2 Jun 2013

Weekend Browsing


Sale Time

It would seem that there are good buys to be had on many of the best online sites.

Summer hasn’t really arrived in full force so the timing is right… to find those sweet additions to the wardrobe…

 This weekend I am determined to ‘surf the sales’…

When I shop the sales I need a few ‘how to’ reminders…


How to Shop The Sales 

Don’t buy because it’s reduced… buy because you love it..

Have a plan… be creative but not reckless…

Know your size… Don’t buy the wrong size just because it’s cheaper…

Don’t be afraid to return… buy and try… it’s free these days…

Be decisive… it might not be there tomorrow…


The Best Sales

 Fancy a new bag… Net A Porter

Prefer a pair of shoes… Manolos  Jimmy Choos or Prada

Perhaps jeans…  Nordstrom

or a little dress or two… Nieman Marcus


and if the frenzy of sales is not for you… a little Parisian suspense… Murder Below Montparnasse… with Aimee Leduc… might do the trick…  xv

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Elizabeth Eiffel

Alas the fall in the Aussie $ has clipped my wings when it comes to international sales…….I’ll just have to wait until I’m in France this summer, but I do love investigating your hints and suggestions. Thank you and bon week-end.

Anita Rivera

Ahhhh….it’s time to shop for new sandals, tank tops and light and airy dresses. Enjoy YOUR shopping spree, Vicki!! Anita

Karen in CT

… yummy bags … thanks for the tips, time to do some seeking

Karen in CT


Great shopping reminders! I am on a self-imposed shopping ban for 2013 (as a personal challenge) and I haven’t fallen too far off the wagon so far but the sales are soooooo tempting. However, I’m with you, never buy something just because it’s cheaper, you have to be in love with it AND it has to be on sale! Hope you pick up some great wardrobe pieces. XO, Jill

Carolyn Bradford

I need new sandals as well as shoes to wear to weddings! I’m currently putting the only pair that I like on as we speak but it is raining and they cannot get wet! I thought I was going out today to shop all alone but then staying home alone won out! It was heavenly! These are such fabulous tips, though and so very true! Thanks for posting! Hope you had a huge success with your shopping spree!

Faux Fuchsia

The best saes are in Hong Kong!!! Seriously the prices are super impressive!

Love the blog- the women I travelled with on my garden tour much admire your taste and ability to connect.

Happy Shopping! x


Is that Julie Christie in the photo?
What is she clutching…looks like 2 baguettes…

miss b

We all like to find a good bargain and I shall have a look at thse links but I absolutely agree with you – you still have to buy something because you love it and not because it’s been reduced. It’s so easy to get carried away! Thank goodness for returns and refunds.

D. A. Wolf

A little online browsing is always de rigueur… especially when the sky opens up and lets loose…

The LBD and just the “right” paire de chaussures… just in case there’ not a heel to be had around the house. (Oh my. Should I rephrase?) Well, you know what I mean.

Design Chic

Oh yes, a great time for shopping online sales. I am such a fan of net-a-porter and outnet (their discount store)…great deals!! But, I’m definitely guilty of buying because of the sale not because it’s my favorite…wonderful reminders.


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