8 Oct 2020

Let’s Start With The Skirt

Let's Start With The Skirt on vickiarcher.com

The black midi is where I am headed.

Take your pick – bias cut, a frothy tulle, a pleated twirl or a gathered splash. It seems to me skirts are back in a strong position this winter.

Let’s be happy.

Skirts are a fabulous and easy way to dress up or down. I’m only looking at midis as I’m not a fan of short skirts and my belief is they are far more flattering, despite the wonder of a good pair of pins.

When I analyze this cruise collection photograph from Dior I see my taste and style rarely changes. I do love every detail of this look. The jacket is my idea of heaven, the skirt to die for and the combat boots wonderful. The handbag is pretty cute too.

The big old question is could I wear this outfit as is? No, definitely not.

The answer is to know what I love but understand how to adapt it to suit me. Grab the familiar elements, one by one and work them to suit. The blazer can be double or single-breasted and the skirt midi but not necessarily as flamboyant as this one. For me, a bias cut, a pleat or a gathered option would look better. The boots are a matter of taste; combats are fabulous but I’m going to wear lace-ups that are a little less clunky. Lace-up boots and combat styles are one and the same; it’s a question of heaviness.

Others might prefer a shoe bootie or even a trainer – all options would work.

Is the blazer too dressy?

Maybe  – we could substitute a sweater and 3/4 topcoat?

About the midi.

There are midis and midis and some are priced astronomically and some not – it’s about finding the balance. With a black skirt, I’m not convinced we need the most expensive one, especially with a great boot and gorgeous bag. It’s about picking and choosing where we invest and where we can cheat a little. I think we can with a black skirt.

What do you think? xv

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moncler poplin pleat  ||  comme des garçons pleat with velvet  ||  co crepe pleat

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Am absolutely with you on this, darling! I know that some of the total looks are either too young for me at 54, or drown me at a petite five foot tall. It is knowing how to adapt well I think. For example, I don’t think very short skirts look fabulous when you hit a certain age but I do have great legs for my age ….. So I now wear skirts with heavy great quality lace at the bottom for evenings ….. A hint of leg. I love the long full peasant skirts of my youth that are back in fashion today ….. But for me, I wear a semi fitted three quarter sleeve top, and sling a belt just below my waist, and then ballet flats. Combat boots? Comfort and fashion …. Lovely!! Longer denim skirt, a slightly slouch cashmere, and a pair of thick tights or over the knee socks (oh the warmth! Lol!). Just bought a gorgeous wool mix, tweed, grey/cream/pink mix, coatigan ……. Am thinking thin cream cashmere polo and smart cream jeans.


The tulle with the boots and the jacket….so sophisticated without attract a negative
attention. Would definitely wear it.


I love it too! I reread your book My French Life and remembered a picture of you in a white tulle skirt with a black turtleneck. That picture left such an impression on me I figured one day my daughter, granddaughter and myself are going to do the same pose in our tulle skirts..😂 xx


Ohhhh….I had a great mauve skirt just like this that I wore frequently to school with boots and a velvet jacket. I need another one like this even though I’m retired now but I think I will wear such a piece even to just go out and visit (after the pandemic) or to shoppe. I want to feel pretty.


I think I will dress up to do even my most basic shopping! May as well as it feels good and there are not many dates in my calendar … ;)

Michelle à Détroit

I would definitely wear this, but as you say with slightly more streamlined lace ups. The bag, mehhh. I would substitute my vintage Gucci circa Tom Ford bamboo handled backpack. I love the sculpted jacket. It is very reminiscent of Dior’s legendary post war, cream colored “New Look” jacket


I remember those TF backpacks and agree… totally fabulous… and as to the jacket.. agree .. love :)


I just noticed a great black dotted tulle skirt in H&M for $29!!! I may grab one for fun! I do have several skirts I love, including a gold satin midi – cut on the bias which is always good – found at Oxford St. M&S when shopping at home last year. I wear this with cashmere sweaters or a black/rust leopard print chiffon tunic, black leather Chelsea boots or short rust suede booties.
I’m thrilled the cooler weather is coming – love fall/winter clothes so much more than summer. For my upcoming birthday gift from Bob (picked and ordered by moi of course!), I found an awesome black textured cashmere tunic with just one horseshoe cable down center front, and loose high mock turtleneck so not too thick or too warm – this will be great with pants and slim skirts.
Enjoy your weekend Vicki – stay safe with the traveling!
Mary –


I’d get that Mary… in a blink… I just went online to see so I could share your recommendation with everyone here.. but there was nothing :(
I am a winter fan when it comes to clothes… can’t wait to wear any kind of jacket :)
Love your choices…

Teresa Applegate

I love the look but I cannot see it on me – I love very tailored and well made stuff (Lafayette 148 is a fav and Chanel (of course)) but I cannot picture me in tulle and combat boots)


Maybe swap the skirt out, Teresa and choose a finer boot…. it gives the look but without the extreme nature :)


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