10 May 2012

Lavish Her This Weekend

illustration – david mcgrievey

The weekend approaches and with it the day to spoil our mothers. In Europe we have already been honoured but in the States and Australia… Sunday is the day… Mothers need spoiling, we are a special bunch… and if you are a mother you know what I mean… That doesn’t mean to say that all women should not be showered with love, affection and surprises this Sunday… Why not? We deserve it.

Lavish her

Make sure to call her

Send her flowers.

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HI Vick, So thrilled to see your new look.. Love your list for Mother’s Day.. Carla xx

Anita Rivera

WOW Vicki, your new look is BEAUTIFUL MY DEAR! I wish a bonne fête de mères this week end! Anita

Lauren Starkey

Happy Mother’s Day to you, Vicki! Can’t wait to click through all of your suggestions…no doubt they are all lovely as usual. What a gift to wake up to creative, positive, even indulgent words and images! Im ready to face the day…

cheers, Lauren

Heather in Arles

Sigh. I won’t be with my Mom–and yes, her Mother’s Day used to begin with breakfast in bed with a rose on the tray! But I sent a present that I think will really make her smile and know that my Sister will be taking up my end of the fussing slack by taking her out to brunch! Hope that you will be with one of your “young ‘uns”…


I found your post via Splenderosa. I love it and will be following you now! All of the ideas for Mother’s Day are so lovely. My best memories of Mother’s Day are also those that were made special by my children’s actions.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann

Vicki, I love the “redecorating” you’ve done while I’ve been away. It looks great! This is a lovely list and I hope that you are amply showered with love on Sunday. XO

david terry

Okay, Vicki….I am not kidding, nor am I making-up a bit of the following:

My mother, back in East Tennessee, telephoned me yesterday (as she does once or twice every day since I left home for college in 1979, and she asked me “Have you already picked-out a Mother’s Day present for me?”. I allowed as how I hadn’t, actually, and computer-illiterate, 72 year old her said “Well, if you HAVEN’T, then you can get me a copy of that WONDERFUL movie with Tony Curtis in it…..you know….”The Boston Strangler”?.

Apparently, she never saw it when it first came out, because it wasn’t considered “nice”, but she’d been enraptured while watching it on the television two days ago. Unfortunately, my father (to whom she’s still quite married after 54 years) came busting into the house with my young nephews in tow…..and (according to her) “That just shot the whole thing to hell…they all wanted lunch, and so I never got to see the rest of the movie. Can you get it for me on the computer and just send that to me for Mother’s Day? I can watch it later if I ever get everybody out of this house for two hours”.

I told her I could probably do so with great pleasure, and she’d get it by Saturday (Thank you, Amazon.com). It certainly would cost a lot less than flowers (of which she already has plenty,in any case)

So, a DVD of “The Boston Strangler” (featuring the ever-pretty Tony Curtis) is on its way to my mother’s rural doorstep as I type this.

Isn’t that just the funniest thing you’ve heard all week?

Rather obviously, I’ve taken a tip from my father (whose own mother ran the orphanage where my mother was raised, so they’ve known each other Very Well since they were 6 & 7 years old). He always says “I don’t try to ‘understand’ her….I just try to keep her happy.”

Amusedly as ever, and a Happy Mother’s Day to you, Vicki….I expect your own brood will be doing at least something nice for/to you.

David Terry

Peggy Braswell

My mom got a gift on Mother’s day, she had me. Thank you, Mom. Happy Mothers Day dear, Vicki. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Sophia Twaddell

Love your Mother’s Day list! I treasure a 2′ x 3′ card my sons gave me a few years ago as a joke…very sentimental message…and they claim they meant it!


pam robinson

this is so darling vicki… wishing you the best mother’s day… i think i am going to make my mother a voucher book … at 49 … why not? she will get such a kick out of it…

wishing you a wonderful day… going to colorado to spend with my dear mom… cant wait… garden all weekend! (oh and lots of good food! )

xxxxx pam


My husband and I celebrated Mother’s Day in April with his mother before we left for France, this time for 6 months. Since my mother has died and I’m not a mother, it somehow passes me by. We tend not to call anybody on this day because we don’t want to interrupt so perhaps this year, because of your lovely suggestions, I may just indulge myself with a If-I-had-my-mom-here Day gift. Beautiful blog.

Garden, Home and Party

Great suggestions, now I just have to figure out how to get the men (hubby, 2 adult sons) to read it. No complaints though, they always come through with thoughtful ways to pamper MOM.
Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

I certainly will miss my mother this Mother’s Day, but she is being celebrated in our hearts for all that she did for us and the lives she touched.
Happy Mother’s Day to you, Vicki!

Bette @ ideezine

Great suggestions…and most of all count her as your biggest blessing. Honor her in your thoughts and admiration of the path she traveled and decisions she made.


I love the clean look of your blog! You share such an investment of yourself which is the way we really are getting to know you! Happy Mother’s Day to you! I too love being a mother most of all. It is a most magnificent profession and I adore all your ideas for Mother’s Day gifts!


It’s honarable to remember Mothers on a special day (in Germany/USA it’s always the 2. Sunday of May), but every day should be Mother’s Day – They do so much for us, but sadly we often don’t recognize that until we get older or have kids of our own.
Have a great Sunday – Just love your blog!!!

Shiree Segerstrom

This mom is wishing for a bottle of her favorite Fiji by Guy Laroche. Pretty please! I have a feeling I will be getting a tennis racquet instead. Oh well. Vicki, I do hope you’ll add Joy to your blogroll! Or at least stop by for a visit. Would love to hear from you, and Happy Mother’s Day! Shiree’

L Sorensen-Jolink

Like Teresa, I will miss but also celebrate my mother, Harriet Walk Sorensen, on Mother’s Day. She gave so much to me, the rest of her family and everyone else who knew her. She was warmth, generosity, energy and loveliness incarnate.

Happy Mother’s Day, Vicki, and thank you for the delightful parts of France that you convey to me and the rest of your readers!


Lucky you, Vicki. As an Australian and a European you get to be honored on two days. Have a happy day.


Love your post. You are right, we are a special bunch. We need to let each other know how fantastic we are.


I so wish my beautiful, sweet Mother were still with us so that I, along with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren could lavish as much love and bisous as I could on her. I will be thinking of her while enjoying my beautiful family.

Have an extraordinary Mother’s Day, Vicki, and everyone!


I’ve just been to my little girls pre-school mothers day party. She sang, smiled, laughed and made me so happy to be her mama!!

trish Murphy

Hello Vicki,Such a lovely list of ideas.
Happy Mothers Day.x Trish


Adore everyone of your ideas, now let me quickly forward them to my 3 daughters


love the list! I would be thrilled to receive any of the gifts, as would my Mom!


This is an amazing giveaway. What a lovely way to celebrate the new look of your blog ad also to celebrate all the mothers that read your blog. Thanks so much for your photos and your beauty tips and for sharing your mas with us.


Debra George

Oh wouldn’t that be a wonderful mothers day!! I think I’ll be forwarding this post to my husband. Happy mothers day everyone.


Nice suggestions for our moms! Thanks Vicki. I just wrote a blog about the jouney that is motherhood. I would love it if you stopped by and checked it out. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

suan see Tan

Hi Vicki! Great ideas but you are right, the simplest is the best! My son spent the whole day Mothers’ Day with me- out driving wherever the fancy took us; stopping at the beach, stopping to eat, even at an itinerant Sunday evening market! It was an exhilarating day!

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