24 Nov 2013

London… #itstheweekend

It’s taken me time to fall for London.

It feels like home… as much as France… and as hard as I find that to believe… it’s true… London is that kind of city and despite the frequent grey London has a particular and unique beauty of it’s own.

London is not Paris and it’s not Provence… London is London… and now that I have embraced that, we get on well together.

I’m in London for the next few weeks and I want to show you the city… There is an atmosphere building… the excitement of the holidays… and there is no other city I know who dresses up with quite so much endeavour…

London wears festivity like an elegant woman… perfectly attired, impeccably groomed and with just the right amount of excitement and enthusiasm.

Piccadilly - Vicki Archer

The temperatures have dropped dramatically in London…

How to dress up when it’s freezing on the outside and toasty on the inside?

I wanted to venture out this weekend in a new party dress… but that proved impossible… Have you tried to find anything to wear for the holidays that isn’t too bare, too short or too expensive? It’s a challenge.

Instead I will be re-accessorising my Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress…  with lace booties, sparkle earrings and a full length parka… I saw this look often in Paris… sleek and elegant with a touch of the utilitarian…

Lux meets street and ends up chic…

London Collage - Vicki Archer

cire trudon / dvf wrap  / jimmy choos / stubbs & wootten / yves salomon / erickson beamon

in the same mood

joel parka /  river island parka / vince booties /  prada laser cutted baker


It’s the weekend… have a fabulous one… xv



To bring the holiday mood inside and for extra cosiness, I am burning this new limited edition candle from Cire Trudon… heavenly…

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Would love to see your London Home. I have your books on France, what a treat to have London too.

La Contessa

YOur ears were burning as they say!Just two days ago I was e-mailing my friend in Australia who follows you too I might add that I wished you “shared”London with us!!!!
Here you are telling us that is exactly what you will be doing!!!!!!!!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE!
I am ready for the VIEWING!ANd if by any chance you can sneak a peek of little baby GEORGE in that would be divine!WE share the same birthday GEORGE and MOI!My day will NEVER be the same again!!That was a GIFT of a lifetime!


Yeah, London is so great – a nice change of pace! And, I’m a ‘coat/jacket’ aholic – so I loved the link to so many cute parkas! Thanks!

D. A. Wolf

I can hardly believe it, but my last visit to London (it was business) was 1989! Yikes! I think it’s time for another visit, for the art alone, and possibly, tea…

Those Choo booties are gorgeous. And I’m loving so much of the DVF I’ve seen, only wondering if it will look good on an amply endowed woman. I recall an original wrap dress I wore and adored (I will not mention how long ago)… Impeccable fit.


The wrap style is very good for those who are blessed… and also not bad for those who aren’t… ;)

Trish Murphy

Vicki it will wonderful to see London through your eyes.It is a fabulous city and I love the old arcades like the royal arcade.I lived there in the late 70’s and loved it.It was a rite of passage for all Aussies to travel to London and now our children are doing it.My son and his fiancée are returning home in three weeks after 2 1/2 years away.They loved London too so I look forward to the posts I am sure they will fabulous.Trish


Nothing would make me happier than London by myself this Chrissie. This year’s Family Feud Day here is taking shape like no other. I’ll need to have a professional Counsellor & expert Mediator on hand to provide on-site help during lunch!!
M xx

Anita Rivera

Good morning on this chilly morning!

Vicki, I read your post off my phone yesterday in the middle of a hectic day. But here I am, in the quiet of my home, relishing every thought and fashion idea you share.

Oh how I long to see London as well, for all the reasons you share. She is not Paris; no other place in the world is. But San Francisco, NYC, L.A., London, Sydney, all these marvelous places are like the people they embrace, and for that, I love them all.

You are getting me excited to go out and get a new pair of booties!

Have a lovely weekend dearest Vicki! Anita


Hi Vicki!
I lived in London for many years and it is still my great love. As I now live in Paris I still visit often. Sometimes for a few days or just for the day to go to Whole Foods and have lunch with a friend. It would be wonderful if you could show your readers the newly renovated St.Pancras Hotel as well as its Gilbert Scott restaurant. Simply amazing. Another favorite is Primrose Hill. Lovely and what Notting Hill used to be. Looking forward to your wonderful insights.


Vicki, you are here now! Living in Central London all year ’round, I find the crowds quite daunting even on a day to day basis, and especially at Christmas. Looking at your photos in the comfort of my own home, I am seeing what is just around the corner (yes, I am that close) without having to venture out so often this week. London is such a wonderland this time of year. Truly enchantingly elegant. I really must pull myself together, and get fully into the spirit of things any day now -( in my parka and pearls) but happily your blog is allowing me to procrastinate a little longer. You are spoiling me….


London is indeed a beautiful city. It is also nice in summertime, when it is not grey. But I always have to laugh at the comments about its weather: what would one expect for northern Europe, Bahamian skies?

Anita Rivera

I just had to come back to get another gander at those Jimmy Choo booties! AH! I need those! Je t’embrasse fort! Anita

Virginia Blue

To me, there is simply no greater, no more exciting, no more alive, city on the planet than London. Others have their charm and their beauty, but London has something much more intrinsic: curiosity for life. And it shows.

Esther George

Hi Vicki I’m sitting here thinking London at Christmas (half your luck). I’m just glad you will be posting photographs of this beautiful City…will be seeing it through your eyes. I watch every British programme, that’s as close as I’m going to get. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS love the Parka Coat it looks so cozy and elegant.

J. Smith

I was in London not too long ago to celebrate the holiday and went the cashmere, parka and fur lined boots route. My look was not as elegant as yours but I was rather toasty! One of my favorite cities!


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