28 Sep 2017

Let It Glow: The How, Why And When Of Highlighter

Let It Glow: Highlighter on vickiarcher.com



The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make up to look natural. – Calvin Klein

Is highlighter a priority in your make-up routine?

Highlighter comes and goes in my life.

It is one more product to apply and another something to carry in the bag.

Except, I have changed my mind and when I read, “glowing skin” in the same sentence as “highlighter” I decided it would be foolish to ignore such an endorsement. Apparently highlighter or illuminator is most effective on older skins (check), that it can result in a dewy appearance (check) and that it alleviates the signs of tiredness (check).

Now I use the Nars Multiple Stick and the Tom Ford Illuminator more regularly. The Illuminator, mixes well with the tinted moisturiser for day and adds a little more glow to my skin. At night I find the Nars stick an easy way to highlight the areas I want.

Have a play; I think you will like the difference. xv

How, Why And When

Liquid highlighters are easiest to use, they blend well and don’t magnify creases or dry the skin. 

Use sparingly, as over-use will make the face appear shiny instead of glowing.

*Highlighter is best when it is a similar colour to the skin tone or lighter.

Highlighter can be applied to bare skin or it can be applied after foundation or tinted moisturiser.

*For a soft all over glow, mix a small amount into the tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Apply the highlighter before using translucent powder.


Whilst smiling, using the fingertips, apply to the cheekbones and then pat gently to blend into the temples and underneath the brows.

Highlighter can also be applied to the nose to make it look slimmer or wider.

(to make the nose appear slimmer, apply the highlighter to the bridge of the nose in a straight line and blend well

to make the nose appear wider, apply in a circular dot to the tip of the nose)

For fuller and plumper lips apply to the Cupid’s bow.

For a wide-eyed look, apply a small amount of highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes.

Let It Glow

nars multiple stick  ||  tom ford skin illuminator

image, the makeup school

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Mimi Gregor

As with everything, whether to use highlighter is a matter of really knowing yourself. Even though I am “of a certain age”, and “they” say I should be “glowing”, I find that any sort of gleam or shine highlights my acne scars and large pores. “They” (whoever these “they” are) say that matte is aging. Au contraire, I find that “glowing” brings attention to my flaws and that a matte look makes me look younger and more polished. Keep in mind, however, that I do not have many lines. (I guess I can than my erstwhile acne and oily skin for that.) I imagine that if someone did have a lot of lines, matte would be verboten. The best way to know for sure is to get a small illuminator sample and try it at home for a few days. Maybe try the new product on one side of your face and the one you usually use on the other side. Take a selfie. See which looks better to you.


Hi Vickie. you must check out the you- tube videos of the Parisian born, now living in New York make up artist, employed by Estee Lauder. Her name is Violette. Go to violettte_fr on you-tube. She does the most amazing natural make up. She uses only 4 products on herself, one being a RMS illuminator. I just had to buy it and, yes you are correct, it is extremely flattering on older skin, though as always less in definitely more.

Jackie Kennedy

Hello Vicki – Struggling with hot flashes of menopause – how does one use any amount of make-up? Am struggling with this as these hot flashes come and go randomly and any amount of make-up causes chaos. Have resorted to a little mascara and a light lipstick.

Fondest regards
and many blessings……

Anita Rivera

I really do need a professional to show me the potential with such a product; I’ve gone totally natural all my adult life that I’ve become used to what I think is a good complexion and naturally good skin. Sounds like a fun adventure to try!

Maureen Kelly

Dear Jackie,

I am a reproductive endocrinologist in Philadelphia and treating women for menopausal symptoms over the past 20 years. Most women would like to address as naturally as possible today. May I suggest that you try acupuncture for your hot flashes if you are comfortable doing so? It can be amazingly effective.

Best regards,
Maureen Kelly


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