14 Jan 2017

There Is A Little Blondie In All Of Us

There is a little Blondie in all of us on vickiarcher.com

Remember, “The Tide Is High” and “Call Me”?
I understand if you aren’t of my generation but for those around my age, Deborah Harry, aka “Blondie” was one amazing rocker.

She was older, cooler and way more naughty than even my wildest dreams but I danced and sang to her music, not to mention the embarrassing karaoke, for a significant part of my growing up.

Blondie was the queen of leather, when leather was for “real” bikers.

I remember her style, she was way ahead of her time and I never imagined I would wear anything vaguely similar to Blondie; long distance respect and appreciation for her wild girl was one thing, my deep down conservatism another.

As a young girl I was much more conservative and risk adverse than I am today; thankfully my confidence has grown with the years.

This is a rather long way about of admitting a love for leather leggings.

Yes, I am late to the party. Originally I feared they were not for me and more for my daughters; more for the Blondie types out there with the bravery to really rock them. Ok, well I found my inner Blondie a couple of years ago and I have never looked back. They are my go-to everything pant in winter and depending on how I accessorise them, the leather leggings have pretty much been everywhere with me.

There is no such thing as not being able to wear them; it’s all about how you wear them.

I never wear them without a jacket, long shirt, turtleneck or sweater covering the top. I like them worn with a longer line sweater or shirt and blazer or coat. That’s me; I prefer my back covered.

I wear them with sneakers, with trainers, with mules and with heels for dressing up. I have worn them with a tuxedo jacket, a woollen blazer and a 3/4 overcoat and not to mention the army jacket. That is my constant combination; leather leggings, turtleneck, Stan Smith’s and the khaki jacket. I like the full leathers and also the leggings that have leather on the front and fabric on the back. I have pretty much worn out my J.Crew versions and have been looking for something similar. I finally found them.

I believe as long as our confidence shines and we are able to interpret fashion to suit our physical selves then never say, never. I have banished the “too young” from my vocabulary and am focusing on the “what suits”.

Leather leggings, I think I love you. xv


Finding The Inner “Blondie”

eileen fisher blocked leather leggings  //  alice +olivia leather leggings

image, deborah harry

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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! For once I am early to your posts!

I love leather. I haven’t worn it since the Blondie years, but I wore it and I think I wore it well. But I haven’t had a leather article of clothing for years and I have to tell you, I’ve been thinking about it along with fur (faux fur, of course).

I agree that as we age, for those of us who dare to keep growing, we realize that we can style ourselves to enhance who we are becoming. Whether we “can wear it” or “how we wear it” is great and creative way to challenge ourselves. Enjoy the process!!


Too funny! I too found a pair this fall, but Ive only worn them once. Question to you and anyone with an opinion–how TIGHT should they be? Mine aren’t baggy, but im not sure they are very rock n roll either… I lost some weight, and Im not sure if the fit is still cool, or more sad!


I think the leggings need to be reasonably firm otherwise they are neither legging nor trouser… I buy them tight because they do stretch and mould… But it’s always a good problem when things get a bit looser!

Lisa DeNunzio

I agree that fashion needs to be ‘adapted’ to one’s age. I do believe it also helps when the leggings (leather or otherwise) are balanced out by either high boots or a longer jacket. Go for it!!!!

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

I’m absolutely 100% with you on the leather leggings, Vicki. Now that I have the confidence of age on my side, I’m loving my inner Blondie too! With the confidence you speak of, we can enjoy wearing what suits, and banish “too young for me” from our vocabulary. I love the leggings with the leather on the front, and wear them for casual as well as “dress up” too.


Thanks Vicki! you have inspired me to rock some leather leggings! Was practically a Deborah Harry look alike back in the day ha ha . Still blond but over 50 now I go for a softer look. I read an article about a year ago about what to wear and not for certain age groups, and it said don’t wear over the knee boots if your over 50. And I really wanted over the knee boots!


If they suit you, wear them…I wear them just over the knee.. the 5050 .. not thigh high sadly, but these look great and give me the look… :)


Carrie, I am going on 51 and have two pair of Stuart Weitzman suede OTK boots, one in flat heel and the other in 2 inch block heel. I wear them all the time and get a ton of compliments. Go for it – you will look great!


Leather is your friend, dress up,down. Rugged or girlish. Alway fun and fabulous. And don’t tell me I’m too old! Favorite way to wear . ..all the time.

Taste of France

Have you seen Deborah Harry lately? She still rocks!
It’s funny you mention leather leggings, because last Saturday I saw a woman, maybe in her 70s, maybe her 80s, pushing the kind of walker with four wheels and a little seat, and wearing leather leggings and low, flat boots. I just thought, I want to be like that!


I had the same “ah-ha” moment a few years ago when I realized I wasn’t too old for leather pants. Love them and wear them like you… with everything! Love the tuxedo jacket… That I haven’t done, but will. xoxox, Brenda


A picture of you styling them would be much appreciated. I’m just not sure how they will look on the not do young. How about it, Vicki?


Blondie is my style muse. No kidding. Even at 71 years of age, I’m leathered and 501’ed and black-booted up.

She was gorgeous! Still is gorgeous! More importantly, her style speaks to me because she dressed in her own image.

My current lifestyle mantra: “If not now, when?”


Bonne Annee Vicki 💕 you are certainly staying true to your resolution ‘staying in the moment’ and by wearing specific clothes for how they make us feel – you nailed it! Deborah would agree, never to old, or never too anything for that matter for leather and as you so wisely and cleverly do ‘its how you put it together’ that counts then… watch the confidence brim 😏 Lx

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Carrie, please wear the over the knee boots if you love them! Like Vicki, I have a pair that just barely come over the knees, and I love them. Never have I thought “oh, I’m not young enough to wear these” and I’m definitely over 50! This is the time of your life to be fashion fearless.


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