24 Aug 2009

Le Grand Magasin


 Le Grand Magasin is an unexpected surprise in the village.

Walking into this shop is how I imagine it would be if I could click my fingers and enter Aladdin’s cave – this boutique is overflowing with every accessory and object that I would love to take home.

The finest cashmere scarves, the coolest vintage sunglasses, the chunkiest bakerlite bangles, the most fab jewellery from the 50’s onwards – these things are just a smidgeon of what is on offer inside.

Le Grand Magasin

24, rue de la Commune
13210 St Remy de Provence
+33 4 90 92 18 79


If you continue walking down the rue de la Commune, on the right hand side of the street, you will find Le Bazar Saint Remois the sister shop to Le Grand Magasin.

This is the shop with absolutely nothing you need but the one with everything that looks totally irresistible.

Le Bazar is full of fun items that are the stock trade.

The perfect shop to stop for something out of the ordinary… xv

Le Bazar Saint Remois

1 rue de la Commune
13210 St Remy de Provence
+33 4 90 26 90 72

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Vicki…have i told you i'm coming to visit? maybe not.
but i am;-)
and we will shop together and i will talk all about my good friend vicki.
p.s. don't know when…but one day.


I love your french life, lovely site and ramblings – am considering an escapade to Normandy in a similar vein! But have to say window shopping is not as pretty there as here xx

Callie Grayson

I really enjoy window shopping. I have to do it when the stores are closed or I will buy that great item.
Great shops…. I wish I lived closer to you:)


Lovely post Vicki….that shop sounds gorgeous!

Our friends have just returned from a holiday here….we are planning to be there next summer…..I can't wait!


I really love these shops as they are not pretentious and typical of the area, and hold many a treasure….and many an object that we don't need but have to buy…many thanks for showing them to us. XXXX


What fun shops. I would love to be able to visit France and just take in all of it. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty


I would like te be in the Provence at this moment!
I really like St Remy de Provence;
I once stayed 2 days in Les Beaux, in hotel L'Ousteau de Beaumanière. I hope I spelled the name correct?
That's is in the neighbourhood, isn't it?


Pamela Terry and Edward

I find window shopping to be much more pleasurable when the shops are closed!! Otherwise, it can be quite easily turn into "regular" shopping!!

These two places you've featured look tempting indeed!!


Dear Vicki!
Those French crowns are amazing. I would be broke, no doubt if I lived anywhere near your village.
Thank you for showing the cave of treasures~ How far are you from Paris?

a cat of impossible colour

Hi Vicki

I just wanted to say thank you for your very kind comment on my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed the piece.

I also wanted to say that your book, My French Life, is an enormous favourite of mine. I bought it when it first came out and it lives on my bedside table. I leaf through it regularly in search of inspiration, particularly as we hope to move to France in the next couple of years.


Andrea xx

La Belette Rouge

The collection of mini-cars parked out front makes me wonder if there aren't a collection of mini-drivers inside the shop who stopped in to pick up a few things.

Laura [What I Like]

You are quite right…window shopping is one of the more perfect past times! My eyes are always opened by my favorite spots, and I generally find some sort of inspiration in the ways that others collect and arrange beautiful things. What a lovely glimpse into your (borrowed) trove of treasures.

Coastal Sisters

I love reading your posts because I feel like I am there the way you talk about everything….

I love window shopping too…to me it's very inspirational at times.



Ooh Mr. FF will be delighted with the title of this post Vicki! Wasn't there a comment made recently about reviewing the status of your discretionary spending, something to do with the urgent & compulsory acquisition of some gorgeous new shoes? I can almost see the supercilious grin of victory from here! I think I spy some feather dusters outside Le Bazar – MOTH referred to one of his 'beloved' client's as one of those just the other day!
Millie ^_^


One of my favourite past-times, window shopping. I'll be doing just that next weekend in Melbourne; the Paris end of Collins!


I spent 2 months in St Remy while I was working fora gallery . It is such a good souvenir walking around these provencal streets . I love this window display.


I love window shopping for the same reasons you mentioned– window displays can completely satisfy and spark the creative mind. And both these shops sound incredibly intriguing! If only I could just transport myself over for an afternoon of shopping!

Miss Kris

Hi Vicki~

Oooo…these shops look like a great place to find little treasured trinkets and great finds!!! What a fantastic past time here today!!!

~Miss Kris~

le banc moussu

It's incredible Vicky I was the day before in isabelle Kessedjian Paris apartment (see on my blog if you wish) and today i see her work in that shop in St Rémy.How nice!

My Coastal Style

I visited St Remy last month and have to agree this little shop is so delightful, I was so impressed with the creative blood sweat and tears that French Retailers give to their windows and shop displays 10 out of 10 from Paris to Marseille, if only I had time to visit more. My husband saw the amount of shopfront pictures on my camera and thinks I might be cuckoo but my gs's get it. Thanks for sharing, St Remy was my standout favourite in France and you are a lucky lucky girl to be a local (ish), thanks for sharing love the blog!


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