13 Feb 2015

Lightening Up, Whitening Up And Winter White

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Right about now everything winter starts to feel a little bleak. Do you know what I mean?

Feeling drab is usually a January/February sensation in the northern hemisphere.

I open my wardrobe doors every morning, drag out yet another black sweater and think to myself, I need to re-work this.

I need something lighter, I need a neutral to enhance my overall look and demeanour.


I notice I am wearing red lipstick more often. Yes I love red lips but I think the red is more of a reaction to the time of year than an actual style statement.

Don’t misunderstand I adore black.

Black pants, black skirts, black coats, black sweaters, black dresses; black is my staple and go to with every piece.

It is my wardrobe constant.

Right now I am tired of the all-black. As I have added a little floaty and feminine, I have also added winter white and soft neutrals to my outfits.

Wearing this new sweater, this ivory cable knit is super cosy and has really lifted my “fashion” spirits.


You might wonder what these images have to do with a winter white addition to the wardrobe. I don’t know exactly why but when I saw these shots they made me feel like getting into winter whites. Ideas and inspirations come from all sources, I don’t question them, I try and run with them. Why interiors and landscapes shape my fashion choices, I will never understand. It has always been that way.

I have come around to the white jeans in winter with the dark accessories and vice versa. Where I once would wear all white or all black, now I am searching for the contrast.

Blame the dull days and grey skies… xv

Lightening Up

 warm up in cashmere

**le classic popcorn cashmere  //  **cropped hem detail  // **rag & bone valentina cashmere  //  morlis cable knit

light up and feel feminine

jason wu draped crepe  //  grosgrain ribbon tux  //  **collection chiffon fringe  //  dolce &gabbana guipure lace

over the top casual

**j.crew cotton bomber  //  isabel marant satchel boucle //  phillip lim cloqué bomber  //  givenchy silk crepe de chine

if you feel like some extra wardrobe inspiration, the essentials in the shop are updated, ready and waiting

images jozz dugg.org

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Hi Vicki I am with you on the red lipstick….it really brightens one’s day and lifts the spirits! Love adding white and ivory to all of the winter blacks and charcoal!

Happy Valentine’s weekend!
The Arts by Karena


Today Vicki, we are experiencing an Arctic blast….this is possibly the coldest February 13th on record and it’s a Friday the 13th as well :=( I have on as many layers as I possibly can and have topped them off with this fabulous Ralph Lauren red/black/gold cashmere cardigan that I treated myself to in the post-Christmas sales. I just knew there would be LOTS of Canadian winter weather that this would prove to be an invaluable purchase….and I was right! So as we wait impatiently for some little sign that Spring might be on tap somewhere down the line, it is fabulous to read your posts and dream of a day that white jeans will return to our wardrobes!! Happy Valentine’s Day Vicki!


And if you think it’s bad in Ontario…come to New Brunswick, where we have had non-stop minus double digits for weeks on end and more snow than we can find places to put. And Sunday we are forecast to have 50, yes FIVE-ZERO more centimeters of snow! Yes, we are dreaming of light colors and spring weather, but we won’t see it here for another month at the very least. So with the black cashmere, red is still my perk-up accent…light colors just don’t seem appropriate.

Our French Oasis

I definitely empathise with this, can I really wear a black cashmere turtleneck again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day! So today I wore a cable knit turtleneck that was just a shade darker than winter white and it definitely lifted my spirits. I believe we are all dreaming of spring in Northern Europe and North America!

Mimi Gregor

Not only do I drag out a black sweater every day, but the same black sweaters every day: black cashmere turtleneck topped with a black cashmere hoodie. Unless they’re being washed. I love the color (or lack thereof) and they are very warm and cozy.

Anita Rivera

I am always up for winter whites; in my home, that is all I have. No color – I save that for spring and summer. But the cool whites are so elegant in various textures, and that is what I think you have going here, Vicki! As much as I love black, a gorgeous, thick white sweater would be awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend, Anita


While it’s difficult at the moment to even consider wearing a pullover due to the fact we are experiencing 80% humidity here in Sydney, I must say that I rarely wear mostly black in winter. I go for the jewel colours, those beautiful purples and cerise and sometimes navy. I find they suit my complexion better but they are also more cheerful. I have also discovered beautiful accessories by Sophie Digard.

Catherine Lynn

I do love creams and wheat colours and pale pink for winter. I am allergic to the dye in black clothing, dark brown and navy blue so I cant wear these colours all day. Perhaps a few hours but that’s all. So I have embraced lighter colours and my mood is lighter also!!!!


Vicki, while you are looking forward to some less bleak weather in the northern hemisphere, here in Brisbane Australia I am always longing for some cooler fresher weather around this time of year. I start to look forward to some beautiful Easter weather, when it is still warm but much fresher and clearer than our humid summer. Looking forward to winter when I can again try white jeans with my camel coat. Thanks for another great post.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

White jeans always perk me up and lift my spirits, as well as my wardrobe. I have taken your advice Vicki and worn them with a dark color, usually black and when I wear them definitely feel more happy. In our winter home we have some white furniture and lots of sunshine to brighten our days. Yes – white it is for me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and David.


I was in Melbourne last week whilst they experienced unusually high temperatures. Melbourn items are renown for wearing black 12 months of the year and the heat of last week did not discourage them. Being a Brisbane girl my wardrobe is made up of brighter and cooler colours. I must have stood out as an elderly gentleman spoke to me whilst I was waiting to cross the road. He said it was lovely to see a bit of colour on a ‘lassie’ for a change. I was only wearing blue, nothing hideous or Fluoro!!!!


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