5 Apr 2013

Le Petit Bijou… Part 3

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Anita Rivera

Good evening Vicki! It is 10:30pm here, so you are probably en train de faire DODO!

Your petit bijou is going to sparkle with LOVE and fabulous French antiques. I am so excited to see your progress and every piece is going to be just right. Crooked walls, un petit peu derangé, TANT MIEUX!

Bonne nuit, Anita


I love the treasures you have found, they all have wonderful patina {a must in a home with age}. Have you thought of making a vignette with several mirrors – layer them leaning against a wall and sitting on a table. Use the largest in the back and scatter the various size/frames in front of the large mirror. When you add something silver or glassware on the table in front of the layered mirrors it looks incredible.

Looking forward to the tour of le petit bijou

Karen in CT

… lovely, it will be such a special place … I much prefer covered bulbs, much softer for the overall effect. Good weekend, and good hunting.

Karen in CT


I want to go flea markets with you, Vickie!! Gorgeous pieces…how much fun to do an old home. Thanks for sharing your progress. I cannot wait to see your pieces refinished.

24/7 in France

The items that you found are charming and lovely, just waiting for your personal touch. Good luck with finding the vintage fabrics and other specialties for your project.


It all sounds lovely! Your attention to detail and the joy of living so close to amazing resources must make it so fun! I love the lamps!!! Can’t wait to see your finishing touches! Enjou!

Greet Lefèvre

Hi Vicki,
Oh dear ‘ Le Petit Bijou’ will look as a treasure room!!
I love everything you have already chosen out! The chairs are to die for!


You have found some treasures Vicki! Love the chairs and rose, violet, beige sound delicious- perhaps velvet in those shades if you can’t find the right florals. The stairway/corridor lighting would be pretty with delicate candolier shades I think – bare bulbs are rather harsh, plus you probably just need enough brightness to light the way safely. Can never make mistakes with beautiful mirrors – you’ll find plenty of places where they work and looking amazing.

‘Le petit bijou’ is going to be stunning when finished!

Hugs – Mary

my notting hill

Love all these purchases, beautiful. I also really like your idea to consider throwing a bit of contemporary into the mix, it would be quite chic. Oh, and the idea for different florals is is terrific!


Hi Vicki. She is really starting to shine. Love the sconces with their old finish. And those chairs..


What beautiful things you have found.I can never seem to see anything in markets,sadly…(I much prefer naked bulbs)Your house is going to be gorgeous when it’s done.

Tricia Heliker

I LOVE getting updates on this project. Can’t wait to hear more. And I must see those chairs with their newly upholstered seats. Please show us more!



You little jewel is fabulous! I am in love with all of the wonderful things you have already found. How wonderful for your guests to stay in such a beautiful space where each and every item has been carefully chosen.

Enjoy your weekend hunt for chairs, I am looking forward to seeing what you find.


P.S. I second Pamela, I would love to shop in Paris or the brocantes with you

french cravings

What beautiful details! Happy hunting this weekend.
I have spent the morning dreaming about a particular farmhouse for sale near Isle sur la Sorgue…and flea markets filled with treasures to fill it. x Katie


Oh goodness I’m falling off my chair as I read this. You have access to incredible treasures and know how to choose! I love love the chairs and the mirrors and the lamps. I just decided last week to add shades to my wall sconces which have hung for three years without them, but a shade, especially with a little trim, adds so much.
Would you be able to show us how one of those antiques is refigured, repainted and rewired? Just a few pictures as they are transformed would be wonderful.
Good luck, your petit bijou is going to be extraordinary.

lisa thomson

Beautiful, Vicki! I think the lights should go without the shades (for the stairway) for le petit biijou. Anywhere else I like a little shade on top but not here. Gorgeous stuff. I love the idea of mixing and matching antique floral fabrics on the chairs!

Peggy Braswell

I always put a shade on a light bulb only when the light tells me too. You will know! So many beautiful items that little apt. is going to have. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

La Contessa

I have no doubts it will be fabulous…………what about a different color TOILE on each chair if you donot find what you want.I do believe TOILE comes in all colors!I can hardly wait for you to finish!I would love to stay there……….who knows maybe ITALIAN Husband will splurge and let me come for a visit!I would love that and come and meet you and Heather over in ARLES!

Barbara Lilian

Those chairs are going to look fabulous, what a brilliant idea to have each one in a different design or shades from the colours you would like. Have you thought of scouring material shops or asking your upholsterer who could have samples they could sell you in the designs & colours you want.They are usually the size for a chair seat. Look forward to seeing them when they’re finished.


What super finds! Your ideas are spot on. The matching florals will be terrific if you can find them. Have you thought of mixing a little bit of matching gingham check with the floral. Maybe on the odd cushion….


Well Vickie I am GOBSMACKED !!! by the treasures you found, i dont love them, I adore them!!…, cleaver ,lucky girl!!!
Amazing how when one is in France you want everything so very French and full of history for your house, i know like you I do, and then, back in Sydney I am again moving towarsd the beachy look and wondering where on earth I am going to hang that napoleon III mirror and those sconces dangling with crystal and…???in Palm Beach

Jenny @ Cottontail

I love all the gorgeous patinered things you find and thank you for sharing your progress…I especially love the gilt candle holders and the chairs. You have a wonderful eye for design and decorating…and always interested in seeing what you are up too.

Esther George

Hi Vicki I love all your treasures I am jealous. But all kidding aside your style is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing and can’t wait for the next chapter this is so exciting. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I love the idea of candle bulbs.

callie grayson

love the new finds! you are inspiring me to plan a flea trip and antique shopping…. i am in search of a french settee to place in the living room and getting ride of my sofa, since my house is small it would be a much better piece of furniture to place in the living room.

I need to start planning, and add to the list pretty mirrors.
I love to see what you are doing to your petite bijou!


Evelyn K.

Hello Vicki,
What a labor of love this project is- it is obvious you are enjoying every step of the process.

Will there be an “unveiling ” soon ?

I will be very close to St. Remy toward the end of May……..:)

Thank you for including all of us along the way,



I haven’t commented for a while but love your daily clicks! Thanks for sharing the next phase of your project.


I was in France at this time last year and fell in love. What a treat it would be to go to the markets with someone who knows them. Maybe sometime in the future – I can dream.


My “petit bijou” is in Oppède. You are giving
me lots if ideas. My colors in my séjour are
gray, beige, rose, lilac and green. I love
shopping around and finding just the right
thing. I do like lampshades rather than a
naked bulb. Bonne continuation!

Terry price

Hi Vicki, It’s just beautiful your “petit bijou” cannot wait for it to finish, do you have any idea when that might, could, possibility be? I would love to stay as soon as it is finished.
Your posts are very inspiring, love them.
Congratulations xx


I’m hoping it’s ready for the beginning of August… fingers crossed… :)

Terry price

Thanks Vicki, how exciting, yes fingers crossed, but you will do it. I know. I will be in Paris in a few weeks, so it will not be possible for me this year, besides you will be booked out for years haha. How will you advertise it? At least I will have time to save again.
Love xxx Terry-Pauline


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