27 Apr 2014

New York: Blue, Beautiful and Burberry

New York - Vicki Archer


Touching down in still chilly and very windy New York made me glad that I hadn’t relegated the trench coat  to the “leave behind” pile.

I ummed and aaghed over whether the trench would be needed or not… it was… it is… and I won’t ever doubt it’s usefulness again.

It’s the coat to wear when you don’t know what to wear.

The trench works with everything… and whether you are a fan of the black or the beige… it’s an easy fashion fix.

The best news… it’s ageless and dateless.

~ ~ ~

It seemed like serendipity when the door to my hotel room opened and there ahead was a massive Burberry sign.

Who am I to argue with New York.

The trench it is.

~ ~ ~

New York… I do love this city. Always have… since I was a bright eyed girl of 21.

Inhaling the view… my stomach turned as I looked straight ahead and made myself forget that I’m 54 floors high...  the sheer verticals, the shadows… the magnitude of it all… I am impressed.

New York… this city is one of the greats.

I can’t wait to get my particular trench coat out and about… and start pounding those pavements… xv


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Anita Rivera

Ah….New York, New York..my husband’s birthplace and our fun haunt. It is still chilly out here in the states and I just wore MY BLACK TRENCH yesterday. One of my dear male students said, “Madame, j’adore votre TRENCH!” Ageless, classy and easy to work in and move about in my French classes! HAVE FUN, VICKI and welcome to the states! Anita


Welcome back to the USA Vicki – just wish NYC was a bit closer to Raleigh. It’s warm and sunny, everything is blooming, and I would have loved to show you around – no need for a trench coat here today but perhaps some rain over the weekend.

Enjoy your time in the Big Apple – will await reports of what’s happening up there as you pound the pavements – take lots of pics please!
Take care, have fun.

Mary x

karen in va

Have a great time. After working there for 13 years, I am just starting to really miss it. So many new skyscrapers, the tallest residential building in North America is right across from Carnegie Hall .. hum; you may be in that Hyatt which would be FAB … I worked across the street and watched it going up but left before it opened.

I’m going back for a visit soon …

Have a great trip … so much to do. I’m looking forward to your photos. You probably have it all mapped out.

Karen in VA


Have fun in NYC. I was just there and LIVED in my Eileen Fisher raincoat with the big hood that turns into a cowl neck. It’s reversible in black and grey. The perfect coat. Do visit the Standard Highline for a meal in the Grill or a drink on their outdoor patio. We loved the hotel and people watching was amazing.

Have fun. Weather went from 72 degrees one day to snow and 29 degrees the next! Keeps you on your toes. Didn’t go anywhere without at least one scarf in my bag.



I also have loved it since I first went at age 21! I miss it…and would love to have on a trench…instead of the sweat we will wear later today! Enjoy your time…how cool is it to look out at Burberry!!


Humphrey Bogart already knew it…the ageless timeless beautiful and
practical trench. Prefer the beige one..but that’s a matter of personal taste. N.Y. …the city that never sleeps and getting younger year by year. Just read that the MOM is under refurbishment.
N.Y. a city you can visit so many times and get never bored (like
Paris) but personally I would never live there. Enjoy the N.Y.days.


Trenches, a must, even in Fl., just enough without that NYC snow down here…..a little tissue cashmere sweater and off you go……I read you are coming to Fl., try here!
XO…..glad you have hit ground!


Sometimes all we need is a sign and this one was loud and clear. Well done on packing your trench. Enjoy the big apple and be sure to post some treats for us to devour on your travels. Bon Voyage Shell – A Darlings Nest


What are your favourite things to do when in New York? Because it’s such a huge city. I wouldn’t know what to begin with!

The Enchanted Home

Vicki…welcome. Good thing you didn’t leave it behind, its blustery and on the chilly side, but that doesn’t take away from the energy and excitement! There is no denying that….enjoy and see you soon:)


Vicki great point and I do need to update my trench without spending a small fortune! Have fun, fun , fun!

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