11 May 2010

Meet Apache



He is the newest member of our family. This ‘little’ Mastiff is three months old and he already weighs 23 kgs.


His father weighs in excess of 100 kgs and his mother 80 something kilos…. Apache won’t be my ‘baby’ for long. 

Puppiness is so cute while it lasts. xv

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La Belette Rouge

Sooooooooo cute!!! OMG! And Apache's coat is gorgeous. It looks like a camel cashmere coat.
Enjoy puppyhood! Take lots of pictures as the time goes so fast and you'll want lots of reminders of how small your baby used to be.


Vicki – what a gorgeous (big) bundle of fun – I think I can already spot a mischievous glint in his eye…you are going to be one busy Mum!…..x


I just happened to stumble upon you blog today. Seeing the pics of your Mastiff brought back so many funny memories. We have had dogs our entire marriage, 34 years but our mastiff stoled our hearts like no other.
We were blessed with our English mastiff Isabella Natasha meaning Beautiful Christmas; she was a Christmas gift to me from my mom before she passed away. Isabella’s life was a short four years and I have to tell you she was worth a life time of joy.
Have a great day and enjoy. There is nothing like the love of a dog. Becky ;~)

PS. I’ll be back to see pics of him.


Oh my goodness, your 'little' fella is just adorable! Look at that face! I'm a sucker for puppies at the best of times, but your Apache is seriously gorgeous. Our labrador Darcy is such a huge part of our lives, our family just wouldn't be the same without him. Enjoy your new baby Vicki. K xx


He is adorable! Puppy's are the best! I was just about to post a pic of our puupy today:) BTW – your gardens in the background look wonderful and green!

Paul C

Cute 'pup.' I also admire your garden and countryside- beautiful territory. My daughter just got a Yorkshire terrier this weekend and the family already wants to take turns babysitting.

A Gift Wrapped Life

He is a majestic beauty! You are so lucky to have a puppy…..and all the devotion that comes with them. I am sure you have already fallen in love madly. Enjoy, enjoy! XO


Awww…. he may be big but he is absolutely adorable!! What a sweet worried face he has. Congratulations and Good Luck! May he be a member of your family for many many years! :-)


Oh he is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E….how will you do it with all of the treasures in your home? You must have an area just for him. My friend's mastiff pup has had busy teeth….enjoy his puppyhood!


A very warm welcome to Apache -what a handsome boy he is! Glad though that it's s stick he's chewing on Vicki, not your favourite pair of Repetto's.
Millie ^_^
P.S. MOTH needs to get his hearing checked, as I said to him on the phone from Darwin this morning 'Vicki A.'s posted on her new puppy this morning, he's so cute!' And the reply came 'What was wrong with the old one?'. He had heard hubby, not puppy!!

Simply Luxurious

Congratulations on the new addition to you family! He is adorable! Can't help but love dogs – they are like family. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Oh, he's is cute. Well cute is maybe not the right word, but these pictures are so lovely. My dog died last year and i still miss him. So when i see puppies?Adorable. xx


Just precious Vicki! My eyes were going back and forth between Apache and your lovely grounds. What a perfect romping spot for your new baby. I'll be looking forward to more photos of your new boy!

Fabulously french

He is so cute. I am allowed a puppy when we have a house with a garden hence once this one is finished we will start looking for a maison with a jardin :-)

A bientot,

Leeann x

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Gaaaaaah! So cute! I'm a big fan of all things fuzzy (especially dogs and goats)!

I saw your comment over at My Melange, and I had to come over and tell you how much I enjoy your book; I won it thru My Melange years ago (has it been that long?!) and still flip through it while mentally envisioning a jaunt to the south of France — not *too* far from the south of Italy where I am, and even better my sister-in-law lives in Puget sur Argens :)

the paris apartment

Oh my God. He is incredible. Just one more thing to love about your gorgeous French Life! And by the by, the yard is pretty snazzy too!
I'm here… are you coming to Paris anytime soon?


He is heavenly.. Oh I would love a Mastiff, but I hardly have the room for my crazy Border Collie cross! He just looks so scrumptious and cuddly, enjoy him!
:) Flick

Vicki Lane

I almost cried when I saw the picture! It could have been Arabella – one of the mastiffs that once enriched our life with love and drooling. Such charming personalities! A[ache is gorgeous!


Hi Vicki–I love puppies, dogs, cats, sheep (a little smelly) parrots, etc. But Mastiffs are truly a breed unto themselves–so loyal, patient and hungry.
I can only imagine what this big boy eats. Jones (big but light) needed lots of vegetables with his food as a puppy–who knew that dogs needed vegetable? Have a wonderful time with him, I can just imagine him trapsing (sp?) along after you on the farm. Happy Spring!!


I've forwarded your pics of Apache to several friends .. .
know they'd need his pure puppy adorableness as much as I did this morning!


24 Corners

Now that's a puppy!!! What a handsome *little* boy…great name too…love love love! Can't wait to see more pic's as he grows up.

xo J

Linda in AZ *

*** Suuuuch a P R E C I O U S love-bug… to the MAX!!! (I'm SOOOOOO in love w/ that incredibly sweeet face!!!… KNOW our Belle would be too!!!)….

… I just can't IMAGINE life withOUT a four-legger in the house, even IF the bed DOES get a little "crowded"!!!


Congrats to the entire family!!!

Linda in AZ


Awwww so so so cute and lovable! I fell in love with my first mastif at a little Italian restaurant on W38 St. in NYC 2 years ago. She stays "home" now but she was sweet always. You have the perfect place for a large animal to live in happily in nature. Good luck! Puppydom like babydom, goes too quickly.

*The Beautiful Life*

Just look at the size of those paws! He will grow into them very quickly! I have often wished we could own a Mastiff — it is a bit too warm here in Florida for them, though.

Please keep the pictures coming! We'd all love to watch Apache grow up! :)

Have fun!!



Oh Vicki,
What a loveable puppy. He is wonderful and will be a perfect addition to your family.
Enjoy the puppy stage, as it's so lovely and has such funny moments as well. I think that we will be seeing many more wonderful images of Apache in the future !!!! XXXX


oh my goodness! so unbelievably adorable! especially the last — such a charming expression

Roses, Lace and Brocante

Oh Vicky
Apache is adorable!

Is this part of "Empty Nesters" syndrome as I am desperate to get my own dog now too!

As we live in a townhouse with confined garden area I'm being super selective.

My heart is set on a Lakeland terrier with the black saddle on his back, but I'm told he will be very boisterous in the first 5 years!!

My daughter got her Jack Russell when she was living in Paris and carried her everywhere in her handbag – only in Paris!
Roxy celebrated her 10th birthday party last month with pink cup cakes and they all live in the country now.

Thank you for sharing.

Patti Friday

He is the most adorable cuddle bunny ever! I want to lay down and snuggle into his body and smell his puppy breath and tickle his soft ears….oh how I love this puppy! Snuggle while you can! Then all that will be left is the wrestling and wet kisses. PFxo

The Pink Poodle

dear Vicki…how totally cuddly scrumptious is HE??

although as you say, maybe not for too long..

Unlike my little toy poodle SOOTY who weighs in at a mere 4kgs..!! (when NOT clipped…lighter when a RAT like creature!!)..

ps…totally agree with your last post re mother's/sons etc….my youngest has just turned 21 as well…
BUT I will NEVER stop worrying about both my boys being on the road driving…especially as MR C drives to Mt Bulla every weekend during snow season…WHICH unfortunately FOR ME (not him) is rapidly approaching!!

xx andrea


How gorgeous and cute he is.. and also how gorgeous your grounds are!! magnificent!

thank you so much for the birthday wishes too… they all made my day quite special.. xx Julie


I can see all ready that he is going to add a whole new dimension to your life Vicki. I foresee long walks and a happy dog owner :)



I'm such a sucker for a cute puppy. I even love puppy breath! But V, have you looked at those HUGE paws? OMG, glad you live in the wide open spaces for this guy to roam and prance!

mimi charmante

j'adore mastiffs! quand j'etais jeune, j'ai eu un ami qui a eu neuf mastifs!
(sheesh – that was tiring, and most likely not even correct…)
he is darling!


Puppy = cute
Scenery = gorgeous

Cute puppy is goung to enjoy running around gorgeous scenery.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Congratulations on your newest family member – he looks huge! I'm sure he will be very protective of you and your family. p.s. already now I think he would give our little Miss Molly puppy a fright :)


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