12 Oct 2020

Leisurewear: A Whole New Deal

Leisurewear A Whole New Deal on vickiarcher.com

Like it or not, leisurewear has had a big upgrade.


I mean it’s now a staple, more than a staple even, an essential.  Leisurewear is an extensive range of clothing we wear all the time. We are at home more, we are moving more and hopefully, we are more creative in what we wear with these functional pieces.

How we wear it is an interesting question?

Gone are the days when a tracksuit was considered a lazy option – and I know some women would never ever consider leaving the house in one. I was that woman once; the woman who looked despairingly at travellers or shoppers wearing what I considered to be “private” clothing. There is a strong case for leaving leisurewear at home where it belongs but there are also exceptions. We are living in different times and comfortable pieces, more than ever, have a role to play.

Wearing a tracksuit doesn’t need to be lazy. We don’t need to venture out or be at home in an un-groomed state – “comfortable” is not an artistic license for letting go. Traditionally our mind set may have equated a hoodie and track pants with a long lounge on the sofa, no make-up and a bad hair day. It doesn’t have to be that way. What we wear and how we present ourselves in these types of pieces opens up a whole new fashion experience.

Like the weekend’s example, it’s all about the mix.

I’ve been mixing my leisurewear up big time. My best blouses have had an outing with my favourite soft pants and a hoodie has been worn under a cashmere coat. The trench has always been a firm favourite with leggings and a tee. I’m thinking the lace-up boots can work with a soft track pant and simple tee if a 3/4 coat goes over the top? There are a zillion workable combinations and no reason why we have to wear our leisurewear traditionally. Just adding a gorgeous coat and a pair of boots with our comfortable wear elevates the look to a whole new level.

My day-to-day has changed and that’s why I need to be flexible and consider the way I work my clothing. Dressing up is important to me but it’s become more for me than anyone else. The “going out” is definitely less and the exercise decidedly more. It’s a positive thing; how we live and dress has definitely changed.

Today, I’m in and out.

Working now; jobs later. track pants + lace blouse is an unusual combination and I know that. You know what? It works right now. It’s getting cold in London so I’ll swap my mules for some trainers, add a coat and out I’ll go. I’ll be cosy and comfy and still look ok.

We are adaptable creatures us woman, at least I like to think so. xv

A Whole New Deal

run, don’t walk

tracksuit in organic cotton   ||  with contrast stripe  ||  in grey with contrast stripe

divinely luxurious

les tien brushed cotton track pants ||  les tien brushed cotton sweatshirt  ||  grey sweatshirt ||  black sweatshirt  ||  black sweatpants

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Good morning Vicki!

My husband and I are going shopping SOON, for new leisurewear. He will be joining me in retirement in December and with our long winters here, we will both need a new wardrobe in leisurewear so we can feel bright, motivated and energetic rather than slumped over and lazy as we hibernate! Thank you always for the fashionable suggestions!


I think it’s a part of our dressing lives we never considered in the same way before, Anita…
Easier for women than men I think! We can switch it all up and smarten the basics… it’s much harder for them to translate the style.
Happy Shopping! X


I don’t recall going out in public in a baggy track suit over the past years, however I do now own good quality black NIKE sweatpants with a coordinating sweatshirt – and also two other sweatshirts, cream with word PARIS in black across the front, and a pale gold one with the word ÉTONNANTE which I’m sure you are familiar with Vicki. Both I find so comfy/snug with fleecy insides on the cooler days. Short boots, Oxfords, and leather or suede sneakers work well. . . . .
. . . . . .and soon a long coat! Just need a great place to go – tired of the grocery runs!


I hear you Mary! Today I’m getting out.. with caution… but I’m going out for a wander while I can …


Me again – I wandered (walked) early this morning in the black sweats and NIKE trainers – even needed a fleece vest over as it was chilly. Sun was out though so sunglasses required, and all was beautiful with the trees starting to change with the cooler nights.
Yes, autumn is here at last and I love it.


This is what I spent my money on this summer-leisure wear. Today, I bought a pair of straight leg jeans in one size larger than normal just so I would feel more comfy at home.


When I first retired I was determined not to slouch around the house in sweats. I wasn’t sure how I was going to dress but knew I would not spend every day in structured clothing I used to wear to the office. Then last winter I had knee replacement surgery followed by a pulmonary embolism. Before my surgery I had purchased some soft drawstring waist pants with legs that were slim but not too tight to pull up over the knee. Then I got a wonderful light cashmere cardigan from Nordstrom. These were going to be my recovery clothes along with colorful tees I own. Well, couldn’t have been more perfect and I wore the cardigan in the hospital, at home- even for sleeping on the sofa until I was able to get up the stairs easily. Then my husband was seriously ill and I wore these to the hospital to be comfortable. Now I’m pretty much settled into these pants or jeans with colorful tops and I got a couple more cashmere sweaters at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I can look and feel more pulled together.


It sounds like your leisurewear hs really worked Connie… and all of us are adapting it as we go…

Michelle à Détroit

Almost $400 for tracksuit? NEVER. The others are cute and very reasonably priced though.


I thought it makes a good comparison… the Sos ones are really great and good cotton quality which I like too


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