15 Nov 2015

New York, New York: One More Sleep

Bill Cunninghame, Facades Exhibition, New York, vickiarcher.com


Packing again; this time for New York.

I am seriously excited and cannot wait to touch down. By the time you read this I will be just about up in the air and on my way.

What to pack has been on my mind for days. It’s a two-week trip so requires some planning. As the person who writes about what to pack at least once every couple of weeks, you would imagine I have it all sorted by now.

I do and I don’t.

I do, in that I follow some of my “rules” to the letter.

I will be taking only two handbags and three pairs of shoes. The shoes are by far the toughest call and if I didn’t know myself so well I would weaken and make it four pairs. I’m staying committed; sneakers, boots and heels are the only pairs in my suitcase. Promise.

The LBD is packed but I might have to cheat and add the velvet dress. This serious velvet crush I am having is causing some confusion in my packing; something has to go. The tuxedo jacket is staying put and the velvet blazer folded, ready for adventure.

Bill Cunningham Facades Exhibition, The Guggenheim in New York, vickiarcher.com



You already know the colour palette.

Black, with a touch of green velvet. I will add a couple of scarves and the rest will be re-invented each day with jewellery and rouge noir lips. Tee shirts and turtlenecks are all I need to wear with the Pixies and velvet blazer; the dresses will work with either the sneakers or the heels.

A couple of pieces I haven’t yet mentioned in the Packing For Paris series are the leather Moto style jacket and the cashmere sweater. These are definitely going with me. Perfect for more casual days and the two weekends, which I will spend in New York.

The first weekend I am visiting a great girlfriend in Sag Harbour. I have never been to the Hamptons so I cannot wait. Any recommendations? I would love to hear and please do tell me what I can’t miss. I am camera ready and thrilled to be visiting.

Back to packing and that last sleep; Iooking forward to chatting to you from there, xv.


New York, I Am Packed And Ready To Go

madewell motorcycle jacket   //  michael kors leather jacket  //  ***bernardo leather moto jacket

joseph cashmere sweater  //  halston heritage cashmere sweater  //  neiman marcus cashmere sweater

images bill cunningham facades, new york


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Carley Lanham

you must go to marvelous mary’s for breakfast! it is amazing and in downtown East Hampton in other words, shopping and a delicious breakfast, what could be better (: have an amazing time!!!

Lori Roth

I’m hoping you are in New York safely. With the awful attacks in Paris – I thought of you and your safety.
God be with you.


I am about to leave for the airport Lori but thankfully we are all in London.
What has happened is so upsetting… I know we are all thinking of Paris…


Oh Sag Harbor … the summer days I frittered away eating and shopping there .. we used to have a summer home in Montauk NY … summer … I remember what that is like !


I hope you and your family/friends are all safe tonight given the events in Paris. Prayers for everyone.

Enjoy your stay in NYC! :)

Susan cavanagh

Hi Vicki,
We have just returned from Paris to hear the devastating news, can’t believe the carnage in the city of light.
Enjoy The Hamptons, we did East Hampton 2yrs ago and absolutely loved it!!
Hope your family are safe,


Thank you Susan, yes we are safe and I am just about to leave for the US.
Impossible to sleep… so heartbreaking what has happened..

Anita Rivera

Chère Vicki, I have been thinking of you since last night, hoping you are OK with all that has happened in Paris. I am relieved to know you sound happy and are coming to US here in the USA! Enjoy yourself dear one.


Oh you will love the Hamptons. Sag Harbor is such a quaint little seaside town. Used to be only the locals lived in Sag and the summer people were in the Hamptons, East and South specifically:). You must see East, South and Bridgehampton. Lovely towns with cute stores and eateries. My two favorite places in the whole world, France and New York and yet I’m stuck in the Midwest. LOL so not fair right?

I love your packing and travel tips. You will look chic and marvelous no matter what you wear. Bon Voyage!!

Esther George

Hi Vicki, so glad you and your family are safe. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful time in NY. I have an uncle and cousins on that side of the world, but have never been, my daughter has been twice. Safe journey, till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.


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