1 Aug 2016

Mac Retro Matte: An Everlasting Red

Mac Retro Matte: An Everlasting Red, on vickiarcher.com

I want an everlasting red.
If I am going to go to the trouble of getting in the game and applying my red lips carefully, they need to last.

The Mac Retro Matte lipstick is amazing.

I mentioned “Fashion Legacy” before but these beauties sold out very quickly. They are back.

I finally have a Fashion Legacy to play with.

The Retro Matte is a lipstick in gloss form and application, so super easy to apply, and dries like a matte, matte lipstick but without the dry feeling. The colour is perfect.

Fashion Legacy is a really feel good red; the best ever pick me up.

I have never really worked out why but a new lipstick and especially a great red is the most exhilarating buy of all.

And the retro matte passed the eating and drinking “test” with flying colours.

How can there ever be too many red lipsticks?

It’s Monday, I want to start out bright. xv

Mac Retro Matte: An Everlasting Red

mac retro matte in fashion legacy

image delpozo pre-fall 2016 by javier tomas biosca

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I love Mac products but the seriously red lipsticks do me no favors :)
My fave is more of a coral. I cannot remember the names of any of them LOL

Anita Rivera

Absolutely gorgeous, Vicki! This is making me excited now, for my fall line-up of accessories for a new school year. Red is going to be one of them of course for my lips, but maybe even a scarf this year. OR SHOES!

Enjoy your day. Did you get my email with two photos?


They are good.. and I do chop and change with other brands… but always have a few going… :)

Linda Boardman Kerr

I have always wanted to carry off the look of my grade-school French teacher: impeccably dressed (a very FEW perfect dresses), great hair, and the only make-up was bright red lips. I have tried to emulate this look but can not, so far, find a shade of red that looks good on me. Now that my hair is starting to “self-frost” I am leaning towards cool lip colors. I will continue my quest for a cool-toned red, this time at the MAC counter. Thanks for all your inspiration!


I think it is a cool red… and I think the best have a touch of “blue” in them… works well with our hair colour scheme.. :)


Had a lovely time at Le Bon Marche consulting the experts at the Chanel, Dior and YSL counters. Bought at least one red lipstick from each – all brilliant and all different. Plus they heaped my bags with fabulous complimentary samples – skincare and perfumes. Utter bliss. Now back home I love all three red lipsticks they selected for me. Best wishes, Pamela


I simply cannot resist any red with blue undertones! However, the drying effects of lipstick have become a problem. Any insight on how to prevent this?


More and more lip salve… I am lucky I don’t find the lipsticks I use too drying… but I do try and moisturise in between, when I can.


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