21 Mar 2019

Masterclass: Moving Through The Seasons


Midseason manoeuvres are challenging.

Not only the physical – finding the momentum to get ourselves out and about after a winter hiatus – but the dressing. The whole ‘what to wear’ when we don’t know what we are facing outside is one conundrum and the other is boredom. By about now on the calendar, most of my clothing is feeling over worn and extremely tired. I call it midseason maudlin.

I am exaggerating a bit but sometimes getting dressed can be less than simple and I prefer an easy no-stress approach to get ready. In the depths of winter, the choices speak for themselves and in high summer it’s light and comfy all the way. Throw us in the middle and there are so many variables. I like making decisions but I don’t like wasting time. Not knowing what to wear is a serious time-waster.

There are pieces that never fail for between seasons.

Certain outfits cover the middle ground effortlessly. I favour pants and a blouse because then my only uncertainty is which jacket I need to add. Those days when it’s too hot for a sweater and too cold for our perfect white tee, a blouse hangs perfectly in the middle.

I wear a dress in preference to a skirt because they require less co-ordinating and again all I need to work on is the coat shape. Getting the style can be a challenge for all of the same reasons so often I opt for a sweater or a shirt style dress.

Some of us stick to jeans. Jeans, white or blue, are ideal partners if they suit our lifestyle.

There is one common denominator for me when it comes to midseason dressing.

Which coat? What jacket? What will work with my tailored pants, my jeans or my dress? I want a coat that is not too hot, yet warm enough. A jacket that looks smart despite what is underneath and one that is practical and has some edge to it.

I want my leather jacket. Full stop.

The leather jacket is the one I choose all the time between seasons.

And it works.

It’s having a bit of a revival, it seemed to fall by the wayside for a bit, not that a biker style ever lost traction. I did ignore mine though.

Moving through the seasons, slowly but surely. xv

The Answer to Midseason Madness

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Michelle à Détroit

My Easter egg colored cashmere sweaters come out at this time of year. They keep me warm, but add a spring mood. They also layer well under thinner coats or jackets as they are not bulky. I wear them with everything.


My preference at this time of year is dresses. They always look nice and hide the less than perfect parts. Currently obsessed with a pastel blue wool moto jacket from Banana Republic. It pairs equally well with pants or dresses.

Ms. Liz

I just purchased a denim shirt dress today for my spring “pick me up”. I too am fed up with winter wear and want something that is easy to style and goes well under a coat or jacket.


Oh yes…this in between season requires a lot of thought and then just doing it elegantly! It’s no longer cold but it’s still not warm enough here to just go out in a tee; a good and fashionable jacket as opposed to my parka would be good, but my dilemma is I have no such jacket! Hmmm…food for thought here, Vicki!


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