5 May 2013

London Calling

We moved… We made it…

It’s our London home away from home…

The paintings aren’t hung… but there are books about…

Flowers in the vase… and scented candles burning…

Many boxes remain unpacked…

Shoes are on the floor… vintage hats are on the desk… (thank you lovely, Jeanne)

The clocks aren’t ticking… the mirrors are standing by…

The bike is at the ready and the coffee is on…

And the best of all…London is shining…

It’s the weekend… the rest can wait…

Home is where the… Manolo Blahniks…   Bruce Weber Goya and the Cire Trudon… live… she says with a wink…  xv

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Anita Rivera

WELCOME HOME, VICKI! You are going to celebrate this weekend, aren’t you? Enjoy every nook of your cozy London home. I hope that the London forecast calls for sunshine and warmth so you can enjoy every well-deserved moment of play!

Bon week-end! Anita


Great attitude – the unpacking can wait! Get out and enjoy. A move opens the door to so many new possibilities. xo


Hi Vicki,
Congratulations! You must have had an incredibly busy past week, as your images look like home is where the heart is indeed. I adore your Manolo’s, so beautiful. The perfect Astier cups awaiting coffee, books, flowers and Cire Trudon (I am trying to guess which fragrance you are burning)…sounds like a fabulous weekend is in order, enjoy! xx

Things That Inspire

Gorgeous collection of pictures!

London is calling me too…heading over there in a few weeks for a family member’s wedding – just my (almost) 13 year old and me. We will take the chunnel over the Paris afterwards, my daughter’s first time visiting France, a wonderful 13th birthday present – she will never forget turning 13 in the City of Lights!

– Holly

Veronica Roth

Hey welcome back home to your alternate home. I’m off to England in a month and understand the frantic packing and scrabbling around to make sure the Vancouver house is provided for and I’ve got everything I need for my OXON house with me. (At least you don’t have that far to go between houses.) Bur for now Robert will be in Vancouver in a week and I’m looking forward to opening the cabin and spending some time up there. Enjoy London and all the nice weather right now. (Good for you to miss the ever so long British winter…ugh) :)

Audrey Friedman

All the best to you dear Vicki and your lovely family.
Moving isn’t easy but there is something special about being in a new place.

Veronique Savoye

Welcome to your new London home, Vicki. What neighborhood is it located in? London is such a fabulous city. What a perfect pied-à-terre when you visit your daughter… Enjoy the weekend. There will be time to unpack and hang pictures on the wall… Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

MJH Design Arts

Hi Vicki, Congratulations!! I can imagine the posts that are brewing re your new “pad”–can’t wait for the updates. Happy week-end.

Esther George

Hi Vicki couldn’t turn in for the night without letting you know the place looks beautiful already. I would always go for the red shoes… Last but not least try not to have any more mishaps. I used to work in town and run around in high heels now when I look at the heels girls are wearing my eyes water, I did take a few tumbles, my pride was bruised amongst other things. Did you say coffee is on I have to get some sleep first. Enjoy. Regards Esther from Sydney.


I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Your photos are always so pretty. Enjoy your new home.


How wonderful – and I applaud your approach “the rest can wait” … how utterly refreshing – Vicki you are just amazing, however, I am confused – what did I miss? I thought you were leaving London…

best of luck and happiness in your new home


No… still staying in between London and France… just a different spot in London… :)

Karen in CT

OOO .. I see. I was confused too. All clear, just the move to a new place in London. Chelsea is one of the few neighborhoods in London that are still BRITISH (well, fairly British) … good choice, may you make many new happy memories.

Karen in CT

Christine Hooker

I’ve had catching up to do…getting ready for a grand Paris tour…and MY head is spinning from your posts! Your style, your homes, your life…quintessential parfait! I’m packing flat shoes for walking THE city! Pas de heels por moi!
I’m off to Nordie’s and J. Crew thanks to you! I’ll get the Chanel in Paris!
Merci and gros bisous for encouraging ‘cette enfant francophile’!


Welcome to your new home! I hope you have a great time settling in and making it the perfect home for you in London.



Enjoy the lovely weather and your new space. I am sure some of your belonging will seem new also. How do you create your photo collages at the beginning of the post? Do you use an app or photoshop?

Faux Fuchsia

It all looks fabulous. I love Londy. I’ll be there in a week and I hope to God I’ve chosen the right clobber to wear- always a NIGHTMARE, a NIGHTMARE I tell you. I know it’s meant to be Spring but I remember everyone freezing at the Jubilee last year. Cannot wait to wander Marylebone High St and clock some time at Old Malene Birger, the Little White Company, Daunt books and (crosses self at thought of ultra cheap groceries compared to Australia) Waitrose. Good luck with the unpacking V. x

Rosalie Carmichael

Well done. Moving is such a chore but now the fun begins with the decoration of the new abode. Enjoy your glorious day as I am here in Bunbury after having the grandchildren visit for the weekend. A great weekend with sailing with their grandfather and flower arranging with their grandmother. Rosalie

Deidre Groundwater

Gorgeous as always. When you have everything to your satisfaction, will we see more beautiful photos of your new London home? Deidre.


Congratulations, you have arrived, now take a breath and enjoy.
Lot’s to see and do in London. The boxes will wait.


helen tilston

How exciting. You have the best of all worlds. I wish you happiness and look forward to hearing your London reports

Helen xx

miss b

I hope you enjoy your new London home. With flowers in the vase and candles burning it already sounds like home. I think it’s better to unpack in stages otherwise it becomes so onerous! Take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts!

glamour drops

Amused and enchanted to see that getting the candles and flowers happening is high on the priority list…it’s always the first thing I do in our new homes…makes it feel so much more like home so quickly…perhaps a sense of serenity amongst the packing boxes? Or maybe it’s just the power of scent.

We still have half-unpacked boxes from our move a couple of months ago…but it’s all the boring paperwork…whereas the candles and vases and books were just about the first things unpacked!

Hope you are loving your new home, and shall have fun exploring your new neighbourhood.


Phew, what a great sense of relief you must feel being settled into your new digs Vicki. Moving is right up there with death, divorce & finding that your very favourite lipstick colour has been discontinued!
Millie xx

maria at inredningsvis

What a lovely post:) your blog is such an inspiration.

If you like to have a spring picninc…check out my blog:)

Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se


Can you share a few of your favoirite London hotels, I trust your taste completly. Thank YOu, Janet


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