13 Feb 2020

Loop, Hoops And A Whole Lot Of Whimsy

Loop, Hoop And A Whole Lot Of Whimsy on vickiarcher.com

Loops and hoops can be whimsical.

When it comes to earrings.

I have been looking for hoop earrings that give the impression of  “whimsy”. Not the plain round gypsy style or a heavy drop; hoops to feel and look like next to nothing.

Hoops are either in or they are out but right about now they seem to be back. With longer hair, I like them – the way they add a little something to a casual outfit. I’m thinking of wearing them to our after wedding pool party in the spring.  Hoops have a low key look that other drop earrings don’t and yet they offer more than a stud. Know what I mean? I’m thinking maybe hair in a ponytail, the earrings, and a casual dress/caftan will be all I need – and my much loved white sneakers. Planning ahead for a special event is exhausting, I won’t lead you astray, but deviating into these minor unimportant decisions is fun and makes for a welcome detour. These will be my summer earrings of choice, I can feel it already.

I like the fine versions, the misshapen hoops that twist or cross and those with a pearl or a jewel to create more interest. Then I saw these – aren’t they gorgeous – but maybe more for the evening before?

It’s the finesse of the dainty with a hard hit of style. xv

Loop, Hoops And A Whole Lot Of Whimsy

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Teddee Grace

And circle pins too! Oh, my goodness. How long ago was that? I, unfortunately, think I have not kept any.


I wish I had kept so many things Teddee… but…in my haste, they disappeared. I am so much more cautious now…


like the Erdem hoops very much and imagine that they suit well to your long grey hair.
In combi with a silk kaftan which the bordeaux and pink colour is in it will be the perfect outfit for your pool party.

Linda B

I am a big fan of hoops, and also a big fan of slightly mismatched earrings, but have no earrings that encompass both! Interesting idea. .n .

Wendy Peat

Only thing is ….we have to watch the weight of these gorgeous earrings pulling our lobe out of shape.
Especially as we get older, I think a stud hoop is so much more flattering, and has the advantage of keeping our lobe youthful!


How funny, I clicked on the link and WOW, up came a magnificent Rolex watch $28,000aud and I thought is Vicki serious😜😂. Realising something was amiss I started again and found a more realistically priced pair of gorgeous hoop ear rings. A chuckle first thing in the morning can only mean one thing – it’s going to be a great day! Hope yours is too Vicki😉

Linda B Kerr

This model seems to be wearing no discernable eye make-up, and she’s lovely. Bravo, I love this natural look. Contingent on great skin perhaps, and some filtering, but STILL a nice change from the darkly made-up eyes.


Oh Vicki, how do you always manage to know what I love? I adore my hoop earrings; I have been wearing a pair that are similar to those worn my Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Sabrina…they complement my facial features and now I wondering where I can get some hoop necklaces! LOVELY!


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