25 Jul 2020

The Mule: You Need To Meet These

You Need To Meet These: the Mule on vickiarcher.com

The Mule, what a strange word for a shoe?
A totally fabulous shoe though. Or are they better known as slides or slip-ons? No, I think “mules” best describes this style of shoe I am thinking about.

If you have been reading for a while you will know I have a passion for this slip-on, backless shoe called the mule. It is comfortable, practical and can have all the personality in the world.

There is one problem with mules?  I cannot choose and want all and every last pair in every colour and design.Yes, many of them are eccentric but that is their charm.

A plain boiler suit or a simple shirt dress and denim jacket can need nothing more than a cute pair of mules.

Not every pair can be Gucci and fortunately, there are many to love and do the same job for a fraction of the price. I do believe in cost per wear and investment fashion but it does not always have to mean a high priced ticket.

As for walking in them? I have no problem and they seem to stay on but I have had a fair bit of practice. I have found the prettiest mules to wear when the sneakers need a break. xv

You Need  To Meet These

valencia mule in any colour  ||  vallerie mule in latte suede  ||  sleek mule if a small heel appeals

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image Photography by Horst P Horst, February 1949, Getty Images

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I adore mules. I find the higher they fit on my foot, the easier time I have keeping them on. They are easy and elegant to me. A tiny heel also keeps them on. xx


I agree 100%, Jennifer… I wear them as my preferred choice when not in trainers :)

Linda B

I love mules too! So comfy and practical; they look great with EVERYTHING in my opinion. My favorite “every day” pair is going to make it through the summer, but that’s about it. Need to look at the new ones!


Mine are much the same, all slightly scruffy so I need a new pair… which is what had me looking… I think the ones I featured are cute and will work with pretty much all too…


Slip ons is the usual name I would give if open toed otherwise, like you, a mule. Had many over the years and adore ones with a slight kitten heel too for added elegance. They are so easy to add with most outfits but probably wear mine with trousers and easy just to slide a foot out for a little breathe of fresh air!!
Love the photo Vicki; very much a 60s image similar to my mother’s elegance or maybe how I perceived her as a child!


Good morning Vicki!

I love mules. I even tried wearing some for a while, but I guess my job and fast-pace gait were not good fits for these lovely shoes! Maybe now in my retirement, I can give them a go!


why are they called mules? I guess …look like hooves from a mule. Very comfy but doesn’t make an elegant leg even with a heel.


We will have to agree to disagree… I think they can look quite fine if the shape is :)


On occasion, I do wear mules. I love being able to kick them off and slip back into them with ease.


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