22 Nov 2014

The London List #Beauty



London as a city gets better and better.

Samuel Johnson got it right, ” when a man is tired of London he is tired of life.”

I believe him, I am sure it is true. The more I discover, the less I know and the more curious I am becoming.

One of the many wonderful ways to pass the time in London, after the galeries, the historical sites, the museums and hopefully a royal “spot” is to explore the specialist boutiques that are opening up all over town.

I wanted to share with you a few of the places I frequent when it comes to beauty and scent,

The London List  #Beauty


Regent Street, W1

The most beautiful beauty of all and a visit to Liberty makes everything feel better. 

Walk through the Tudor doors and enter another world. Liberty is a hard one to resist.


63 New Bond Street W1

A store I sometimes forget in my rush to browse the more glamorous end of Bond Street, Fenwick’s is well worth a twirl or two in the beauty department.


89 Jermyn Street, SW1

Quintessentially English and the best Lily of the Valley bath oil ever. 

D.R Harris

35 Bury Street, SW1

Traditionally very British and the perfect “chemist” to stock up on beauty products for yourself, for gifts or for the man who has absolutely everything.

Don’t forget to try the spearmint toothpaste.


92 Marylebone High Street, W1

I’m having a crush on Fresh and their masks are some my favourites 

Cire Trudon

36 Chiltern Street, W1

If you can’t be in Paris store this is the next best thing.

Cire Trudon candles are my choice for the holidays as I find their fragrances truly sublime and especially so in winter. Last year I chose Yazbukey, this year our scent will be Gabriel. Then there is always Bethléem, inspired by the story of the nativity. 

cire trudon for the holidays

yazbuky with notes of violet and leather, bethléen spiced with cardamon and sweetened with a hint of floral and gabriel, reminiscent of candied chestnuts and burchwood

John Bell & Croydon

50-54 WIgmore Street, W1

The pharmacy emporium of all pharmacies.

If you find yourself in London and in need of the impossible, John Bell & Croydon is your destination. It has every gadget conceivable, herbal remedies and a huge dispensary. If they don’t have it, it doesn’t exist… in the UK at least.

Santa Maria Novella

1 Piccadilly Arcade, W1

The pomegranate scented bath salts are delicious. I’d rather be shopping in Florence but this is one of the quaintest stores in Piccadilly.

Miller Harris

21 Bruton Street, W1

Take tea and experiment with fragrance in a wonderful part of town.

Afterwards pop over the road to Hakkasan Mayfair for a rose petal martini.


7 King Street, WC2

Aesop have shops all over London but this is one of the newer ones. An Australian brand that gets better and better.

Parfums de Nicolai

101A Fulham Road, SW3

This is a tiny and exquisite store in the shopping mecca of Brompton Cross. If you prefer room diffusers to scented candles then they are the one.

The Shop At Bluebird

350 Kings Road, SW3

I can’t believe it took me so long to discover The Shop At Bluebird. 

Don’t miss out when you come to London.

Let’s add to the list. Where do you find your beauty in London?

a further dose of beauty… have you seen the beauty edit

creating these shopping pages was my favourite “job” when it came to building this new site.

i wanted these pages to be about inspiration and imagination… a place to browse the images and enjoy the photography as much as “go shopping”.

they will be updated frequently… change with the seasons, with the holidays and with our moods.

if there is anything that you would love featured, drop me a note… vicki@vickiarcher.com 

the best edits are when we do them together… xv

image- shot by jake

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What a great list, Vicki. Thank you.
I am planning a trip to England with my three sisters and I just forwarded this post to them. It definitely “upped” the we can’t wait factor significantly.


There are so many places to talk about Cathy… that I thought I should start by topics… and then we can work our way through… Actually I think I left out so many but I had to stop otherwise I would have been writing for hours… :)


Please do a book with pictures of London and your London home. I have both of your books, but where is London? Love you postings.

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! A joy, always a joy, to follow you whatever city you are in. Paris, London or in Provence, you show me around to new sites that I am putting in my wish-list journal. GORGEOUS! (and I am loving the new look of your blog!) Anita


Hi Vicki we have a home in the Languedoc which we travel to from NZ annually. Before my boys were at school it was for NZ winters. Currently it’s only 6 weeks….we are flying into London for the first time…my husband and children have never been before, our time is short and I have only visited once many years ago…..we adore eclectic things and beautiful places. We collect Art, love candles, fresh flowers, trinkets, antiques, boutique shops & food! Would love to know the must see shopping areas in travel order that have the beautiful intriguing boutiques you could easily miss. X I know my husbands going to love London as much as I do from memories.


Last year I wrote quite a bit about London during the festive season… https://vickiarcher.com/?s=london
These posts might spark some ideas… But I will get making some more lists…

Off the top of my head… Portobello Road very early on a Saturday morning, Alfies and Davies Street for antique, trinket browsing…
Columbia Road on a Sunday morning for flowers… and Shoreditch is a great place for breakfast afterwards…
Shopping.. Where to start… Brompton Cross, Mount Street, Dover Street, Notting Hill… all the big department stores..

My mind is full of ideas… :)


Hi Vicki great post my daughter is living in London I will send her this list, more than likely she has been to most of these, I know Liberty is one. A book would be delightful, I’ve been glued to a beautiful book on Paris, it’s a treasure trove taking you by Arrondissements what,where,how… By J. McCullough I think. Just gorgeous one like this of London would be fab.

Katherine Howden

Ah London! I wondered when ‘we’ were going to start on her!
Loved today’s post and am looking forward to following as you explore and disclose more of your favourite haunts.

Monique@The Urban Mum

My ten year old wants to live in London when he ‘grows up…’ let us hope he holds on to his dream; I adore ‘your’ city…I didn’t know there was a Santa Maria Novella in London – what a lovely surprise! My sister lives in Chelsea, she loves Penhaligon on Kings Road…x


One of my favourite stores in London is Daylesford Organic and Bamford. I have visited them all and while not all about beauty they are incredibly beautiful. My favourite is the the flower shop. Their Farm shop in the countryside is a must with the most divine day spa. I look forward to visiting your recommendations when next in London. Love the new site, FE just keeps getting better!

Helen Tilston

A great list Vicki.

A wonderful list of special places. I have visited some of the places you mention. Penhaligans always delights and has been a favourite since I was a teenager
Helen xx


Karen in VA

I absolutely love Liberty … and many of the other places you mention. I can’t wait for you to fill us in on The Chiltern Firehouse. I’m dying to hear what you think.

Karen in VA


“The List” is making me giddy…it’s been a while since I’ve been to London, and I would dearly love to go again. I’ll print your list of must-do’s and pray for a good lottery win, lol. Love the new look and content, Vicki! Much luck to you…


Love the list, especially by category, what fun! I am an American living in between London & Cambridge (second go round) and always always love going into London. We enjoy having a different “map” for our visits, this will be perfect for our next trip into town. I will also go back and revisit your festive list for our Christmas visit. Enjoying the new site and your book is FAB.


Thank you for reminding me about Santa Maria Novella……I love their products…..sublime!
Vicki, your new site is great…thank you! L x


Love your list, love London! Love my British son in law! Love the treasures all around! Love their rail system so we who visit can see their beautiful country!


How lovely! I adore being in a big city and strolling through the marvellous shops, gazing at the well put together window displays and shopping for items that I know don’t exist where I live. It’s like another world. I’ve often thought about opening a specialty shop of some kind but alas these businesses don’t survive where I live. Such a shame.


I will be in London again soon and I am traveling alone. Unexpected since this trip was to be with a fiancé who just suddenly decided he wants someone else. So – I am still going and plan to do whatever I want – shop, spa, museums, and so on. I adore London and will be staying downtown near Buckingham Palace. Have marked all the places from your list on a map. Your lovely blog has been a welcome escape over the events of the past two weeks. Thank you! xxxx


I am so sorry to hear that heartbreaking news… A trip to London will definitely brighten an otherwise difficult time… and you must enjoy and spoil yourself… you deserve it. London will be a great pick me up… :) xv


Thank you so much. I do feel that I will be ok. I believe things happen for a reason so there must be something wonderful out there waiting for me. I’m reminding myself over and over of what Auntie Mame would say, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. So Live!” So that is what I am going to do and a trip to London is a good way to start. xxxx


Love the list. Thanks for all the wonderful London info. A magical city! Wish I was going back right now.


How can I try to download thee book again. Not successful the first time? Terrific list and certainly will save. Your blog is a favorite of mine. Enjoy Thanksgiving.


I don’t know about the e book? Will someone please explain to me? Is it a purchase through
Amazon or what?


It’s a gift from me to my readers. If you subscribe at the bottom Kara, you will receive all the instructions… :)


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