7 Oct 2015

Mary Janes: No Longer Old Lady Shoes

mary jane shoes from dolce & gabbana, vickiarcher.com

Mary Jane shoes are back and big time this season.

They are no longer for dear little old ladies and adorable children.

I have always loved the Mary Jane style and insisted on dressing my daughters in a pair when they were little. All they probably wanted was a pair of colourful sneakers but me being me, did find a time and a place for the Mary Jane shoes.  I think I still have their first pairs packed away somewhere; mothers and their memories.

This autumn and winter, Mary Jane shoes are featuring in every colour and every texture. They are plain and embellished; they are flat, with thin heels or stacked. The toes are round or pointed; take your pick.

The only sure thing in the shoe department is the strap across the ankle.

I have just taken an extravagant leap and found myself a pair of beautiful Mary Jane shoes.

Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and in my case it invariably revolves around footwear.

Nothing has ever changed with me.

I will wear the same dress repeatedly, the same jacket year in and year out but shoes, shoes are my very weakness.

And did I mention?

The strap makes all the difference to shoe comfort, especially when wearing a Mary Jane with a heel. It has something to do with the support across the foot. There is an excuse if ever you heard one. *wink*

I must confess, the Mary Jane has got me. xv

Mary Janes Makes All The Difference

***louise et cie mary jane  //  ***jeffrey campbell mirabella  //  sjp phoebe mary jane

sparkle in mary janes

***kate spade angelique  //  dolce & gabbana embellished mary jane  //  ***dolce &gabbana velvet mary jane

image dolce & gabbana

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Mimi Gregor

Huh. I didn’t realize that it was the strap alone that made them “Mary Janes”, as I wore a pair last night (backless, suede, pointy-toed, high-heeled Ferragamos). You’re right; the strap does make them more comfortable and stay on the foot better.


Mimi, the strap allows me at least an extra couple of centimetres heel hight and an extra couple of hours comfort!
It all counts when it comes to shoes… ;)


Vicki, the strap does make a total difference. When I was a teen ( let’s not dwell on how long ago that really was) Mary Janes with heels were in, and I wore mine day in day out. Always feeling very au courant. I’m off to find my next pair, grown up shoes with great style.

Cathy C

Hi Vicki,
Did you ever see the “Sex and the City” episode in which Carrie gets to go into the “closet” at Vogue and finds the Manolo Mary Janes? She thought they were an urban shoe legend. ; )
Glad you know better. I have loved them for years. A bit tough to fit with a higher arch but worth looking for. Maybe the burgundy D & G at Saks? So pretty.


Heaven … as was that episode of Sex and The City… and I still love the fashion combinations from that series… the unexpected pairings of fashion stylist, Patricia Field were incredible and so original at that time …


OK, so I always thought “Mary Janes” were low-heeled & round-toed, with a strap. But like Mimi, I didn’t realize it was the strap that made the shoe. And to my shock, I realized I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair! Just spent a few minutes checking out some of those Dolce & Gabbana beauties and, oh my goodness. I don’t know what was more terrifying: the prices (in Canadian dollars!) or the fact I can actually almost see myself spending more than I paid for my first car on a pair of shoes I have nothing to either wear *with* or *to*. Yeah, I can be a tad irrational when it comes to shoes, too.


Vicki I do love “Mary Jane’s” they can be very chic and stylish!
Would love to see a pick of you in yours!!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Lee Bowers


I have always loved Mary Janes and my mother had me wear them as a little girl. I don’t think I’ve worn them since. I love what you have picked out!!!

Did you see those sweet pink ones for babies on the Saks page? So cute!


I have a pair of black quilted leather Mary Janes from Argentina, that I wear just about all the time, if I am not wearing boots :)

Patricia Jeffries

I just know that you Vicki Archer belong in those shoes!! They are splendid! Looking forward to one of your candle love fests soon! It’s getting to be that time here of year here in the mid-Atlantic USA.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, D&G absolutely beautiful, would be nice to have just one pair. I must confess I have not worn this style since the 70’s I am paranoid about how ankles look in particular styles. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.

Anita Rivera

How did I miss THIS? Love these types of shoes and I’ll never outgrow them!

Susie Martin

Oh Vicki – I still have my daughters first pair of shoes, red Mary Janes! – Startrites of course. We then progressed to navy and then on to brown for school – Ha! Yes Mothers and memories. Love these stunning grown up ones you have fallen for.

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I saw those shoes, thought of posting about them, then didn’t. So, I AM DELIGHTED YOU DID IT.
They are simply splendid in the most modern, elegant way possible. Just so creative, thos 2 Italians.
Sending love….


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