19 Jun 2016

Legendary Lashes

legendary lashes by charlotte tilbury on vickiarcher.com

Legendary lashes?
I had them last year for a short time but they were extensions.

Have you tried extended lashes?

I loved them. The lashes worked for me for some months; they looked natural and I could wake up each morning and do my eye make-up in seconds. A quick flick with the pencil and they were done. They lasted for nearly two months before looking patchy and then a lash refill gave me another month.

They didn’t damage my lashes because I let them fall off naturally but I didn’t want them permanently, just in case. For me they are a special occasion addition; a treatment I might enjoy once or twice a year.

The problem?

I became accustomed to the way they framed my eyes, lifted them and made them appear larger.

Now I am back full time, hand in hand with the mascara.

This is why I have been trying new wands in search of the longer, fuller lashes look I became accustomed to last year.

I have always been a fan of the Chanel Volume and the Dior Show; they were my preferred mascaras until I tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes.

I have been watching her videos for some time to learn a little more about the best applications. I am guilty of trying new products without getting to know them properly first; it’s like avoiding the instruction booklet at all cost.

The Legendary Lashes is winning right now. I like the brush and the formula and it does make the eyes stand out. Watch Charlotte Tilbury teach three ways to create legendary lashes in this video; I have been practising ever since I watched it. xv

Legendary Lashes

charlotte tilbury legendary lashes  //  also available net a porter  // legendary lashes video

image walter chin for allure russia april 2013


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Taste of France

A young relative recently appeared with lash extensions. She’s an aesthetician, so there’s professional pressure to keep up her game. However, I thought it was a disaster. They looked very fake. Almost creepy, as if one of those plastic Halloween spiders had attacked her eyes. No no no. She, however, was enchanted.
Makeup is like Photoshop–with a little bit, you can make blemishes less noticeable, make eyes pop a little more, just take things up a notch. Taken too far, it becomes special effects instead of enhancement.


She obviously had bad extensions because mine were pretty good… and it was near impossible to know they weren’t my real eyelashes. The trick is to have a natural length that graduates a little longer towards the corner of the eye and that the individual lashes are not coarse..

Anita Rivera

Once school starts, I’m back on my mascara routine. I am lucky to have very long top lashes, but very thin bottom lashes! I’ve used that to my advantage. I used to use smoky shadow on the bottom corners, but now, I let the bottom part alone, playing up what I do have on the top! A friend had some extensions once and they looked gorgeous on her!

Ahhhh….the fun of fashion, gardening, LIVING!


Love your attitude always Anita… you are so full of a joy that is entirely infectious.. :)

Mimi Gregor

I’ve never had extensions, but I used to get my eyelashes dyed back in the eighties. I am fortunate to have long, full lashes — both top and bottom. Every time I went in to get them dyed, the aesthetician commented on how long and thick the bottom lashes were. I stopped doing this because I worried about the dye getting into my eyes. Plus, it didn’t really last long enough to make it worthwhile.

I know what you mean about getting used to the augmented look; back in high school, I used to wear false lashes. Yes, I cringe about that now. I was taken with the whole “mod” look when everyone else in school was a “hippie”. Eventually, a friend talked me into trying a more natural look. It took me some getting used to, as I recall.


My eyes are blue, my eyelashes are long but light (the eyelashes of a blonde) .. I never use black eyeliner because it looks too hard but I always use dark brown eyeliner and black mascara (Lancome) and I feel/look fine .. gluing on fakes was something I have done for work in the past but I always hated it .. not to mention the loss of the real lashes every time the fakes were pulled off.

Linda H.

I have long full lashes and blue eyes, thank you Mom and Dad. I’ve never tried extensions or false lashes but I do love them on other people, I think they are sexy if done right. I too use Charlotte Tilburys Legendary Lashes and and I.am.hooked. I will never go back to any other mascara. With this mascara I won’t need extensions. Two coats and I am set for the day. It doesn’t run or chip off. It’s a fantastic product. Now try the Legendary Brows. It’s pretty good too :)


I don’t know – I went to Charlotte Tilbury’s vids on mascara & all I thought was ugh – way too much thick mascara that made even the young women look creepy & overdone. I hate too much makeup. I’ve light blue eyes and long (but fair) lashes so it’s always hard to find mascaras that don’t go on thick but instead make the lash look natural. Dyeing works but doesn’t last long.


Mascara along with lipstick and the two items that bring your face to life. I have been a fan of both Chanel, Dior and Lancome mascaras (despite the $50 + price tag), …. but not anymore, I have found THE BEST mascara and at a bargin ($20 or so). It is the NEW REVLON RANGE. In particular the ULTIMATE MASCARA (it does seriously do all five things that it says). This one has the red tube lid. I highly recommend giving it a try. Love Margaret


In the past I have dyed my lashes for vacations but now I have lash extentions done. Vicki, you are correct, they must be a natural length. I have not tried CT’S mascara yet. I am currently playing with Pixi Lash primer before mascara. I works very well and is very inexpensive!

The Enchanted Home

I have only tried them once for a wedding and must say I loved the look. I have pretty decent lashes though so as long as I have a good mascara, I am OK with that. Nothing beats the glam factor of long luxurious lashes! Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in your life Vicki!


Have you tried Latisse? Once your lashes have become longer and fuller you can decrease the frequency of use. -DG


I’ve been so anxious to try lash extensions and think your idea is great; get them for special occasion. I am thinking for Christmas Holidays/New Years and maybe for a glam feel in the Summer. Glad to hear of your experience and what to watch for so they look good and no spider lashes.


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