26 Feb 2010

Ladies who Lunch…L’Avenue



To see how the very glam French women ‘do lunch’ I would never look further than L’Avenue in Paris.
L’Avenue, This Jacques Garcia designed eatery is in the heart of what is known as the golden triangle.


The upmarket shopping area around Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Georges V, Rue Marbeuf and Rue Pierre Charon in the eighth arrondissement.
When the delights of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Givenchy become too much this is the restaurant where the serious shoppers take sustenance, albeit small bites of it.


Order sparingly at L’Avenue otherwise the spell will well and truly be broken as you sip your last drop of espresso and reach for the bill. 

L’Avenue is a fabulous place to listen, look and learn. xv


Ladies who Lunch

41, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

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Hi Vicki
Well I think I will be safe.. distance will take care of that! Fantastic image though.. love the awnings and the sharp angled building.. We have a similar building in Sydney .. you may know it.. I used to work there before it became an upmarket hotel… Nothing as wonderful as this though.. Have a great weekend.. xx Julie


Your going to get in to trouble giving away the secrets of where the ladies who lunch, lunch.

Sounds like a great place to people watch. One of my favourite past times.

Have a great weekend.

Much love


Oh Vicki,
Perhaps, one day or in another life, I will be a lady who lunches in Paris !!….. but, for now, I will be a lady who lunches, on the odd occasion, in the Hertforshire countryside. XXXX



I love all your savvy traveler tips. Very wise words indeed! Listening is an acquired skill and a very important one to learn. It is amazing when you step out of your minds chatter and listen with intend the world around you is either a wonderful orchestrated symphony or a cacophony of sounds either way you learn much!
The tip about the ordering at an expensive restaurant is priceless, too.


So I take it that ordering a Burger with the Lot (extra tomato sauce & 2 pineapple rings please) with a big bowl of chips on the side would be frowned upon?
Millie ^_^

Renee Finberg

i miss paris.
i would move there in a heart-beat.
lunching, and people watching in paris is about one of the best things i can do to ensure a quality afternoon for myself.



L'Avenue here I come…hope you are still there in a couple of years. I need to work on my wardrobe before I go….I would not fit in with the chick crowd right now, only the stay at home American mommy crowd ;)

Paris Atelier

Oh Vicki, I don't know what soundsbetter, the people watchin, shopping, or having a bite there. You torture me wiht every post, how I wish I was back in Paris. Thanks for the little piece of heaven today.

Velvet and Linen

I'm having so much fun seeing Paris through your eyes, Vicki.
Your descriptions allow me to feel like I'm actually there having a little bite and watching all of the beautiful Parisiennes.


Verandah House

I'm taking my daughter in September to Paris and I just cant wait, booking lunch here for sure. Call over and say hi on my new blog, I left my lily-g blog behind part of the sale, but I'm back in the blogging world and loving it, have a great week xx

Francine Gardner

I so wished I were one of these ladies who has time to lunch…even in Paris, i am always on the run. Things are going to change, from now on i have decided to take an extra day while traveling and take in the sights, museums and the fabulous restaurants.


Bonjour Vicki,
I came across your blog this morning, all the way from Australia, purely by accident and I was astounded at how similar our blogs are at times. Great minds think alike perhaps!
You have a wonderful blog showing beautiful visual glimpses of a fabulous french life. I can only hope that my blog is just as inspiring. With thanks,
Au revoir,Therese waddell


No, that sort of lunch wont do me!
I need to have 3 course … when i go out with the ladies.
Great post Vicki!

Bardot in Blue

Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am honored to have such a respected blogger as yourself leave a friendly comment :)

So excited it's the weekend so I will have some free time to browse everything your sharing here on French Essence!

xoxo Bardot in Blue

P.S. I added your blog banner to my sidebar blog roll wall, stop by and check it out

julie freidman

I remember my first experience here.
We had no idea we were somewhere so special.
Outside table, drinking Champagne, celebrating a lovely purchase from Dior.
Beautiful people, beautiful place ,beautiful Paris..


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