6 Jun 2011

Letters From Corsica #1

I survived the crossing.

Driving to Marseille through one of Provence’s spectacular storms made for a dramatic start to my Corsican journey. The Gods did take pity on me and while the heavens might have been lashing out the seas remained calm and friendly. The Napolean Bonaparte is a means to an end; she is a way to travel to Corsica with your own car. The Napolean Bonaparte is not part of the Cunard line of luxury boats and she is no Queen Mary 2.

Having said that, sleeping overnight on this massive people mover was kind of fun.

The embarquement was long…lots of waiting as hundreds of cars snaked their way into the cavernous hull. Once on board and with the car parked we found our cabin –  a navigational challenge as cabins and levels were many. Bunk beds, our own little bathroom and a porthole…meant that our home away from home was perfectly comfortable for a night on the seas.  First off I wanted to explore, I attempted to discover the bateau and figure out what was happening where and when. I like to know all the possibilities. ….This inquisitive and child like side of my nature has never really changed.

As luck would have it the calm seas meant my night was not spent propping up the bar in the Galaxie room.
After a good dinner and a couple of glasses of delicious Corsican vino I was happy to put my head on the pillow, listen to the hum of the engines and drift off to sleep.

The next thing I knew we were there, just off the coast of Corsica and ready to dock in Ajaccio… xv

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I am green with envy, Corsica is my favourite place on the planet, in my opinion the most beautiful Island in the world, I especially love the way the scenery changes every 20 kilometres or so.


Lucky you Vicky! how wonderful…I love cruises and have crossed the Atlantic on the just retired QE2…have fun!


I love your blog, Vicki! Thank you for taking us with you on your island adventure! I am a sea girl, whose dad was a Master Mariner, Captain of the largest ships in the World, and I am contemplating a voyage. I can't wait to hear and see more of from Corsica!


Oh you were lucky rough skies but not seas.
I am off to close to your neck of the woods tomorrow. Grenoble and the alpe de hues at first and then saint Remy, I can't wait.
Enjoy your time in Corsica

My Grama's Soul

Hi Vicki…..what an exciting trip for you and your sweet soul mate. Traveling by car ferry is always an exciting adventure. I have done it a few times while traveling the Greek islands….and remember it fondly.




Oooohh lucky one ! Go to le golfe de Sagone, Cargèse, in the center closed to Corte the fishes (truites) péchées dans le torrent ont un goût de noisette, et l'odeur de la forêt de pins est inoubliable ! Corsica is a paradise ! Blue lagons, wildness, I am sure you will enjoy a lot ! Sunny Side


Thanks for posting in such vivid detail, its like reading a good book. I can almost feel the gentle rocking of the ship and the inhale the fresh sea air. You leaving me wanting to read the next page. I love exploring new locations, its so exciting. So on to your new adventure……..

The French Hutch

Dumbwit Tellher

Greetings Vicki; Count me too as another one of your readers that is excited to follow your next adventure. The trip across sounded quite fun despite the queues. Bunk beds would bring back days of camp and other great adventures as a child; all in all, sounds like a fabulous time to me. Safe travels Vicki!

xx Deb


As we sit in our chairs, we're travelling with you. So happy you made it and felt OK all the way. Have a lovely time with your husband. xo's


You have taken me on a trip to Corsica and I did not have to pack..hurray! terrific post + great images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Lost in Provence

I am green with envy and glad to hear that you weren't green with…well, you know. ;) Oh my, I have been wanting to get to Corsica for the past few years and can't wait to discover it through your eyes.

Merci pour le super post! And happy trails…


How lovely, being rocked by those waves! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure.

Mary James

Thought about you and the crossing as in the Var we had one of the most violent storms…beaucoup eclair…I have ever experienced anywhere. Hope the Corsican weather was better than I have seen forecasted on TF1..


Sounds wonderful Vicki and so exciting….I am a wanderer too and with camera how can one resist? Best wishes for a lovely trip.

Jeanne xxx

Shell Sherree

That's wonderful news, Vicki! I smiled at your *propping up the bar* description ~ I can see you perched there elegantly, yes, but propping it up? Somehow, I can't envisage that. Enjoy the next phase of your adventure…


So pleased that the crossing was calm for you Vicki. Well worth it, I imagine and I, too, look forward to images and text of your Corsican adventure.
Have fun. XXXX


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