14 May 2019

Let Me Introduce You


it’s finally time.

The nerves have set in, the doubts are swirling, the hours have been getting longer and yet, my excitement to make this happen is so palpable it is infectious.

That’s how I am feeling.

I have something new to introduce to you.

Reflecting on my working life has made me question where I want to venture. I believe in embracing change and finding challenges in every stage of our lives and especially now; re-invention is our privilege and the key to an enriched future.

What I love and where my particular talents lie had me reminiscing. I’ve always had an eye for the decorative and have managed to hunt down and play with some incredible pieces throughout my life. Friends and family ask me to help them “shop” and here at VA I am in my element talking about “better, not younger” and what that means; whether it is fashion, beauty or lifestyle.

Please meet,

THE EMPORIUM, my new place to play. The concept isn’t new – I dreamt of this as a young woman. I imagined a “shop”, real bricks and mortar, to call my own filled with all that pleased my eye.

THE EMPORIUM is an online home to showcase a series of collections. The first one launches very soon, the countdown is on and every object is chosen by me and close to my heart. They are unique, to be worn alone or mixed together; to be given to someone special or to be displayed. It is a small offering, only 33 pieces and I am hopeful you will be as enamoured with them as I am. Each new collection will be a limited number of unique pieces, for us or for our homes. The challenge for me is in the search and the joy is in the finding.

It’s like a grown up’s game of “eye spy”.

Re-purposing beautiful objects are important and are essential for our future.

Breathing new life into the fabulous from the ’50s, ’60s ’70s and the ’80s is my goal. Why buy something newly manufactured when there are fascinating stories already within reach?  Whether your taste lies with the contemporary or the traditional, the way I see it these collections can be interpreted in every way.

Sign up to THE EMPORIUM and be the very first to know. xv

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Jane Jess

What a great concept Vicki! I’m so excited for the first collection. I love the idea of breathing new life into vintage treasures whether that be clothing or furniture/art/objets d’art. I am really trying to live more sustainably and enjoy what I call “re-merchandising” to refresh our home or my closet. I look forward to inspiration from Emporium and your fabulous eye for style. Best of luck with Emporium and of course to your family as you await your new bundle of joy!


Thank you Jess,
I really am inspired to re-purpose our beautiful pieces and “swap’ them where we can. I found more and more my ideas and sense of style were coming from what I had or I remembered rather than new creations… I can’t wait to show you what I have been finding… :)

Michelle Faison (à Détroit)

Vicki, this sounds like a perfect showcase for your exquisite taste. I’m signing up right now! Best wishes on your lovely new venture.

Dianne Hastings

Hi Vick! All the best…can’t wait to see what you have in store. Your taste is impeccable as I found out a few years back now when we stayed at your lovely Le Petit Bijou. Also is the book club still going or have you been too busy with all that is going on? Best wishes VIcki.


Thank you Dianne,
How thoughtful you are and I am so happy you enjoyed LPB :)

The book club is still going but I admit with one baby nearly here, an engagement, this new venture… the VA Book Club has been a bit behind… promise to have a new suggestion shortly :)


I love your style so I’m sure to love the Emporium pieces!! Best of luck and enjoy!!


Thank you Missi, I hope you do…
I love absolutely everything I have chosen and that was my only criteria… it had to be a heart stopper in one way or another :)

jan andrews

I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what you have put together


good luck for your Emporium. Have already signed up and curious what’s going on.
To find “new life” in things you are talented and interested in is never too late and


Your “joie de vivre” for life is truly inspirational. You have been very Blessed but the true beauty in this is that you are not afraid to share your wonderful gifts with others. You truly care…it continues to show day in and day out. Grace just maybe your greatest gift.
How exciting for you that a dream from yesterday in a few short days will
become a reality for you.
Thank you for keeping these “treasures” alive. It’s nice to know that their “love” story is not really ending but maybe just beginning! We all know that a true love story never ends!
Congratulations Vicki! ❤️


Thank you Stephanie,
How thoughtful your words and so reassuring, I really appreciate them.


A new adventure! You have a great eye Vicki so I am sure the collection will be fabulous. So excited.


Well, this sounds like FUN!Who is having a BABY?I guess I missed those posts!!
ALL sounds absolutely wonderful…………I HAVE SIGNED UP!


My eldest daughter .. in a week… so it’s all happening on my side of the pond :)


Best wishes, to you and your daughter for the birth of the new baby! Very exciting for you all. And the engagement. All the best for your new venture, will follow with interest. I’m sure everything will be beautiful and so so tempting! Pamela

DD (Donna)

Wonderful and exciting news, nest of luck VA! I am signed up!
Kindest regards

Maria Sorrell

Wow, can’t wait. Massive Congratulations on another fab VA idea! ❤️


Mazel-Tov, Vicki.
Your new venture sounds wonderful! I’m sure it will be a very inspirational and rewarding new venture. Lx


This sounds exciting – know what you share with us will be beautiful Vicki.
Hope all goes well for your daughter – you will find much joy becoming a grandmother Vicki.
We’re just getting ready to fly home from Heathrow after a busy time in Devon visiting family and friends, and just one day in London yesterday. Great weather! Looked around Harrods and Selfridges quickly and thought of you – just wish there had been time on our schedule, and yours, to meet up, but I recalled the baby coming soon and knew you were busy and perhaps not even in town right now!
Perhaps next time!
Hugs – Mary


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