23 Aug 2016

Long Summer: Short Boots


Do you wear short boots in summer?

A long summer does not necessarily mean boots are out of the question, especially bootie style.

I like the contradiction between the flimsy and lightweight and the solid, more covered. When I saw these beautiful photographs of outback Australia, short boots and flowing dresses seem like the ideal companions.

Short boots have become one of my all season wardrobe essentials and a staple to wear any day and every day. Boots don’t need to be relegated to the back of the cupboard on hot days. A little creative thinking, a wardrobe adjustment and they can work beautifully with summer fashion.

As long as they are cute and of a short style they can look wonderful with the right trousers or a fabulous dress.

I don’t know when it became ok to wear boots in the summertime; I don’t remember it being the case when I was younger. Today I see short boots worn everyday with all types of fashion. Fashion, when it is flexible, is how we can find our signatures and dress not only for comfort but also in a way that suits our taste. I like to wear my booties most with a dress or fuller skirt.

I love short boots in the summer worn with shorts but that look is one I will admire from a distance rather than replicate. I wish I could but shorts and I are old friends who share memories not new history.





The other great feature of the short boot is they make the perfect travel companions. The ZEPHYR from Stuart Weitzman is my go-to bootie, not only for the French country weekend but for city breaks also. There is another style, the BACARI which I am tempted to test; the suede pair in slate has my name all over it.

How great would these look with just about everything?

Travel is unpredictable and as much as a holiday sandal or a strappy flat makes sense, a short boot can come in mighty handy. Some days the toes just want to stay inside.

I like a small heel and slightly chunky with my short boots, especially if I am wearing them with a skirt or dress. Not spike thin or a huge block, but somewhere in-between. I like a flat style also, a little like a riding boot especially with a straighter skirt.

What I like most of all is that fashion has become versatile. We can wear what we want, how we want and when we want.

Short boots in the summer? Absolutely. xv

Long Summer: Short Boots


images photographed by ming nomchong in outback new south wales, australia for revolver

thank you stuart weitzman for our partnership; if i could i would wear your short boots in all styles forever. 

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Anita Rivera

Oh….I love everything about these photos. Everything. AND, I love wearing short boots in summer. I wore a very old pair of mid-calf boots while doing my gardening and even when running errands. There is something about a boot that makes a woman feel feminine but also ROBUST and ready to wrangle the day. Love them.


The element of contrast… always the best… and the unexpected.. :)
“Wrangle” .. what a great word.. :)

Mimi Gregor

I love the look of short boots with summer dresses… on other women. I’ve seen women wear summer dresses with cowboy boots. But when I try to replicate it, I feel that I look silly. The closest I come to a boot in the summer is my hiking boots when I’m on a hike, or my black Converse high-tops if I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, say at a flea market. Generally, in the summer, I live in ballet flats, as they are comfortable and stylish.


It’s all about what makes us feel comfortable, isn’t it?
I have found I am happy in the combination now… practise makes perfect ;)


When I lived in California, I often wore boots with dresses. But now I find myself living in Florida .. my boots are all in their boxes, in their closet , waiting for me to tire of sunshine and hot weather and take them somewhere that they can be seen again. Now, for me, ballet flats are The Shoe.

Linda B

I love short boots with dresses and skirts all year, honestly. But, in the desert southwest of the US, I usually can only stand to wear boots of any kind in the cooler half of the year. One looks for any kind of flow of air possible during our five months of very hot weather. Right now I have my eye on some interesting short boots that have some lovely open work (Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Cut-out Booties, at Nordstrom and other places.) In tan or taupe, they would be perfect.

Taste of France

I will wear Stan Smiths or Converse with dresses, but short boots? No. I am too short for short boots. Plus it’s so hot in Carcassonne for boots. In winter, with tights, maybe. But I prefer knee-high boots then. Short boots under pants.
That said, my daughter has a pair of Timberlands and is utterly cool wearing them with shorts. I did the same when they were in style in the ’90s. Mais ça, c’etait avant.

Mona Turner

I love this dreamy photo! Makes me think of peace and solitude.
I’ve never worn short boots with a dress in the summer but I will now! Vicki, I have not purchased a fashion magazine since following your blog. Everyday I looked forward to “French Essence.” Everyday after reading your blog I quietly say, “Ah, thank-you, Vicki!”


I think short boots look cute with dresses and skirts but only on the young. I would just feel silly.


I like the look of short boots with dresses – in some cases. I don’t wear boots in the summer, I live in a climate that makes closed toes shoes/boots necessary for half of the year. Summer is time for my toes to have a party and be free.

Victoria Ballinger

Love the style of your article. So refreshing to think of new ways to wear our footwear! Even if we don’t choose to coordinate boots with summer attire, it’s still great to hear these ideas.


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