3 Apr 2014

Nike Says… Just Do It

Nike - Nah, I'm good


Today is the Day… and it was.

Making the commitment to live a healthier life… up the exercise and cut the snacks… is easier said than done.

Over the last few months as I have worked my way through a sugar and mostly carb free zone I have learned one very, very important lesson.


Success is all about mental state.

Having the right mental approach makes it happen, makes it easier… makes it doable.

Without a 100% + mental engagement… forget it… the results won’t come.


I have been on diets and played with exercise before… often successfully but never maintainable.

My commitment wasn’t there… not really… I wasn’t unwavering in my belief that I could work and earn the results I craved.

My dedication wasn’t sufficient.

You have to want it, really want it.


My path was full of… ” one day off won’t hurt” … ” I’ll start again tomorrow”… ” an extra one can’t make too much difference”…

I am sure you understand what I mean.

This time I feel differently, my determination is solid and intact… and I am in it for the long haul.

No short term fixes… I must accept that results will take time and require patience.

Slow moves, nothing radical.

I know this is the only way forward, to be where I want to be.


So here’s the thing.

The unshakeable motivation is what will lose those few extra pounds… make the weights feel lighter and the miles feel shorter.

The goals are the prize.

I believe it is the mindset that sheds those unwanted pounds and tightens up those lazy muscles.

Knowing what is best and doing what’s required aren’t necessarily close companions.


Incentives for a lifestyle change can come from a range of sources but I truly believe that a new dress or an approaching event won’t cut it.

That alone won’t get you to the finish line… I know, I have forfeited mid-way many times.

The race must be run for you and by you.


A mind set of steel is what we need. Are you with me?


PS… Remember the quote from my lovely reader…

I look at lost weight like a chicken in the meat department.  Each one weighs 4-5 pounds right?  So each time I lose 5 pounds, I tell myself I lost a whole hen!!

I’m two hens down…




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Leslie Nash

I am inspired! just started a get fit programme, and was thinking one little treat won’t, hurt…….after reading your post, I felt like someone had given me a pep talk! Thank you Vicki


It’s always been a slippery slope for me… One more… invariable ended with many more… :)


Totally with you Vicky…all happens in our brain and with a strong will you will reach your goal for sure. I wish you endurance. A tip (what many people don’t know)…start each weight
loss program with a bowel cleanse (hydrocolon). Good luck.

Robyn Mastandrea

I think the most important thing is to see the big picture and not let one slip up make you give up. If you see it as a lifestyle instead of a diet, then you just get back on it after that one dessert or croissant. Oh, and never eat after 7:00pm:) That always works for me.

Anita Rivera

I am with you Vicki.

Truth be told (and I plan on including this in an article I will be writing for a magazine), but I hit a point in my YOUNGER life when I just went wild with food. Some people find other addictive behaviors, but mine was with food for about a year. It was a crucial year for me because that is the year I was accepted to dance in a troupe that toured Asia. I was at my heaviest, ever,but I was allowed to dance.

But the slight-framed Anita I was literally born to be finally learned. I learned when I was about 22, and since then, I have kept on the track. But like anything else, the lesson, the motivation, it all has to start within each of us. What you are describing here is so profound, and even more so, for YOU.

We all have our ways on how we deal with goals and challenges. We can offer one another support and even “advice.” But when the power belongs to US when we ourselves find it, it is an INTERNAL fire that no one but ourselves can put out, and I know you are not going to extinguish your flame.

I have also learned, on a somewhat different note, that the “process” of taking the journey truly is to be embraced and is as important and maybe even MORE profound than reaching the goal. We start to love each step, each mile we take to reach the destination. I’ve also learned to observe the journey more, to take note of what is changing inside of ME as I take those steps.

I am thrilled for you as you find that you have the power within you, and really, it’s always been there. You just need to find it, and I think you have.

Enjoy the journey of health and joy my friend. I’m walking my power walk with ya. Anita


Dear Vicki,
You are wonderful, it is just brilliant to have that oh so good feeling of achievement …well done you :)
Im smiling so much at the ‘2 hens’ analogy, very well said! For me, the comparison is those bags of sugar, you know 2.2lb or 1kg.. but I dont think I have lost any of the extra that I so promised myself at the start of the year.
But you are so very right that you have to really really want it, in order to make it happen….the determination must be in me somewhere because I applied the same logic when giving up smoking…a monumentally hard thing to do, but, achievable with the right mindset ( and taken a day at a time…now 12 years )
I hope you have a beautiful day, and thank you for your inspiration..Im going to take a long walk today..and make the most of magnolia time

The Enchanted Home

Very much!! I do it in moderation and that is when I achieve success….nothing too extreme too fast. The reward for me is all my favorite clothes fitting again….priceless!

Melanie LeFever

Your determination is inspiring to us all. Taking care of the body that will be with me to the “finish line” is my goal. I want to have energy and be in the best health for whatever life throws at me. I know I need to nourish my body and not just throw food down the chute. You are so right about the inner fire we need, the motivation to stay strong and keep moving in the right direction. It’s beyond a dress size, it’s the quality of your life. I don’t want to spend my “golden years” in a rocking chair waiting for death. There is so much to see and experience to waste one mintute. I’ll be cheering you on.

une femme

I agree, your mindset it so important. And even when you reach your goal, you have to keep doing what you did to get there.


Yes, it’s a total lifestyle change… no more bad habits… I blame France… ;)


Loved your post! I’m a couple of hens up, so am working to change my mindset. I’ve always loved the Nike slogan. It is all about attitude.


Great attitude, Vicki! I’m sure you’ll be successful. I lost around 25 pounds nearly a year ago – can’t believe I’ve kept it off a whole year and you couldn’t be more correct. All those years of ups and downs on the scale were because my head and heart were not aligned. The key is, it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. One caveat, though, everything in moderation. I don’t think I’d have made it this far if I didn’t let myself enjoy a bit of everything now and then. A grilled cheese here, a macaron there. But knowing that 90% of the time my way of life is to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” as the saying goes. I won’t wish you luck because the right attitude is all you need and you’ve got that! XOXO


I am taking my time… and I believe a realistic expectation is very important… :)

Nancie Bartley

Yay for two hens lost!
I agree that it is the slippery slope we need to stay away from….
Now trying to “dig out” from a winter of comfort food. That means no to the carbs and no to the sugars. Hoping to lose a hen or two at my house also.
Thanks for the inspiration.

La Contessa

TWO HENS down!
BRAVA!!!!!!NOT an easy thing to do………..I have given up on losing a few pounds as I maintain about the same weight for the last 20 or so years!I do exercise and I love what I am doing now…..it does tighten and tone and I do see those improvements.However, when we tone we tend to add muscle and that tips the scale in the wrong direction!So, I do not weigh anymore.WHY?I know how I feel and if I look good or not.It is what it is and I am embracing the fact I will never be thin thin again!Food and wine well that is an ENJOYMENT and I do it every day………otherwise the ITALIAN husband would be dis-enchanted with me!Can’t have that!No NEVER!!!


How timely! I found my lost motivation this morning when I got up at 5:30 am for a Spin class! Three years ago I knew I had to change my sluggish way of life. Every joint ached when I moved and I just didn’t feel good. Turning 50 made me realize that when I was much older I didn’t want to be hampered by bad health and aches & pains that resulted in having to stay put. I wanted to explore the world! So I started eating differently and exercising. First just stretching and moving and then as I felt better, I got into Spinning and lost 30 lbs. I loved it! I was gung-ho for well over a year and even got a new mountain bike and went out most mornings biking with 2 friends. Then I just lost it, poof! For the last year, exercising has been in spurts…doing some Spin, some stretching and some TRX, but not really dedicating myself to it. I’ve paid for it too, gaining back 5 lbs and aching again. Spring is a time for change and I’m looking forward to a healthier, happier year that includes lots of exercise and feeling good. Have a wonderful day Vicki!


Roxane… that is incredible… you will get back into it because you have made such a commitment already… I need to do more exercise… but time is always a factor… :)

lisa thomson-The Great Escape...

Congrats on your successful hen loss, Vicki. I couldn’t diet if my life depended on it. That said, I’m a pretty healthy eater. Still, I could stand to lose 10-15 lbs. I exercise almost everyday. It’s my stress reliever and lifeline. I would love to be a size 6 again but I’m stuck at 8-10. Sigh.

Rose Blamey

Congratulations on your two hens! As others have mentioned it is a life style change and the changes you make should and will become just the way of life. Personally I think the bigger goal should be your state of health as you get older and not just the new wardrobe. If you put your good habits (eating and exercise) to work and keep them going I believe that your quality of life as you age will be that much better. I have been fortunate and have been active my whole life and I also live with a very active spouse. Luckily for us fitting in our exercise is like brushing our teeth. It is something we just do. It sounds like that is perhaps happening for you. Remember calories consumed should equal calories burned. It doesn’t really matter where your calories came from as long as you are burning them off. I think you are on the right track and are doing really well. You go girl!


There is no doubt in my mind that a healthy lifestyle will be rewarded as we age… and it must become a way of life… :)

Sue Malizia

I totally get what you’re saying Vicki. I’m not trying to use just losing weight as my main goal. I’m trying to get my back stronger by getting my core firmer with a year’s commitment to get healthy. I’ve been doing barre, going on my second month (it’s tough) and massage therapy and I’m a different person already; changing my eating habits (mostly portion control)has come naturally along with exercising more….but what’s funny Vicki, you’re the one that got me motivated and things just seem to have fallen into place for me. It’s becoming a nice habit and something I look forward to doing. I hope you find what works for you….for me it was your blog. :-)

Donna Baker

Hooray! I’m happy for anyone who can stick to a plan and make it happen. Sugar and carbs are my downfall too. I so want to be able to lose some weight.


You can Donna… start with the sugar and you will be surprised… the weight DOES come off… :)


hilarious, the first week seems the hardest, forge ahead, then the endorphins kick in and the feeling is so wonderful the gym, walking shoes, whatever one choses finds a nice spot within swift grabbing, and out we go…..so glad you put this up Vicki, I am in that mode also, yet fell behind as I am so sad trying to find work over here….loving reading this though….exercise helps the mind and soul that is a fact…and to be unshakable mindset…and it feels to good too! xo

Marilyn Leslie

Congratulations on your weight loss. I ‘ve been going up and down a few pounds( alas not even a hen)since the beginning of the year and I think it is because I haven’t been givng my all.
Thanks for the encourage meant- I will stick with it!


Having gained five hens over the last two years, I find the task daunting. I have about seven hens to lose and that is a lot of restraint in my future. I agree completely that it is about the mind set more than anything else. I need to find that mindset. . .


Too true ,Vicki! When I was going through menopause , along with the mood swings, I was desperate to do anything to change how I felt! With the guidance of a ‘natural’ style doctor, liver cleanse and new ‘living ‘ diet, I felt so much better AND lost 1 1/2 stone along the way over 6 months! I wasn’t even TRYING to lose weight, but I remember thinking afterward how rich I could become if I could just put that mind set in a bottle and sell it!! Congrats on your effort :)

la prof

How timely for me, it was a long and dark winter, I made it through with fancy coffee drinks mornings and baked goods for my “family” (hehehe) in the evenings. Now I am 2 hens up from my slim summer self. I totally REMEMBER how it feels to be un-addicted to carbs and sugar…you feel light and free and healthy without trying! For me it is breaking that addictive cycle that is really hard… gaining “1-2 hens” has become seasonal, how I wished it were not! The thing is I just hate how I currently feel but am determined to get my grit up and as you/they say “just do it”! I am starting now. Fin.


Well done Vicky. It certainly isn’t easy to shed the extra “hens” as we get older too. I’m always surprised how sneekily those pounds/ kilos creep up on us, and like an unwelcome house guest, refuse to leave. I think that the word diet immediately sets up images of restraints in our minds, and if we approach it differently, from a point of view of eating healthy foods, foods to sustain us throughout our busy days etc, it helps us to achieve our goals long term. Quick fixes bring transient results. I’m so pleased you’re on the path to a healthier lifestyle and that your hen house will soon be empty! Looking forward to reading your progress report! Thank you for your honesty. It isn’t an easy subject to discuss. Hopefully this has further strengthened your conviction. X Dianne


Vicki thank you for this…I went to the grocery with a great attitude the other day and swooped up tons of fresh fruits and veggies, and it felt so good! Now off for a walk!

2014 Artists Series


I try and stick to the , “nothing processed or packaged”.. and that seems to work for me too…


Great effort Vicki. I remember years ago hearing the mention of weight loss in terms of ‘tubs of margarine’. So Vicki…..you have lost 9 tubs of margarine.
1 tub = 250g (1/4 pound).

Currently I have to lose 6 tubs margarine!!!


#2 Comment:

CORRECTION for above comment……..

Apologies 250g = 1/2 lb (approx)


going through menopause… quit smoking 3 months ago… need to lose 4 to 6 hens…. not sure how to do this but I am going to start, your post gives me a place to start… tomorrow morning, thanks for the reminder that I am not alone in this… x

Melissa Hebbard

Well done Vicki, both for the weight loss and especially for the understanding that it is all having an unshakeable mindset.
About a year ago I started a daily walk. I promised myself that I could at least find the time to do a 15 minute walk every day. I go out now every day, rain or shine and will stop at 15 minutes if it is exhaustingly hot or I have no more time, but even today in the rain I managed my usual 40 minutes. I find telling myself just do 15 minutes is the motivation to get me out each morning but once out I end up doing much more.
I have now started a 5:2 fasting diet which is working so well. I can eat within reason what I want on 5 days and am restricted to 500 calories on 2 non consecutive days. It is working well and I don’t feel at all deprived as I can have that treat the next day!

Yvonne Gray

Hi Vicki,

How true this is – not just for slimming but also for just about everything else we want to achieve in life.

I love the philosophy of moment by moment, good choices between this and that, just for one day, just one day at a time….

If you like the ring of this and want some help in getting started, I can recommend an excellent book by Darren Hardy called ‘The Compound Effect. This is based on the core philosophy of the The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, but puts it into a practical system that you can DO.

As a result, I have created my own checklist for good habits with boxes to tick for each day that I make good choices. The compounded effects are amazing!


Why did the hen cross the road? Because she fell off a dedicated woman and needed to get to the other side!

Heather in Arles

I bow down to your fabulousity! Hooray! Two hens. Oh my gosh, do you think when they fell off they “flocked” on to me? Sure feels like it!

But am coming along with the sugar and gluten-free and at least feel better even if I haven’t lost weight…I know, I need to walk the puppers longer…I will… :)

Anita Rivera

Good evening Vicki!

It is always an honor to read you, whether here or on my comments page. I am enjoying a spring break at home where I am writing daily for a magazine I’m contributing to. It is freezing rain outside, it’s grey out, but it’s always springtime to me when I know someone takes the time to read what I write and then tell me what it means to them. Thank you so much.

Enjoy your Friday! Anita

Trish Murphy

Wow Vicki that is fantastic! You must be looking pretty amazing right now. We women of a “certain age ” have to work hard to maintain a satisfactory weight.I go up and down the hard part is staying
down! The end result is so worth the effort and all those clothes hanging in the wardrobe waiting to be reacquainted with their owner! I love the hen reference! Keep up the the hard work.Would love some before and after pics. Have a lovely weekend .x Trish


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