15 Nov 2017

Morning Beauty Routine: It’s All In The KISS

Morning Beauty on vickiarcher.com

Not that kind of kiss.

Although it never hurts; the keep-it-simple-stupid kind of morning beauty routine is the one I’m talking about.

Wherever I am, whatever the day I practise the same morning routine and it is a simple one and like cleaning the teeth, I can’t get going without these well-established rituals. I might beauty-up at a different time of the morning but certain routines and products are non-negotiable.

HabitYes, definitely. There is not only a degree of comfort in practising routine but also the obvious benefits reaped from regular skincare.

Necessity? Yes, absolutely, I think so.

With an almost religious fervour I cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturise with cream and a couple of drops of facial oil mixed in.

I have tried to care for my skin ever since I can remember. Life in Australia for fair skin is not friendly and sadly, not all women are blessed like Cate Blanchett. The sun is a double-edged sword for Aussie women.

I change my skincare products regularly, not necessarily the brand but the ranges within. Skin like everything becomes accustomed to the same products and will naturally be less effective over time. I want my skincare routine to be effortless, for the methods to be easy and practical to follow. Right now I am totally in love with the products from Darphin. I not only see the difference but I feel it too.

Once it gets complicated, I am lost and disinterested.

If I could only have one beauty product, I would choose this cleanser. If I could have two, the second would be my latest serum. The older I get, the more I feel these products are essential to my skin’s well being. I don’t believe in miracles and no product can return us to our former glory.

But that’s ok. I don’t need that. What I do want is for my skin to feel smooth, nourished and have the occasional glow.

I am not greedy, the wrinkles can remain as long as they are accompanied with a smile. xv

It’s All In The KISS

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I like Darphin , I used it often in Buenos Aires but here in the States, I generally use basic products .. promising myself that I will find a place to indulge my longing for lotions and potions from far away places :)
I also use products the are not perfumed and full of silly ingredients .. I used Cetaphil and Lubriderm and an occasional fancy product from Chanel.


I love your last statement, “ The wrinkles can remain as long as they are accompanied by a smile.” Refreshing in today’s world of plastic surgery and never ending procedures. We need to love who we are be grateful that we are alive to see the wrinkles of life. My sister was not so lucky.


There’s something to be said for our eyesight declining a little as we get older. Not so awful looking in a mirror as I can’t see so very many of all my wrinkles without my reading glasses. But those magnifying mirrors are truly horrific! So scary! Agree – it’s all about the smile: attitude and inner happiness – acceptance and freedom from anxiety and fear. It’s about being grateful and making the most of what we have. Best wishes, pamela


Vicki, I looked at the Darphin products after you mentioned them in a previous post. They have some lovely products and I took up your recommendation on one of the oils. It’s lovely and I can recommend too!! On their website at the moment are some fabulous offers, so much so I bought some Christmas gifts. One offer in particular gives you a lovely pouch with other products in. It is a really lovely gift. Oils or not, happiness and a smile do shine through wrinkles and lines!!


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