16 May 2018

Lips And Lacquer: Pure Colour Envy

Lips And Laquer on vickiarcher.com

These are something fabulous.
I recently found a new paint on lip colour – seriously, sensational.

They aren’t really called lacquer, rather Pure Envy paint on liquid colour, but I have christened them lacquer for some reason.

Not that the name matters as they are truly one of the easiest lip colours I have applied. Easy and long lasting. So long lasting, which is what I want when I wear a stronger shade. I hate the thought of the lipstick disappearing in the centre of the lips and a rather messy line remaining. Thoughts of “the Joker” from Batman spring to mind.

I have been wearing Heart Crush and Pink Zinc and cannot wait to get my hands on some of the other colours – Burnt Raisin and Naked Ambition for starters.

There is also another red called Poppy, which is on my wish list. Or there is this little trio of fabulousness for starters.

Lipstick is lipstick, I know, but these are really, really great and I have a serious crush. How a small dab of colour on the lips can make everything seem brighter is beyond me, but it works. They do.

A new lipstick for a woman is as feel good as anything.

Start with Heart Crush or Naked Ambition and let me know. I dare you to stop at one. xv

p.s forgot to say i mix them with regular matte lipstick over the top, lasts even longer.

One Colour At A Time: Pure Envy

pure colour envy paint on in heart crush  ||  in naked ambition  ||  in burnt raisin  ||  in pink zinc  ||  in poppy  ||  liquid trio

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There are just some lipsticks that truly make a difference and wear SO well! I’ve come across a few in my tenure, and it saddens me when I get hooked on one color only to find they have discontinued it! This sounds super interesting and I must investigate this; lipstick lately has been my only makeup, now that the warm weather is here! And, I’ve been using a serum and Vicki, what a difference it makes!


Serum is the best, Anita… so glad you are enjoying the difference… and yes, a lipstick is my main go-to also… These are amazing if you love a matte like I do.. :)

Teddee Grace

I’ve never liked the look of matte lipstick. I always want to offer the wearer some lip balm! But some these colors are nice.

Mimi Gregor

Okay… this has nothing to do with lipstick. I clicked on the interview with Anna Wintour that was one of your “side dishes”…. and I have an official girl crush! Her hair is SO close in color and style to mine! And yet…. WHY, WHY don’t I look as good??? AND: She is 68. My mind reels. I mean, obviously, she has had “work done.” But even so, she inspires me. One doesn’t HAVE to look dowdy as one gets older. And I greatly suspect that she is an introvert (So am I. It’s NOT the same as being shy.), hence the sunglasses. Obviously, she doesn’t use them to cover up “old eyes”, because hers are lovely. I certainly think that she is worthy of some sort of “style profile” or whatever you would call it. She is freakin’ inspiring!


what are your thoughts on the new lipsticks which are literally all day and you have to take them off with special lipstick remover? Lipsense?


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