16 Jun 2016

What Makes Me Holiday Happy


What makes me holiday happy?

The answer is simple.

It is the warmth of the sun, the vibrancy of colour, the joy of relaxation and a re-work of fashion.


I will be so ready for the caftan and casual vibe. As much as I love the all black, revel in the tailored and repeat the classics, I cannot wait to go free, wear the loose and channel my inner bohemian.

That woman is there and ready to come out of hiding.




What’s the one thing missing? The answer is the perfect pair of sandals.

Summer and holidays switch my fashion mindset.

I am more open, slightly more adventurous and definitely more colourful. As my mood changes so does my clothing and my footwear. Dresses re-appear and my shoes are more playful, more open.

This season I am lacing up, not exactly Roman style but in the ROMANFLAT.

I like laces with flats, with wedges, with sandals; laces give a shoe definition and style, even the simplest sandal pretties up with a leather twist or two wound around the ankle. The sandals I am going to wear are the Stuart Weitzman pair in blue suede; the prettiest blue to remind me of the sea even when I am far away. I will wear them with caftans, with dresses and even with the old “boyfriends”.

I am no gladiator but I will be lacing up ;) xv


What Makes Me Holiday Happy

ROMANFLAT blue suede  ||  ROMANFLAT brown suede  ||  ROMANFLAT black suede

add a little height

ROMANESQUE blue denim  ||  ROMANESQUE brown suede


vogue paris april 2008 dans le vent, photographers : inez van lamsweerde & vinoodh matadin fashion editor

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Anita Rivera

You said it Vicki; the sun. The colors. The relaxation and re-fashioning of EVERYTHING, and I mean, everything from cleaning out my closets and planning on a new wardrobe, to getting a new pair of jeans, whatever. LIGHT and especially that of spring and summer is my soul food. BE HAPPY! Anita


You too! Next week I am re-arranging everything… Sandals and dresses to the fore :)

Mimi Gregor

If you love color, there is no reason not to wear it year-round — even if it is only in accent pieces — just as there is no reason to wear color just because it is summer. If it makes you feel good — wear it. Personally, I tend to wear black year-round. This year, however, I have introduced little touches of color in my tops. Fashion is evolutionary, I find. If your style remains completely stagnant, you end up like one of those old ladies you occasionally see who still wear heavily sprayed bouffant hairdos and clothes that remind one of the 50’s. Without irony.


Very true but for some reason, Mimi I do have a split personality when it comes to colour and the seasons. It could have something to do with life in a big city and the contrast I feel when I get away and into a more “colourful” environment…
I still wear black but much less so than in the winter and there is nothing that makes me feel more in holiday mode than a caftan and sandals!
I’m ready… :)


I love the sandals ! Now that I live in a Southern warm climate … I am getting more adventurous with color , easing away from just wearing black or black and white all the time lol

Our French Oasis

The sun, sandals, shorts a t shirt and painted toenails, perfect holiday attire. The weather is brilliant sunshine here in the Charente Maritime today with clear blue skies, a nice change after all the rain!


Living in California, where we have lots of sun, there is still a less structured “vibe” to my summer dress. The colors, bright, or all white, everything is more relaxed in summer. Truth be told, I am an autumn girl, and thrive in the fall. That’s when I truly come into my own as far as fashion. But there is a certain joy in relishing the seasons with how we dress, and eat. It is part of the natural rhythm of our lives which We cherish.


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