28 Sep 2019

Look At The Upside

The way a word can drive our train of thought fascinates me – in this case, “Upside”.

I was looking for some new sportswear, hit on my favourite brand, The Upside, got stuck there as these were on sale, found the other pieces I want to wear with them and fell down the rabbit hole of movie memories. How does that even happen?

Have you seen The Upside? And even before the original French version, Untouchable?

Both are inspiring with excellent performances but I do have a soft spot for the original French film inspired by the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo. If you haven’t watched them, you are in for a treat – start with Untouchable and finish with The Upside

Both films are perfect weekend viewing.

As for the cute workout/weekend wear from The Upside, I went with three.

I’ll lounge about in them and rewatch The Upside. A perfect Sunday coming. xv

Look At The Upside

on sale magic leggings  ||  practical and super cute isabella coat  ||  cosy as bondi sweatshirt

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image, The Upside starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart

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Vicki, I’ve seen both of these films and love them! I’m on a hunt for something fun and inspiring to watch and may just have to rewatch one of these. Enjoy your weekend in that fabulous red outfit from IG. xoxox, Brenda


Hi Vicki, just had to say how much I loved the movie the Untouchables. I don’t speak french but I laughed and laughed while reading the subtitles of this movie and I recommend it to so many people. I will be sure to watch The Upside very soon.
Have a fabulous day
Emma x


Oh I do remember Untouchable! I think I’ll revisit that charming movie and I have to say Vicki that your red outfit on IG is absolutely striking. You are gorgeous.


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