27 Feb 2018

Never Underestimate The White Blouse

Never Underestimate The white Blouse on vickiarcher.com

I wouldn’t dare.

Selling short the advantages of a white shirt or blouse is definitely not happening here.

I have fallen back in love with all white blouses and have recommitted to wearing them more often. It may well be the weather prompting a lighter response and a boredom with sweaters. It could easily be that the white blouse and all its advantages are just too good to let go. Like the jeans and blazer and the fuller mid-length skirt, the white blouse is a non-negotiable addition to our wardrobes.

We do know this, I feel sure.

If you are like me, I forget the “old faithful” sometimes and that would be a mistake. A white blouse, whichever version is you, will stand the test of time and take us everywhere. Think back to the elegant and beautiful Carolina Herrera again – she never underestimates the power of a white blouse. Recently, I have been favouring the loose and floaty over black pants and this look has been my best travelling companion (along with the trench). White or the off shades close by are a refreshing change from the all black winter hibernation I tend to fall in to. As spring approaches the idea of dressing up, either in a man’s style classic or a more feminine version with fabulous sleeves, is front of mind.

What’s your best style of a blouse?

This season I have noticed the addition of black trim on a white blouse. I’m a big fan.

Gucci has added black bows and ribbons to many statement pieces and so I don’t see why we can’t mix a little CC inspiration with the GG moment; a metre of gross grain or velvet and a knack for tying bows is all that is required. This is one very simple way to re-invent our classics.

There is lace and I never tire of this look, whether it is a dress, blouse or skirt and what looks prettier under a structured jacket than a slither of delicate lace?  Or let’s wear a lace blouse out over our jeans and add a pair of heels or slides? This is another easy outfit to wear and one in which the white blouse transforms the statement entirely.

Never Underestimate The white Blouse on vickiarcher.com

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At VA we have curated our favourites from My Theresa.

My Theresa is another one of the online secrets we love to peruse. mytheresa.com began in 2006 as a small online shop associated with the multi-brand store Theresa, in Munich, Germany. Why we love it is for their edit, their eye and their ability to showcase new designers in Europe.

Never Underestimate The white Blouse on vickiarcher.com

They have some of the best “whites” around. xv

The White Blouse

roksanda truffaut  ||  isabel marant valda  ||  velvet minnie  ||  stella mccartney ||  velvet rana   ||  gucci with black bow

velvet willow  ||  see by chloe  ||  rag & bone  ||  a.p.c  ||  jonathon simkhai

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Taste of France

I’m partial to Anne Fontaine, who has branched out beyond all white blouses. Some years ago, on a trip (to Lyon, if I recall) with a bunch of girlfriends and one tag-along guy, we went into an Anne Fontaine shop; the guy stayed outside. He professed to being befuddled as to how we could spend more than an hour in a shop that sold nothing but white shirts. But the variety was mind-blowing! We all bought a couple, and none of us had the same thing.


I am a fan of Anne Fontaine too. They always have a beautiful selection of white blouses. They carry fun collars to add to a collarless shirt or tee as well.


The white blouse is a wardrobe staple and there are so many styles that give it an extra boost. Lately though it has been difficult to find one that is not sheer. I prefer not to see undergarments, no matter how pretty they are.

Mimi Gregor

I have an off-white silk blouse… and I never wear it. I used to have a white cotton shirt… and I never wore that, as well. I finally donated it. I also have a leopard print silk shirt, but never wear that either. I think it’s the button-up shirt thing. They pull out of my skirt or trousers, bunching up unattractively or hanging out here, tucked in there. (I always tuck. I am short and it just looks better.) Then there are the buttons, which are hard to deal with when your fingers are no longer as “grippy” as they used to be. I so much prefer pullovers. To my eye, they look more feminine yet less fussy.


I’m sure there are skyscrapers of subtlety about white shirts. But my all-time favorite white women’s shirt is the Brooks Brothers white no-iron dress shirt. Costs $98. And (so far) none of them have EVER worn out or even looked old. They feel like no other white cotton shirts I have owned. And yes, I have other white shirts. But none of them make me reach for them nearly as often as my tried, true, blue white BB shirts. They work with a black suit, tucked (or not) into 501s, or tied at the waist above a long summer skirt.

I’m so ready for any season that’s not winter!

Catherine Baudet

Sass and Bide in Australia always do a really interesting white shirt with unique detailing. You cannot have too many white shirts. Will try the Brooks Brothers one mentioned above.

Jeanne Henriques

Never enough white shirts Vicki….I grabbed a bunch in dark navy and white for travel from Uniglo. What I really loved is the white/cream shirt you wore in that Morocco shoot. Gorgeous, the whole ensemble! :)


White shirts do nothing for me no matter what style I try so I gave up. Ivory is also no good. Everyone is different.


Oh Vicki, you are talking my language here. Simplicity, crispness, versatility, timeless fashion….this piece works for me anytime, and I can proudly say that I can wear any of these styles. I have I don’t know HOW MANY white blouses in my closet, but I reserve them for the beginning and the end of the school year because in between, our winters are so brutal that I wouldn’t enjoy freezing in one of these in our cold building! But paired with either jeans or a simple, black skirt, a white shirt is SI FRANÇAIS!


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