21 Nov 2020

Light The Fire And Lounge About In Cashmere

Light The Fire, Lounge About In Cashmere on vickiarcher.com

How fabulous does that sound?

One element of France I miss is the open fireplace – we were excellent at blazing fires and lounging about. It’s different in the city – we are lucky enough to have a couple of working gas fireplaces – but it is not the same. The flames add plenty of ambience and look pretty but that’s about it. There is nothing like a wood fire and a little smoke thrown in for good measure. We should try one of those fire pits for outside but that’s a whole other deal and with the temperatures dropping and the wind blowing, it’s an indoors kind of weekend.

My fixation with comfort continues.

Cashmere track pants more precisely. My daughter inspired me the other day, she looked so cosy and cute, it reminded me of how wonderful they feel and what a great weekend wardrobe piece they are. She wore hers indoors with an oversized shirt and a pair of trainers; then threw on her coat to head outdoors. It’s the same as wearing regular sweatpants but something about the cashmere gives them a more refined look.

My cashmere needs an update, so I’ve been searching. All my basics seem to need an upgrade and it’s made me realise how my way of dressing has changed this year. I’m busting for a new dress, the idea of dressing up is so appealing right about now, but I keep waiting.

Waiting for what I’m not sure. 

In the meantime, I’ll be snuggling up in these all weekend. xv

Light The Fire And Lounge About In Cashmere

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the oversized crew in cashmere

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Image via Architectural Digest: The original kitchen hearth in the historic Italian villa of linens matriarch Dede Pratesi.

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Jacki F.

Vicki: Love your blog– your photography, whether fashion, home or environment, always transports me to a happy place! Wish you would do more photos of you (or someone else of our “certain age”) wearing the items you suggest, because, honestly, looking at a skinny millennial model featured on the various websites just doesn’t inspire me at all. In fact it depresses me because I fear that at 5 feet (& a bit) tall, age 65, with a decent enough shape but with an ample top & a thickened middle–these things won’t look the same and will end up returned!


I agree, Jacki…. the photos on the major website are very challenging… yes I would love to take more myself and have someone do them for me .. but it is all a bit hard right now. That’s why I stick with “mood’ shots. Sometimes I am amazed at the representation of fashion on many retail websites… I guess they have their struggles too… I’ve never been that good in front of the camera but I will try harder… :)

Linda B

Would someone tell my dear husband that those Everlane cashmere joggers would be just the right holiday gift for his dear wife, even if the season to wear them in AZ is brief?

On the subject of Everlane, I have also been eyeing their new tiered corduroy dress. . .not sure which of the lovely colors I love best. . .


I’ve just been looking at cashmere roll neck jumpers as these seem to be my ‘go to’ wardrobe at the moment. Then I thought I’d look at dresses, but where am I going!!!! It is odd trying to decide what to wear and I feel I’m in trousers permanently but brightening things up with brighter jumpers rather than the navy, grey and black I veer towards. At least on the first lockdown it was warm and we spent time in the garden so a dress was an easy option but it’s not the same now. Never mind I’m sure we will all manage with a wardrobe we feel comfortable in and take that for a few more months if we all stay safe and healthy. What I would love, like you Vicki, is an open fire but will have to make do with a candle on the hearth instead!!


I too am less inclined to dress up in the winter months, Janet.. I guess my idea of dressing up is a good coat or a jacket to be worn out.. and maybe shoes/boots that are a bit more than the trainers I seem to wear most of the time!


Good morning Vicki! Cashmere PANTS…now there is something I never thought of! First of all, this photo. Swoon. Love. Sensuality in the much broader sense…this is one of the many facets of French design sensibilities that I love. The organic materials that are celebrated each day (or once were, I don’t know) such as a hearth in the center of the home. But to add perfection to such great beauty, to adorn oneself at home where very few people will even see you, that takes a routine and self-care attitude that we can only improve on as we go. Just recently, I told myself, “Enough. Enough of slouching around the house in my old bathrobe.” I changed my attitude as well as what I wear and I sat on my white fur throw on my white settee, tucked in by my white fur pillows and I felt like a queen. It is quiet in the house, the hardwood floors making the only noise when we walk on them and all that is missing is a true, wood-burning hearth. But we have the power to feel better by just taking the time to CHANGE.


“We have the power to feel better by just taking the time to CHANGE.” This is everything, Anita :)


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