9 Oct 2014

Linda Rodin: Manhattan Magpie

Linda Rodin, Monica Rich Kossan, Vicki Archer, French Essence

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We have talked about Linda Rodin before.

I admire her sense of style and the way she defies convention with her fabulous fashion sense.

Her approach to ageing is so refreshing and she has never been more in demand as a model.

“Young people think anybody over 30 is really old, so to see someone my age who wears the kind of clothes that aren’t akin to their grandmothers’, is pretty much revolutionary.”

The facial oil from her beauty range is one of my favourite products.

It is a sublime luxury but one that makes all the difference from time to time.

Nowness have released this short video simply called, Linda Rodin: Manhattan Magpie

I thought you might enjoy to learn more about her.

And when I am tempted to get the hair tint out… I take another look… xv

Linda Rodin Beauty

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Mimi Gregor

I don’t have the bravery it takes to go grey. Living in the youth culture that is America, I see how older women are generally treated: they are either ignored or treated in an infantilized fashion. Since I have good skin (thank you, genetics and sunscreen!), with hair color and makeup, I can pass for late thirties-early forties instead of my real age — 58. I know that I started to go grey in my mid-thirties, because I stopped dying my hair so that I could remember what my natural color was. (I had been dyeing for a very long time!) I was shocked to see Cruella DeVille steaks of white on either side of my head! I went back to the bottle. Now, I touch up my roots every three weeks; seeing white roots in the mirror depresses me unutterably, even if no one else notices them at that point. The positive thing about having white running amok in what used to be my medium ash brown hair is that when I dye my hair, the dye takes differently on the white strands, giving me highlights without having to go to a salon for them. Hey, I take my positives from aging where I can find them! To be honest, getting older scares the jeepers out of me!


Hello Mimi,

I think each to his own with the colour… and I know what you mean… sometimes I waiver, look in the mirror and ask myself what I am doing. Before I make the appointment for more highlights I have a hair cut a good blow dry and re-assess… so far I am still going grey and leaving it alone. As younger ones say… “own it”… it’s easier said than done! I have the old highlights still showing and so I guess I am sitting on the fence but I haven’t touched the colour for 6 months… and that has required serious willpower… :)

Getting old is a strange concept…My father used to say late into his 90’s… “there is nothing good about it”…
I think the only frightening part of ageing is the health side of things… I am forever grateful so far for good health… :)

Your hair sounds lovely…e specially the highlights… and it makes you feel great… do what you know best… it always works… :)

French Heart

Enjoyed the video short. What a life she made, taking chances and being self-defined. Her mother looks so self-assured.

Interesting that her father took the many photos, as opposed to her mother, which often seemed the case in that post WWII era. That must have been such an unspoken affirmation to a girl that ‘you are loved, valued, and beautiful’ from her father.

Magriet Rossouw

Going grey was the most liberating experience. When people compliment me and say how surprised they are that it is not ageing I always reply by saying ” nature knows best ” . Proud of every platinum strand of hair on my head.


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