12 Jun 2020

Let’s Talk Frames

Let's Talk Frames on vickiarcher.com

Frames are a subject on our minds.
I came to the conclusion the other day that frames are my number one accessories right now. We were talking what’s in the make-up bag and along with my best tried and proven products, my frames are of equal importance. There have been many questions about where they come from, what style and how to wear a good frame.

There is no such thing as the perfect glasses and I do believe eyeglasses have a personality and style of their own. We can learn much from a pair of readers. Mine would suggest I love a pair of glasses and in particular a little bit of retro. That would be spot on and ever since I remember I have been searching for and collecting frames. When I visit Italy I come home with multiple pairs of frames – the same goes for Australia and France – there are certain haunts I have that showcase the styles I wear.

Paris was the city to introduce me to the power of a great frame. Women in Paris wear fabulous frames, despite age or style and therefore the eyeglass shops are not only in abundance but also excellent. Parisian women seem to me to get the hair; the glasses and the shoes are pretty much right a lot of the time. Italians make the most of their frames too and an Italian woman wears her glasses very well. They have a flamboyance about their eyeglasses that suits them so wonderfully; think Sophia Loren or Claudia Cardinale.


How do we choose a frame?

👓 Choose what you love. If you like them, you will use them.

👓 Wear what is comfortable and suits your style. Don’t try a bright red frame if you feel self-conscious in colour – stay slick and elegant with a black, grey or tortoiseshell.

👓 Be cautious with wireframes. I am going out on a limb here but many of them, while they may be light, are ageing. I have this argument with David and have swapped his wireframes for a more solid spectacle and he’s looking fab. There is no restriction with glasses, not like necklines or hemlines; we can wear exactly what we want.

👓 Have multiple styles and recycle them; since when do we wear the same lipstick colour for three years? Try this shade for a change.

👓 Try sunglasses and swap the lenses over. Wait for the sales and find your favourites. They are particularly good if you wear Varifocals, which I use for driving and television and converting my sunglasses has been a brilliant idea.

👓 Expensive frames are beautiful in many cases but there are other brands I wear at a more manageable price to update a look.

👓 Do NOT be afraid of thicker frames. They can have a Clark Kent kind of vibe but they make a statement when you need it. They are as light to wear oftentimes but have more of an impact. I never wear drop earrings with my reading glasses as that makes me feel “all too much” – but each to their own with the jewels. Normally I would wear stud earrings but since lockdown the jewellery wearing ahs taken a backseat.

👓 The shapes are the upmost of importance and beware of too many trims or embellishments. Two-tones are tricky and often conflict with whatever else you are wearing. Stick to solid colours or tortoiseshells and vary the shape and thickness of the frames to refresh.

👓 These are the places where I stop and look on my travels:

ottica urbani in venice  ||  cutler and gross in london  ||  moscot in new york  ||  lafont in paris

A new pair of reading glasses or sunglasses, if you don’t wear eyeglasses, is the easiest and quickest way to update your look. Try a new pair today and you will see what I mean; I am ready to swap mine for a while and I am already thinking about these as an alternative. xv

What About These?

A Finer Frame?

On My Wish List

the kimball in marzipan  ||  the haskell in clear crystal  ||  the book club tequila mockingbird in crystal charcoal  ||  the beale in any colour

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Bridget Skinner

I struggle with how to do my eye makeup now that I wear glasses full time. Any suggestions?


Keep it very simple… lots of mascara and maybe eyeliner/ pencil if that works for you… I think it’s all you need when wearing a good pair of frames..

Sharon E

I love my Valentinos. I have a few, but would get more if the costs for the Rx didn’t scare me.


They are an investment I admit and require a deep breath at times… I guard them very preciously.. Have to watch my baby grandson now… my favourite red pair have had an accident!!


Glasses are a very important accessoire, whether for reading or sun protection and you know I like yours with the light frame at best. Like also the Kimball. Myself have a lot of sunglasses which I wear also on cloudy days.

Susan Blakey

I love the bold frames on you Vicki! I consider eyewear to be one of my most important accessories, as I wear glasses daily. You’ve highlighted some great choices.


Dear Vicki
Have you had a look at Niloca frames and also Theo frames …….the former are designed in Australia and the latter as I am sure you know in Belgium. Both are stocked at Scoogle in Melbourne and also George Skoufis in Paddington. I think you might like the amazing range of colours and shapes. With kind regards and many thanks for your wonderful blog. Janie Meadows


Thank you Janie… I will check them out for sure. I do know the wonderful shop in Paddington :)


A few years ago the marketing manager at Oliver Peoples in NYC chose my last frames for me. They were sooo much better than anything I looked at. Recently I had cataract surgery and don’t need glasses anymore, except for sunglasses so I bought a round pair and a pair with dramatic frames that Sophia would love!


Perfect! Mine glasses are only for reading but as I am using them a lot of the day I have become accustomed to them :)


I love my glasses and had new ones at the start of the year. I need reading ones and a separate distance pair. I didn’t manage too well with the varifocals. I also have a a distance pair which are sunglasses which means driving in the summer is less strain on my eyes and they are protected from a bright sun. I love my Jasper Conrad distance ones which are a plain black frame as opposed to my readers which are tortoise shell – definitely two different colours so I don’t mix them up!! I do like the French style of frames though and have bought many cheap and cheerful readers over the years but my eyes have weakened and now need fully prescribed lenses now. What has made me smile is the size of the cases I have been given; one case was that large and a triangular shape I couldn’t even fit it into my over-shoulder bag!! Luckily the optician has some slimmer versions of cases and gave me one of these. I’d need another bag to fit two pairs of glasses in with such big cases – hmm! Now there’s an idea!!!


I took time with the varifocals and now three pairs in I can’t live without them for driving, TV or cinema.. in the beginning I felt completely discombobulated.. but they are worth the persistence. I know what you mean about the cases!


Love your Retro frames, a bold statement! I would love to know where your black lace top/dress in the last picture is from?


It’s an old Zimmerman dress that I have had for a long time… Their dresses are fabulous but this is one that has been a favourite for years :)


Good morning Vicki!

I have a dilemma with glasses. I must wear them but my face is very small. I wore wire frames or rather, the sort that have wire arms but the lens are frameless. I wore this style for years to take any “weight” off my face and to give an invisible look to my glasses. I preferred how they looked inconspicuous on my face but they were always the wrong size for my prescription. Now I’m wearing a tortoise shell type of larger frame but they seem to take away from my features. I don’t know what to do for my next pair!


You can support a frame Anita as you have a wonderful face and I think a frame, as opposed to a “wire” or frameless pair, would look super cute. I can see you in a slightly retro style.. cat’s eye almost… not too big but with heaps of personality… :)


I am way OVER DO for a TRIP and NEW GLASSES!


I have green eyes and wear no eye makeup so I bring more color to my face with my glasses. I am currently wearing a pair of light horned rimmed glasses with hot pink sides. Paris introduced me to my first colorful pair of glasses….orange frames trimmed in salmon with horn rimmed sides with a hint of orange….haha. I still wear these on occasion. Love your choices of frames Vicki!

Michelle à Détroit

I had an amusing Zoom meeting experience recently. About five minutes into the call I realized that almost all of us (it was a women’s club meeting) were wearing some variation of the glasses you show-thick framed, slightly winged. The thing is that these frames were flattering to everyone, no matter the shape of their face.
The need for makeup is minimal when wearing this style. Also, remember that the lenses make our eyes look BIGGER. That’s another reason that I think readers can be very flattering.


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