9 Jul 2019

Millefiori Collection

Millfiori Collection on vickiarcher.com

Falling in love strikes when we least expect.

I have a habit of forming crushes, especially when it comes to collections and my newest offering is a serious one.

The Millefiori Collection is true love.

A couple of Venetian winters ago wandering this shimmering city, I rekindled my affection with glass. The depth, the clarity, the shimmer and in the Venetian case, the workmanship. Venice, like so many beautiful European cities, has turned to touristic interpretations of their artisanal creations. New Murano glass, while in some cases lovely, is not a shade on the old stuff. Modern designers are re-interpreting traditional methods and some of the glassware is magical but it’s few and far between.

My “eye” is always on the lookout for a fabulous find.

It has been that way forever and I am the eternal optimist when it comes to believing in treasure.

I found it.

A small collection of truly beautiful, late 20th Century paperweights, were hiding in a window far off the beaten track. I saw them, I went in and there started a friendship with someone who has a passion for glass as much as me.

It has taken several visits to Venice to put together this collection.

They are all individual paperweights but some have an obvious pair; 19, 20 and 21 are almost identical but their differences make them the perfect trio of companions.

As for which ones together, where to put them, who to give them?

I’ll be on Live Chat later today so we can talk all that through.

Falling in love was never so easy. Millefiori, a thousand flowers, are heartbreakers. xv

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Love them all! I have collected paperweights for years when I travel and each one a special reminder of a wonderful time or place. I have them clustered in a display on an antique table. My little Granddaughter loves them and gently rearranges them sometimes. She recently asked me “Are these the memories of your dreams?”
Yes! I suppose they are!


I love that Deb! And arranging and re-arranging is the best… she obviously has your eye ::)


Hello Vicki! What a place. What legacy of art, empire, influence, and chic. GORGEOUS!


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