7 Mar 2011

Mc Queen For A Future Queen

Rumour has it that Catherine Middleton has chosen to wear a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen designed wedding dress when she marries Prince William on the 29th April this year.


I think it is an inspired choice of British designer…Burton who was by McQueen’s side for fourteen years has remained true to his creative spirit while at the same time adding her own feminine influence.


What do you think? Good choice of designer? xv

image of sarah burton gown from her first solo collection 

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I cannot imagine her choosing anything but stylish!
Although I am not in love with the dress above, a little too feathery….
; )


Oh my – after leaving my previous note,
I clicked through to find my little
collage featured on your daily click .. . .
many thanks, Miss Vicki !


The Devoted Classicist

Catherine Middleton had to pick a British designer, preferably a female, so I think her choice will be a good one. I still haven't warmed up to those Fascinators, though.

La Maison Fou

No doubt another truly inspiring and memorable dress. This one is full of sass and a bit of whimsical fanfare! I myself love it! good girls, she should definately do her best to be herself and i love the choice. Talk about McQueens ultimate creation!
RIP, and cannot wait for the unveiing!

Cloud of Secrets

Oh my goodness — is this the actual dress design? Uhm…bold! I have no problem with the choice of designer, but the dress in this picture is a bit much, IMO, and it's going to leave feathers all along the carpet… Hmm. I'm going to have to look into this. I hope Kate's going to have her own individual design made.


I think the choice of designer is fantastic, not what I would have imagined at all but somehow it fits perfectly :-)

Jem xXx


Well, of course, she had to chose someone British, so this is a brilliant choice. The gown above is so spectacular & beautiful, but for Kate I'm sure her's will be more sedate. I cannot wait to see EVERYTHING. For that one moment in time the entire world will be British, ever us Texans. xx's


Excellent choice I think.
I doubt the design will be OTT.
In any event Catherine will look beautiful.


Here in the UK the rumour mill abounds!! Denials all round….maybe true maybe not!!
Our newspapers love making claims about the Royals. Ida

Renée Finberg

i think this is a brilliant choice.
i hope the dress is as wild as the dress in your post.
wouldn't that be beyond fabulous??
she should….
make her wedding a real fairytale atmosphere.
lord knows we need one.

A Gift Wrapped Life

It will be one of those all-nighter again as we stay up all night just to see her dress. When Diana got married, my sister and I did a ply-byplay on the phone fo hours……..seems silly now but bet I will do it again! XO
Chat Tuesday?

Scrappy Grams

Being neither a Brit nor a fashion hound, still I would expect the beautiful bride would choose something not quite so flamboyant as this dress.

Beadboard UpCountry

If it is true, how fun is that!!!!!!The more I learn about her, I think she is a breath of fresh air for the whole royal family and country. I agree whatever she picks it will be over the top!!!!!!Maryanne xo


Though this is not confirmed yet, Sarah Burton has said she is not designing the dress. BUT, I think Miss Middleton must choose a British designer and this is a very bold choice, if she does!

The enchanted home

I think he will be genius and rise to the occasion to create the ultimate concoction that will combine whimsy,beauty and elegance. He has a beautiful muse as inspiration and I am confident he will not disappoint!

La Belette Rouge

I hope that whatever dress she chooses that she loves and that it won't be for political reasons. I hope the choice is hers alone. And I hope that she feels a princess in it. Ooh, I suppose no matter the dress that she will feel a princess in it.;-)


I sure hope her dress doesn't look like those two pictures or she'll look like Big Bird!


I think choosing an Alexander McQueen dress would definitely be staking a claim as her own woman who is modern and very well aware of fashion. Gives me hope that she will definitely live up to Diana's image yet blaze her own trail.


Grand choice…I will be in UK from 20th until April 2. alas no invitation to royal wedding. awwww darn! Thanks vicki will look at your wedding site. xx peggybraswelldesign.com


Hi Vicki, I love the little red dress–yes, we can't go shopping for our gorgeous little girls who are now women –but I do have three little grand daughters in the wings. Thanks for the photo and the memories. As per a Sarah Burton/ Alexander McQueen wedding dress–YES! And I know that it will be tasteful, perfect and amazing. Have a super week. Mary

à la parisienne

No matter what Catherine chooses, it will be the new rage after the royal wedding-no doubt.
I am anxious to see all of the royal details-a fairytale in the making.


Hope Ava

Oh yes! I love the new McQueen designs…like you say, such wonderful femininity! I think Kate would pull that off beautifully.


No matter who designs the dress, I am sure it will be custom (and traditionally) kept a secret till the wedding day….and not something off the runway. So, no, the feather dress will not be it.


I would love Catherine M. to do away with that rigid & unforgiving Duchess satin the European royal brides seem to favour these days. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she chose something brave & totally OTT. That would throw a cat amongst those fusty musty Pommie royals!
Millie x
P.S. MOTH's been camped out at our letter box for the past 2 weeks waiting for the Postie to deliver his invitation to the royal nuptials. I just don't have the heart yet to break the bad news to him. He may a legend in his own lunchtime via an occasional appearance on The Hedge, but I think he's punching above his weight expecting a nod from the Palace.


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