would go back in a moment. Why not?!
I found we did not dress up often, as we tried to eat mostly in small, family owned restaurants (on a resident’s recommendations). Dress pants, a nice blouse and flat shoes took me everywhere.

Angelique Iankov

Dear Vicki
My husband and I went to Rome for 4days in December to celebrate our 30 year anniversary. It was so amazing. It wasn’t that cold really we dressed warm and the sun shone most of the time. I hadn’t been in 32 years. No longer did the Via Veneto have horse and carriage rides. All confined to the coliseum area. It was wonderful but so much had changed. My husband got a personal guide for two days and the rest we winged. I took Micheal Kors LBD. Boots black dressy but for walking. I changed the scarf from day to evening. Black tights black jersey top and a. Cashmere grey poncho I turned so the points fell to one side sort of asemetrical to look leaner taller. I’m 5’2 so must do these tricks lol. Also a beige loose sweater dress. The black pants and top felt like pjs under that poncho. I took a black semi fitted knee length packable puffer coat. I felt so good and was so comfortable. When I got home I bought three more ponchos in different colors. I noticed how beautiful all the Italian women looked in Rome. Women of a certain age dressed impeccably hair everything classic. Make up but not over done. I felt so good I actually had Italians coming up and trying to speak to me thinking I was Italian and I loved every minute of it !!!!! I hope this helps


What a wonderful suitcase you have packed for Rome! Love it when everything blends so seamlessly. It saves time for sure and you don’t keep your date waiting;)
Love that puffer vest and always a Piazza Sempione pants fan!
Enjoy Rome, you will look fab for sure! xx


Good morning Vicki,
I love Rome soo much I consider it my spiritual home.
There are so many layers and every time we visit we try and discover something new.The only trouble is we also want to see what we’ve seen before! Last August we visited the
Palazzo Doria Pamphilf on Via del Corso. Owned by a distinguished and cultured Italian family who are still in residence. Their history is extraordinary as is their priceless art collection. It was truely an uplifting experience.
Casina Valadier in the Borghese Gardens, at the top of Piazza del Popolo, with stunning views of Rome. Recently opened with several dining options, the restaurant on the terrace was fabulous for lunch.
There seems to be many small hotels popping up in Rome, but converting an old building and offering accommodation does not an hotelier make!
J K Place Roma is exceptional, interiors designed by renowned architect Michele Bonan. Last time we stayed at Palazzo Dama, brand new and stunning! With a beautiful garden and pool with outdoor dining. Wow! We plan to return at the end of the year.
Enjoy every moment Vicki. Regards Maggie. Canberra, Australia.

Trish Murphy

Vicki your pack sounds fantastic as always. We were in Rome last year and loved seeing the Trevi
fountain beautiful buffed and polished. Always lovely to sit and ponder there early before the crowds. Enjoy your visit. Trish

Anita Rivera

Oh, you are preparing for a Roman Holiday! Vicki, you will be smashing in Rome! Can’t wait to see the photos!


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