28 Mar 2020

Mixing & Matching With Everlane

I have made a discovery.

With time on my mind and time on my hands, I’ve found a new brand (for me) that is super, super cute. Seriously. You probably know Everlane but I have never tried their pieces before. Something I have observed about me these last few weeks is I am a creature of habit; fashion is no different. I stick with my tried and true and don’t venture far away.

I wanted some fresh pieces to take me into springtime and release me from my black winter obsession. Lighter weight and lighter shades are what I’m feeling right now. Our moods need all the lifting they can get and what we wear – even at home – makes such a difference. Yes, there are days when the yoga gear stays on but there are others too.

Choosing a “capsule” to mix and match was what I decided to try.

Blouses and pants are my go-to; they work for me. Instead of a grey, cream or black, which I am prone to wear, I went brave with the prettiest “hemp” yellow in a relaxed style silk blouse. It’s a slightly muddy shade of yellow with a touch of acid that makes it perfect with my hair. It’s a shade as a blond I could never wear; I love it.

Feeling less formal? I found a ruched style blouse in the cutest toffee plaid to mix & match with my other pieces.

The pants – I am less brave – still in the darker zone but that works best for me. Trying a higher waist with the blouse tucked in felt comfortable and with a lighter drape trench thrown over the top, I can be ready for anywhere. I threw on mules in these shots but then decided on the trainers when I ventured out for our early morning walk.


The trainers are my new favourites.

I chose a grey/pine combination so I could wear them not only with my pants and silk shirt combo but also with leggings and a ribbed tee. Staying in the yoga kit is fine if I am covered up with the trench. Our favourite house in Notting Hill, deserted by the traditional photographers, seemed the ideal place to snap this outfit to show you. The pair of blossom trees are incredible and probably some of the most beautiful in London.


Ok truth time.

The bike is all show – I saw the yellow handlebars and couldn’t resist. Bikes and I have never been pals; I can ride, but it’s not a good idea. The Everlane pieces, on the other hand, are going to become much-loved essentials in my wardrobe.

This “little mix & match” capsule is about to grow. xv

p.s one thing i really appreciated about these everlane pieces is their fit – true to size – no returning anything, which at the moment is not easy.

Everlane: Mix & Match

the clean silk relaxed shirt ||  the pleated chino  ||  the drape trench  ||  the perform legging ||  the day loafer mule  ||  the trainer

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Thank you Everlane for partnering with, Mixing & Matching With Everlane.  

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Deborah. Peterson Milne

Vicki, absolutely no one makes being sheltered at home look more chic than you do. So glad you are posting & inspiring per usual.

Stay well xx


Thanks Deb… I have to stay busy, keep moving and maintain my equilibrium… I think this may be with us for some time … look after you X


Gorgeous Vicki! Again, those pants and the jacket AND THE SHOES! OH my, you found a new style for ME! I adore the look of the shoes as their long look work with the long jacket, lengthening every part of your style. I have no where to go since school will be online, but you are giving me ideas for the future. And look at London; isn’t it amazing that in the middle of the gnawing enemy we are all fighting together, that the trees still bloom pink and the flowers of the earth still rise?


Next week, Anita.. I am going to dress up everyday.. and see if I feel any different. I have been dressing spasmodically .. a bit here and there… one day “very relaxed” the next like these pics… Even if I wave to my neighbour… I’ve decided it’s what I’m doing. The hair is another issue… it grows so fast I may have to take to the sheers myslef .. LOL …

connie hobbs

Love Everlane! Always my go to and actually have been becoming my uniform. My fav is the long and short sleeve linen shirts, have all in every color!! Have to try the chinos though, thanks Vicki! Keep well ❤️


They are the best Connie… and the tees with a bit of stretch, cap sleeve and rib… so good for exercise or dressing up … Look after you

Linda B

I am so glad that you’ve discovered Everlane! I have been shopping their wonderful pieces for at least four years, maybe five, and in that time, Everlane clothing and shoes have become the foundation of my wardrobe. They have quality pieces at a reasonable price, and I love that they make their wares in factories that are monitored for safe, good working conditions. At this point, hardly a day goes by that I am not dressed at least partly in Everlane clothing. At the moment, I am awaiting a new pair of jeans that I ordered a few weeks ago. (Usually they ship rather efficiently, but everything is wonky at the moment.)

I was excited when I saw you with he bike too. . .as cycling is one of my loves. But honestly, it is a bit hard to do now. I can ride with my husband, but not with friends as we have done regularly for 20+ years. . .And the dedicated bikeways are not really conducive to proper social distancing, so we are riding on the road. At least traffic is way down. . . .


I cannot believe these are my first pieces from them, Linda! The pants are fantastic and I don’t fine pants so easy.. longer legs and short waist and a bit of a bum.. make it difficult ;) Cycling and I go way back… me mostly falling off or riding with a death wish.. now I’m just a poser with a bike… ha ha… enjoy your rides… roads are dead here… Maybe now is the time I should try again 🙀


I’ve never tried Everlane because the reviews are all over the place. Some say true to size, others say size down or size up. Having no store nearby to try on their clothes, I’ve passed. I do hear good things about their quality though.
Can I make a suggestion? Your pant length is off. They are too short for regular and too long for cropped. A tailor could fix that easily. 😉


I found the pieces I have are true to size for me… not skintight but a good fit. If you like things super fit, maybe go down one. :)


I’m just thinking the pants are Not at the right height for your shoes. They should be cut higher above the ankle to look cropped. Check out 9to5chick for the percent leg length to look up to date, to look sexy, and updated.


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