11 Oct 2019

Lace Ups, The Midi And Now Add This Into The Mix


What to wear on top of the midi skirt and lace-up boots?

I am starting with a blouse and that’s my outfit planned for this weekend’s dinner date.

One of my challenges at VA is illustrating what I want to say.

Fashion images, unless you take your own on a regular basis, don’t say what I want to say. I have to rely on my written descriptions to illustrate my points and trust they make sense; the images are more inspirational or evocative in most cases. But I struggle. The models are either too young and I can’t relate or older but not representative of the look I am attempting to describe. I know I can wear the outfits myself (sometimes I do) and share my own photographs but it’s not really my comfort zone.

VA was created to be more of a magazine format, somewhere we could dip in and out of and gather ideas and a place to talk. Exchange of ideas and your points of view are the heart and soul of what we do here; our community is everything. Today we live in such a visual world where words are reduced to one-liners and hashtags; I feel like a dinosaur writing these long monologues.

Do you prefer a strong visual or do you relate more to a story and description?

Diane Keaton has a fabulous sense of style; it’s quirky and entirely her own.

She might not be wearing exactly the outfit I am putting together but I feel she would approve.

Back to what to wear with the midi and lace-ups?

Let’s start with a blouse and break it down into the more feminine and floaty or the classic man style – depending on what suits. This weekend I am wearing this style with my skirt. It is feminine, slightly fuller and I can tuck it in but with a little bit of generosity. I won’t need a jacket so it’s the perfect one to show off the detail. Add the fishnets – yes, love those – and my boots and I’m out the door.

Think out of the box, think “Diane Keaton” style and have fun with those lace-ups. I am. xv

With The Midi: Wear It In Or Wear It Out

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I can imagine the difficulty in matching photos to content. I think you do a great job! I love the visual and a story/description. Both are important.


A visual let’s me see how a mature women puts together the outfits you speak of, without having to guess. I know you don’t like to be before the camera but it would help your readers. Perhaps, you could find an older model to present your ideas. Finding appropriate pictures must be extremely difficult in this youth filled fashion world.

Linda B

I love images, but love the words more. I really like making the mental picture you are trying to evoke with your wonderful descriptions. That picture-making is a creative act of its own, and leaves us in freedom to put our own twist or stamp on it. I also totally get that often what we want for ourselves doesn’t actually exist in an image out there!


Loving the looks. It’s too early for opaque tights and I’m not the fishnet type. What do you suggest? Can’t go bare with aging legs! Enjoy your posts.


Difficult… beige tights are never a winner and hard to wear too… Maybe look for the very fine sheers in a black if that works with your outfit?


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