14 Oct 2012

Necklaces… Make A Statement

Do you get ‘stuck’ in your own look, your own fashion style? I do… and as much as I scour the fashion magazines, the blogs and watch all that I can online… I still end up looking the same and wearing the same… It is not because I don’t want to move things up a notch… and it certainly isn’t because I am bored with fashion… but I can get in a rut. I was reminded of this the other day when I had lunch with Valérie… I have talked to you about her before… here.

Sitting with Valérie, for a couple of hours, was the kick start I needed to think outside my comfort zone… Valérie has all that French je ne sais quoi that we women find so irresistible… she knows how to put her style together effortlessly and without fussiness yet in a way that makes you want to run out and emulate it. She was wearing slim fitting jeans, ballet flats and a very plain black silk shirt… The reason she looked so fabulous and stylish was that she had paired this with a truly wonderful ‘statement’ necklace. The necklace was striking and it made all the difference… a touch of bold with her simple ‘street style’

I don’t know why I haven’t been wearing ‘statement’ necklaces before… I have seen them and admired them from afar for a few seasons… but it wasn’t until I saw Valérie wearing her necklace so easily and so simply that I realised I could do that… An over-sized, decorative necklace is a no-brainer on those days when you can’t really think what to wear… or those days when you feel a little drab… they really add flair and update our look… and again there is no age limit to wearing them. When my much loved drop earrings need a rest, I am going to be brave and make a statement.

Raid your jewellery boxes, borrow from your mothers, your sisters or your daughters… Try them on… the bigger the better… and see the difference… I have and I love it… xv


Lulu Frost for J. Crew here

The Best Black… here

 The Best Kate Spade… here and here

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Anita Rivera

Oh you hit it on the head just perfectly, every time. I have about five STATEMENT necklaces and I have bought them all from our beloved Anthropologie! I have worn them for at least 10 years and they never fail to attract the attention of my students or whoever I meet. I do believe that wearing the simplest wardrobe and then making that statement with a fine piece of jewelry!

I have examined photos of older women that just strike me right. That Je ne sais quoi, I believe, is also a confidence that is emulated in how that person on only dresses, but how they hold themselves up. Many physical factors are involved, but as far as MY TASTE GOES, the more confident a woman, the taller she stands, the more fluid she moves. But a hunk of a chunk of great neck jewelry helps, A LOT!

Your blog is so fun my dear. I learn more and more from you about fashion, and I can’t wait to get that fabulous win in my post box!

Amitiés, Anita


Today is my birthday and amazingly he just gave me the most incredible necklace. He has a knack for buying jewelry and will give me things that I would never “see” to buy. In the end they are some of my favorite things to wear and I have a confession….I LOVE jewelry!

Francine gardner

I am an avid believer in statement necklaces. While in Bangkok, I fell upon this shop displaying the most beautiful necklaces incorporating large antique stones and silver beads with layers of smaller beads in a dazzling array of colors. Ever since my husband offered me my first one for Christmas, we revisited the shop and met the owner-designer who is originally from Belgium. I must have more than a dozen of her unique pieces. Women would stop me at parties and compliment me on the necklaces, to the point that i invited Jaana (the designer ) to come to New York for a trunk show. I now display her pieces in the showroom.I could be wearing a plain Tshirt and jeans, but the necklace would actually define the otherwise ordinary outfit. These necklaces have become my signature…

Caramel et Fleur de sel

You are so right …. I hardly wear any statement necklace. There are so many beautiful ones out there this season and you just motivated me to get one! seriously!
I absolutely love that tortoise mini bib …. I am so tempted …..
Have a great weekend, Vicki

Kathy Peck Leeds

Although I have noticed them for years, I finally also made the decision to find just the right one for me. I tend to be very understated, but I want a fun big necklace. I love the J.Crew Lulu Frost one, and have been looking at it online, but I don’t like that it doesn’t ship until December. Might just order it anyway, as I have a feeling it will sell out fast, it’s a good price.

The Enchanted Home

Love statement necklaces and own several. Nothing can jazz up an outfit quicker or with more impact than one of these beauties and you picked some gorgeous ones Vicki! Really love them and so happy this “trend” has stuck around.


Statement necklaces are so fabulous, but memorable. I need to get over that concern and just order that beauty from J Crew!!

Anna de Marigny

I so enjoyed this post Vicki and have shared it on my page. There is nothing quite like a striking necklace to add that special touch to an outfit and lift it a notch or two. This time of the year tends to bring out the neutral taupes, rusts and browns so a necklace is the perfect accessory to add a great flash of colour. There is nothing quite like the “bling” factor to make an outfit unique.

The ones you have chosen here are lovely. They make perfect gifts as well.

Hostess of The Humble Bungalow

Statement jewelry is a perfect way to add a bit of fun and colour.
I love wearing them and have a few when I am not wearing a scarf.
As a curvy gal I like to draw the eye “upward” and learned this trick early…
your French Femme looks tres chic.


I have several statement necklaces and I always feel special when I wear them. Most of the necklaces I’ve had for ‘many’ years and they are one of a kind.
I’ve started layering the necklace over a soft scarf recently, it presents it almost as a gift sitting in a layer of wrap. If I see a statement necklace that draws me in I don’t pass it up.


Karen, I LOVE Stella&Dot also. I actually am a Stella&Dot Stylist and if you don’t know someone personally please go to my website to browse the new Holiday Collection. Love French Essence and always discovering something new on this fabulous blog. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding stella&dot.

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with this post, Vicki. I wear them myself, but haven’t put any in my shop. Because of you and these comments I will a 2 – 3 fabulous ones. Lovely post !!


I can wear medium sized statement necklaces and love them. Keep the ensemble classic and no fussy and it works!!

Art by Karena



I never used to wear necklaces other than a small gold chain with a heart but now I’ve become more adventurous and I have 3 bold statement necklaces I wear from time to time to brighten up an all black outfit.

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

Loving your choices Vicki…I have a few forgotten ones which I recenly dusted off and I am glad I did. Necklaces and earrings…I still remember your last post on earrings. Found a great little spot in Ho Chi Minh City…it is on my list..one day, when you find your way here…. :)

Jeanne xx

Tish Jett

Here’s the thing, Vicki: What if one feels bad about her neck?

I have scads of necklaces, large “statement” pieces and I love, love, love — looking at them. . .



I understand that only too well… Hate my Neck!! But if the necklaces sit low enough I think it can draw attention away from not too… :) That is my theory and I am hopeful… :)


I was delighted to see this post on a “Statement Necklace”. About a year ago, a friend taught me the basics on how to make Fashion Jewelry. I got hooked and now attend every Bead Show that comes to my area.

I have been very creative. I noticed that just about everyone on TV is wearing bold, statement necklaces. I have copied a few nice pieces I see in fashion magazines as well for so much less!


I love statement necklaces and I wear them really just for me…if no one notices that is fine. She is gorgeous, but I cannot take my eyes off the necklace…it is stunning. I have toned down my earrings…to mostly studs and ramped up my necklaces.


I found your blog because I’m following you on Pinterest and I love it! I hope we become blog friends and I will be following in every way! Come say hi!


Olivia Palermo definitely shows how to carry off a statement necklace. A confident smile adds to the fabulousness. Statement necklace is now added to a formidable list. Thankyou


Yes.. I do get stuck in my own look! It’s easy to do that as we get a little older because certain items just feel comfortable.. or I buy something and don’t wear it.


La Contessa

YES!I have just purchased two STATEMENT pieces while wandering downtown Florence!Plus, about five braclets too as the colors……………were SO FAB!I got the burgandy one!Thanks to YOU!


This post is so timely for me! I’ve been mulling over this very topic lately. I’ve been admiring the look of statement necklaces and realize that I have several put away that I always save for special occasions. So, I’m having to adjust my traditional thinking and realize that the statement part is all about wearing them with casual or semi-casual everyday outfits — not save them for those special-occasion outfits that call for special jewelr. Thanks, I love your blog!

Marcia Lois

Todays blog really got me thinking…..it is so easy to get in a bit of a rut……what is there to stop you making a few little changes that could really make such a difference. It is not that you don’t want to, but it is sometimes easier just to accept the way you look…. I think I may request a beautiful big necklace for Christmas……I’m thinking long strings of beautiful shiny beads.

Slim Paley

Oh I love a great statement necklace! Though usually on someone else, not on me. I don’t feel I have enough chestal real estate to really carry them off well. This post has inspired me to give then another go though.

Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
I think sticking with a look can be used to your advantage. Think of Gabrielle Chanel, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe – they all constructed their identity through their look!
Hope you are well. Sending my best wishes,


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