21 Aug 2013

Le Petit Bijou… Part 6

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki ArcherUpstairs, on the landing at Le Petit Bijou is an old commode… to the right is a smaller bedroom with a terrace overlooking the historical centre of Saint Rémy de Provence. To the left is the main bedroom with the same pretty views overlooking the Musée des Alpilles and the Hotel de Sade…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

The second bedroom… as you look in, the terrace is on your right… I had such fun finding the little decorative pieces for the bedrooms…. and styling them up… So much easier than working out the plumbing and electrical details…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

I am a big fan of old linens… so dressing the bed is always my most loved pastime… The side tables were a great find… from a French website called La Redoute… a little little Ikea, only French in style and a touch more individual…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki ArcherWhen I am travelling I like to have plenty of space for my clothes… sufficient clothes hangers and a strong hairdryer… When I planned what we needed to make this little house, home away from home… that’s what I thought about… what makes me a happy traveller… 

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

The small commode provides extra storage … and on the right hand side there is a built in wardrobe… on the left, the doorway to the terrace…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

One of the taste sensations in southern France is caramel… I have put my favourite caramels in each bedroom… The problem with these is that one is never enough… If you love caramel… then you will love these… True temptation in a wrapper…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

Last week at the flea market I found this birdcage… I wanted something pretty to look at but nothing too solid that would obscure the view… What do you think? I am happy with it… and truthfully, found it difficult to part with…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

There are a pair of these tables and chairs on the terrace… I imagine a cup of coffee or tea in the morning… soaking up the view… planning the day… Or an evening’s apero when the sun goes down and the temperature drops…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

It’s so hot during the summer months that geraniums are about all that can survive without too much fuss… This year I am learning what works and what doesn’t… next year I plan to have lots and lots of geraniums…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

The bathroom is at the end of the hall… with a separate shower and bath… The commode style basin was the last piece of this bathroom puzzle… and I am so glad I persevered in my search for an antique table that we could convert… It was found it at the last moment… and the plumber managed to bring it all together..

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

The bathroom is very feminine…  the shower is large and the water pressure strong… Even though the males may feel as if they are in a female haven… they will be very comfortable…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

The main bedroom is generous in size and has a vaulted ceiling with white washed beams… The window treatments are similar to downstairs… soft voile curtains that can dance in the breeze… The outdoor shutters keep the heat at bay and guarantee a good night’s sleep…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

Some of my favourite little engravings are in this bedroom…  and the hydrangeas are from our garden…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

Looking back towards the doorway, you can see the commode, the chairs and the mirror that I found at the deballage in Avignon last February…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

I think this commode is my best find of all… The paintwork is original and the patina wonderful…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

More details… shells from my travels… postcards and linens that I have collected and vintage journals that serve as a side table… small objects that have meaning for me…

Le Petit Bijou - Vicki Archer

That’s Le Petit Bijou… all dressed up and awaiting her guests…

I am sure most of you have read my odes to France, My French Life and French Essence… if you haven’t and you would like to know why am so enamoured with France… you can find them here and here

If you would like any information about renting Le Petit Bijou, please email me…  vicki@vickiarcher.com


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Tish Jett

Oh, Vicki,

A bijou indeed. How absolutely gorgeous. You have the most exquisite taste.


Daphne Elaine Beames

Oh Vicki
This is sensational!
Just pure soulfood and so inspiring, soothing inviting all in one package.
And you must have so enjoyed putting the package together. You have made something truly memorable and all who visit will be entranced. How I wish it had been ready when we visited earlier this year.
I wish you every success with your beautiful venture and will certainly trumpet it in South Africa.
Go well


It has turned out so lovely! Your staging is perfect! So very French! I hope I get to stay there some day!

La Contessa

I sighed that the photos and words were over………..i was not ready to leave!The birdcage looks WONDERFUL there!I too would have had a hard time parting with it but it does do the “trick!”The cafe table is adorable.I have never seen a stand like that and the prints in the bathroom!!LOVE THOSE!Your guests will be in heaven!I hope one day to be one of them!It seems like just last month you started this project!!NOW WHAT??


Vicki, You have created a lovely and beautiful place! I have both your books, I have been honored to travel to St. Remy and walk the streets, shop in the beautiful shops and share it with one of my daughters. Driving there from Avignon, we loved every moment! I hope to go again in the future, taking more of my family. Some of my favorite photos are from there. Thank you for inspiring us all!


It’s all so beautiful and calming. Being there, I would sleep peacefully and enjoy it all.


Hi Vicki, Your Petit Bijou is absolute perfection. I love all the care and attention to detail you put into this property. You must be so proud – and I understand why you would be a little sad to see it all be finished. How wonderful to be able to create such a magical space. We just returned from a week or so in Provence and I am already scheming about the next visit. What would we do that we missed this time around? Where would we stay? I think I may have found the answer to this question. Thanks for the tour and congratulations! XO

MJH Design Arts

Hi Vicki, It is so embracing. I can imagine moving in and never wanting to leave. All the details are perfect and the counterpoint of a few modern pieces with the antique and vintage choices make everything hummmm. Love your creation.


So very lovely Vicki. Every room has charm and a warm presence. I can almost feel the sun on your little terrace, a perfect place to relax. Also, love the table that holds your bathroom basin, looks perfect with the nickel fixtures!

Patricia Flournoy

Bonjour Vicki,
A job super-well done. Perhaps this is the making of another wonderful book…
Are you going to rent this gorgeous house to tourists (like myself). Or is it your home in the City? Would be so super to stay there when we visit St. Remy! We try to take at least one away trip (from Beaune) a year…
Can’t believe the summer is almost over…soon it will be time to return to Virginia! a bientot, Patty F.

emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Just gorgeous Vicki! Standing ovation…What a masterpiece! You must be very proud… The commode is a great find indeed. Your PB rivals every apt I ever rented in Paris (and there have been many over the years…)

warm regards,
emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Marsha @ Splenderosa

Even from Lake Como I had to stop everything and tell you how beautiful and how comfortable it all is. I have collected antique linens all my life so this would impress me to see what you’ve done.
Noticed you used the word “patina” in the post….maybe you can find some way to be with us? sending love…


Stunning, what other word could I use and I really and sincerely hope that I will be able to stay there soon. My daughter is preparing to set out into adulthood and start university in Surrey next month, as we live in Belgium at the moment, we hope to buy her an apartment to live in and as an investment for us. You don’t get a lot for your money in Surrey and the room sizes are small. I have planned to use mirrored bedside tables and love the ones that you have. I have access to La Redoute here and wonder if you can tell me the name of them so that I can take a look.

You are an inspiration!

Angela x

Linda Carswell

Good Morning Vicki, I can see one major problem with your Petit Bijou……once you arrive you would NEVER want to leave. I woke this morning to these beautiful photographs…….cannot think of what to say except (again) WOW!!!!!

lisa thomson

Absolutely gorgeous, Vicki! You’ve done such an incredible design job. I just love the caramel. Did you take all the photos as well? You are a great photographer, too. Thanks for sharing this and I hope to take some of these small touches and make my apartment a little ‘French’ in Canada. :)


Felicitations! Everything looks perfect :) You even manage to offer a beautiful window reflection on the bedroom wall :)

Barbara Lilian in France

What fabulous style you have, and a wonderful job you have made of creating your Petit Bijou into a delightful place anyone would love to stay at. Congratulations, I didn’t want it to end.

karen in ct

.. it’s just so charming … and a personal reflection of you … you should be thrilled for having done such a lovely project.

Karen in CT


Exquisite, I love everything. Congratulations on the labor of love. May I comment also on the exquisite pressing job on the antique linens. It’s all so lovely and civilized and in beautiful taste.


It looks wonderful Vicki,
we hope to be over your way next September with a house swap here at Port Stephens,on the north coast of Australia and we will make a point of seeing this property which is beautifully detailed as is your home.
see you in September……….


The whole house is beautiful, so tastefully decorated with so many charming pieces.
I just wanted to step right in and stay.
Congratulations on a wonderful inspiring renovation!



How pretty Petit Bijou is. So soft and dreamy. I love it. The perfect place to stay at and feel special.

The Paris Apartment

Oh Vicki, it’s just divine! Exquisite in every detail! Not only are the furnishings, textiles and atmosphere fabulous but your photos are superb!
Well done as usual!


Wow VIcki, you have surpassed yourself, such understated elegance and beauty, I love the colours from wall paint to the soft creams, whites etc. I have an old Federation Brick house, similar to this with floorboards, you have given me inspiration for a colour change. Just gorgeous. Love Margaret in Perth Australia

miss b

Thank you for the tour! It is the most charming house(home) and such attention to detail will fascinate and delight guests. The caramels and small personal items are a lovely touch too. I love the pretty terrace which is a bonus too!

Anita Rivera

Dearest Vicki! I was away all day yesterday for an intense BACK-TO-SCHOOL new technology training, so I missed this. But as I sit here on a day off and see what you have done in closer detail, I feel as if I’m at Le Petit Bijou, soaking up the sun and StYLE. I am spotting some lovely articles that I too have! For example, that Globe de Mariage metal “chair” upon which you stacked some old books….I have one just like it with an old French golden crown that once sat atop a saint’s head!

Every corner is perfection. All the linens, the tones, the softness…YOU DID IT VICKI! I wonder, will there be a book named, LE PETIT BIJOU in the making? If so, I’ll be there to scoop it up.

Lovely work dearest Vicki! Anita

Anita Rivera

Oh I just saw your visit to my post…and I remember reading Audrey Hepburn had said that she too enjoyed just “….walking around, looking at trees…” that struck me, as your comment also struck, that just BEING: ÊTRE is one of the greatest gifts to embrace, and in the presence of beauty from our gardens, family…..

Thank you again Vicki! Anita

sharon - my french country home

Just got home and am loving catching up with your beautiful pictures Vicki!
Le petit bijou is a masterpiece, bravo! Your guests will feel welcome and privileged to stay in such a lovely place
Thank you for showing us all the delicious details


It looks fabulous Vicki but you do not need us to tell you that, bravo love your attention to detail.

I smiled when I read that you had used elephants breath as it is a favourite of mine and I used it in my boutique and I love it. I am also a fan of Charleston Gray which is a lovely dark Gray….



Esther George

Hi Vicki everything looks so beautiful and inviting I must have looked a couple of times so I wouldn’t miss anything. Thank you for your beautiful photographs and the tour. I can imagine lots of different colour geraniums in beautiful pots on the terrace (love geraniums), how about some petunias we managed not to kill them this time. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.


Certainly just as beautiful upstairs as down – you’ve done a wonderful job Vicki.
Love the birdcage, and the cushions made for the metal cafe chairs are a good idea – bet they’re comfy while enjoying coffee and wine!

Yes, you remembered the little things we gals love, such as a decent hairdryer, good water pressure, and beautiful linens! Caramels aren’t bad either!!

The perfect place to stay – I hope so much to visit some day.

Hugs – Mary

Design Chic

Wow, Vicki, you must be thrilled as La Petit Bijou is charm personified. Your attention to detail is amazing and I am dying for a visit. What a sense of satisfaction to walk from room to room and marvel…job well done!


Ho Vick

OMG almost crying here i am so happy for you and love ypur new baby!!

All your incredible style and i know better than anyone jow generous a house you make.. Heaven in all the senses and divine photos to boot!!!

Love Carla xxx

Rebecca @ Pure and Peanut Free

Oh my goodness, Vicki, you’ve managed to captured the precise essence of my style in these gorgeous rooms! Muted greys and weathered neutrals, charming antique linens, delicate lace . . . Even down to the dusty pink geraniums (such a nice change from red!). What a lovely, peaceful retreat! I can’t imagine how anyone could not feel at home here! And now I’ve caught the re-decorating bug! Thanks for the inspiration! Bravo! ~Rebecca

Michelle Carles, IIDA

The interior design is truly breathtaking. It’s all about the details and he depiction through these vignettes are apparent. Such an inspiring blog post. Thank you!!

Michelle | Purehome.com


Love your style…what a lucky lady to first be able to make it happen and then enjoy your efforts. It’s beautiful.

Suzi Stiefel

Everything is perfect. I love everything about your little “jewel”.
Please send rental information.
I would love to go in May 2014.
Need to start planning.
Thank you.

Kristi Valla

Your attention to details is fabulous! The color palette, furniture, mirrors, linens and even the jar of meringues all speak to the soul! Congratulations on this beautiful space!


Petit Bijou, charming like you and your two books. I spent many years with my late husband visiting St Remy. Uunfortunately I
can’t make my bid as finances are not good.


I started following your blog a number of months ago. I love opening it each day to see the beauty you share. What you have created in this “home away from home” is esquisite. Everything you’ve added so lovingly, has created such warmth & sheer appeal!
Thank you…I learn something new from you daily. Pamlet


Dear Vicki,
I am so grateful for technology this morning! You teach us all to be consistent everyday, to work hard and to never give up. You have built. You have taught. You have shared. Thank you for waving your magic wand that creates the most beautiful pages, words, corners, places & moments on this earth and always sharing with us. Your Le Petit Bijou is absolutely Magnifique!!! I would be a most honored guest to ever walk through that little FrenchBlue arched door~
Hugs & xxx’s

Catherine Talbot

How completely charming and delightful to see your completed “jewel” in Provence. A dream all wrapped up. I love visiting at least by web if not in person, like vacation on a cloud! Thanks again for sharing it all….

Peggy Taylor

Thank you Vicki for such a treat! What A Big Heart you have to share this treasure! Would love to Win!

Betty Baker

Oh Vicki – I am sure you have had so many beautiful things said about the Bijou and I just second every one of them. It shows your ability to love what you are doing to make it so beautiful and French. Winning this would be my hearts desire.

helen tilston

Hello Vicki
Congratulations on your blog. I began reading blogs around then.
Le Petit Bijou has become a jewel. Absolutely stunning. I will dream on spending a week there.

Thanks for your generosity

Helen xx

Pamela Eldred

How stunning – my idea of heaven, to explore antique stores, markets etc and find treasures for a darling little cottage. So beautifully done Vicki :)


How wonderful to be able to stay in one of your beautifully decorated nests. I love your style and attention to all of the fine details.

Sara Whiting

Dear Vicky,
Well, just when I thought that you have nearly exhausted yourself with writing your amazing, beautiful and inspirational books, your thought provoking posts, delighting us with your delicious decorative abilities, and now being host to gracious guests at Le Petit Bijou. All my life I have dreamed of and yearned for Paris and Provence. Although I work very hard as an interior designer, I have never had the means. I have been engaged to the man of my dreams for nearly 7 years. Yes, I know what you are thinking, however he is a very gracious and generous gentleman who loves me dearly and the feeling is mutual. I would give anything, even an arm, to be able to marry my love at the most romantic place on earth… Le Petit Bijou for our memory making marriage? I could die and my life would be complete! Thank you for unselfishly sharing with us, as most people who find paradise want it all for themselves. I drink every drop you give me! Fondly, Sara

Charlene Prinsen

Your Petite Bijou is indeed a jewel. I would love to spend some time there!

Jaime Miele

I love the classic and classy restraint with which you design your rooms. One can enjoy the beauty and elegance but can still “breathe” without taking in excessive clutter. Many could learn from you!


It looks so inviting. Very beautiful—it has been fun watching to completion. Hope to stay one day.

Judy Lambert

This is beautiful! I would love to be there in Provence again and what a perfectly lovely place to stay!


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