14 Mar 2017

Made Up, Out The Door And Ready To Go In 5

Made Up, Out The Door And Ready To Go In 5 on vickiarcher.com

We would all like to be Made UP and ready to go in 5.
As much as we talk about spending time and taking time when it comes to the practicalities of day to day it is useful to whizz through them at the speed of light. I don’t for a moment think it took fashion photographer, Tim Walker and his team minutes to make up and stage the fabulous Helena Bonham Carter ;)

Feeling fabulous and understanding our personal style does take investment on many levels but looking, ready-to-go can be something we learn to master very quickly.

I need a certain level of “maintenance” to make this happen. What I am alluding to are particular states of the body, skin and hair care that are a given and that make getting out the door in a reasonable state all the easier. Pedicures, manicures and waxing are a regular if annoying fact of life; haircuts and blow-dries are the one thing I never go without. I have escaped “colour prison” but don’t for one moment think I have banished the hair salon from my life.

We had some good chat on Instagram the other day about hair length and colour and the whole “going grey” chat and I want to write about that soon. It is always a topic I love feedback on.

If these particular “bits” are regularly cared for then my, out-the-door-and-ready-to-go routine is a no brainer.


Made Up, Out The Door And Ready To Go

My make up routine is divided into 3; face, eyes, lips and cheeks. I spend a little more time on the face and the eyes and less on the rest.

Use a minimal amount of product. I might switch from brand to brand and change shades but the amount of products stays about the same.

For the Face

3 Products: Primer, Foundation and Powder.

What varies is the type of foundation and powder, depending on the time of day and occasion.

For the Eyes

3 Products: Mascara, Eyelash Curler and Eyebrow Gel.

A day to day approach that is fast and easy. A good mascara and a defined eyebrow is enough to open the eyes and remove that “bald” undressed look.

For the Lips and Cheeks

2 Products:  Lipstick and Lip Pencil.

When I am in a hurry lipstick colours the lip and cheeks making sure the face tones are in sync. Nothing looks worse than an orange tinge blush with a pink lipstick or vice versa. When I wear a strong shade on the lips, I use sparingly and dab a touch of colour on my cheekbones.

This is the made up, out the door and ready to go routine it’s not sufficient for a fashion shoot, a gala or even date night on the town. It does work beautifully for the everyday though.

What these simple steps will do is save time when you need it and make you feel well groomed and put together. All you need are your favourite products, an excellent mirror and a few minutes.

If the hair is done and the face given the speedy make-up then we can take on anything and worry about the rest later.

Sometimes small solutions can make the world of difference. xv


What Gets Me Out The Door In 5

tom ford illuminating primer  ||  giorgio armani cc cream  ||  laura mercier translucent powder

charlotte tilbury legendary lashes  ||  eyeko tinted brow gel  ||  shiseido eyelash curler

go nude

charlotte tilbury cheat ‘pillowtalk lip pencil   ||  burberry ‘nude’ full kisses lipstick


charlotte tilbury ‘crazy in love’ kiss and tell lip pencil || kevin aucoin ‘eternal’ matte lip colour

image helena bonham carter by tim walker for vogue

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Taste of France

I can’t do it in five but I can do it in 15 minutes–shower, dress, makeup. Even drying/styling my hair if need be. Faster than my husband.
I don’t do the fancy maintenance stuff when I’m in a rush. And it isn’t for every day, anyway, but once a week, for example.

Bette Bearden Pardee

I think we girls would all agree that if we have the “little things” in order (and our visage is not such a little thing) we’re in much better shape to take on the “big things.” That peace of mind is worth 5 minutes in the morning… and practicing ’til we can get it down to 5 minutes.
Thank you again for reading our minds as to the importance of keeping an eye on the details of life.

Mimi Gregor

Maintenance is to one’s appearance as mis en plàce is to cooking. If you keep up with your hair cuts and color, wash and style your hair regularly, and give your face and body whatever attention they need, then getting ready quickly is not an issue. It’s all about the prep work.


Five minutes would be wonderful. It’s a great theory; however, my reality is that it takes almost 3-4 minutes just for my brows as they are practically nonexistent. LOL

Trish Murphy

Great tips as always Vicki. A good mirror is a must
and I can’t leave without brows mascara and lippy.
I am going to try the Giorgio Armani foundation and see how it goes. X Trish

Anita Rivera

Another excellent topic and “go-to” list of tips for looking our best. I am always “on the go!” And I also look forward to a post on the topic we discussed the other day, about growing out your hair! Thank you, Vicki (and BTW, that is such a stunning photo!)

CINDY hattersley

I can’t do it in five but 15 for sure. I am trying to avoid powder due to the wrinkles I have acquired in my 62 years and too much sun! I can’t wait to read your post on gray hair. I went gray several years ago and never looked back!


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