2 Mar 2019

“No Problemo”, My Middle Name

"No Problemo" My Middle Name on vickiarcher.com

It’s a big year for me.

Not really for me but for those around me. There are milestone birthdays, a baby shower and a wedding to plan and it is only March. I’m excited about everything, for everyone and every celebration. As it happens I love a party, especially when I am behind the scenes. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than “making it happen” for my favourite people.

I find myself thinking and saying, “no problemo” on a regular basis; all of the planning, emotion and hard work is a pure delight and sheer happiness. I refuse to accept there will be any stress with party and wedding planning as unrealistic as that sounds. I am going to enjoy every second, except perhaps the extra sessions I will do to get better in shape. If I needed incentive, this is the year.

How I will fit all these adventures into an already overloaded schedule, I have no idea. I will. My mantra is to stay focused, be positive and make one move at a time. In addition, I have a new venture launching here on VA. It’s something I have wanted to make happen for the longest time, ever since I can remember and finally, finally, it will be coming later this year.

So when I found this in my favourite colour, with my favourite expression; it had to be mine.

I will be wearing this sweatshirt all weekend, possibly all year. Maybe this tee, too. Then there is this sweater in the most beautiful shade of pink for when “no problemo” needs to retire.

I love the idea of this shade with my jeans and trainers.  Why not feel pretty making hundreds of lists, researching wedding destinations and thinking about baby nurseries?

Let’s not even start on the “mother of the bride” journey; a whole new chat I could entertain you with.

That should be “no, problemo”. xv

“No Problemo”

aries cotton sweatshirt  ||  (if slogans aren’t your thing, this one is the cutest)  halogen cross back sweater in pink smoke

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Nancy Thompson

I am going to become a grandmother this year too!
Congratulations to you too!


Exciting times.. and Linda is too… I can’t wait.. Ours is due in May so counting down the weeks :)

Linda B

“No problemo”. . . I need to think about adopting that slogan too. Also need to think about the lovely pink sweater–very cool how the straps in the back add a “zing” to what looks plain in front. What this also makes me think is that I need something pink for spring. . . not that sweater or sweatshirt as we are now apparently done with winter in the desert SW. But something lighter, a tee of some sort. Hmm. It will cheer me on as I look forward to my little granddaughter’s arrival in June, right after my retirement. . .


Darling Vicki,

OH, how you and I are frequently on the same wave length; out of necessity, I started this mantra as a teacher. The only way I found to combat stress was to simply shift my attitude and say, “Pas de problèm!” Lately, I’ve been operating on an “epiphany” I had…to make each day a joyful day, no matter what. I had to put that to the test yesterday on the job and by golly, IT WORKED. (This is our beauty secret, isn’t it!)

Michelle á Détroit

Joy really does trump all. Sometimes, all it takes to conquer creeping doubt or negativity is just a tiny attitude adjustment-a shift in perspective.

Corrina Tough

Hello Vicki- how exciting! I have followed you and your family for at least a decade or more now I think? How wonderful to have all that! I am a destination wedding and Portrait photographer (based in France) who travels for events. Contact me if you need someone? website- http://www.corrinatoughphotography.com and I have two insta accounts @brie_and_baguette and @corrina.tough let me know if you need me Id love to capture the love stories that are happening in your world! xx Corrina


Yes, yes. Do start on ‘Mother of the Bride’ clothes. I have one in June to dress for and it’s hard. Those traditional dress and coat combos just aren’t ‘me’ , and I can’t decide what I should get. Aaah!


I will, Trisha… me either.. I have no idea at this stage… but I will :)

Margaretanne Clinton

My daughter married in July in St Louis. None of the fussy dresses were my style. I put a tux together for myself. Incredible 100% cotton sleeveless shirt ,silk jacket and elegant flowy pants. ( my daughter had each bridesmaid wearing their own lbd style too.
It was so lovely all together. ! ❤️
Just an idea.
Lovely blog post.


A fabulous one… I can imagine you all looked wonderful together… I do love… tux… and that is definitely something I would wear… :)
Thank you Margaretanne..


Vicki, I’m going to be the mother of the groom in July! So exciting and proud one of my little chicks is getting married. I’m sure you feel the same.


Oh yes! mother of the bride suggestions please! I am completely at a loss … no matchy matchy coat, dress & fascinator for me … perhaps a slightly posh ‘boho’ dalliance to match my newly all silver / just below shoulder length hair & my entry into my seventies (scary stuff!) … travelling from Australia to my daughter’s early September wedding in Canada ((Ontario) and not a clue as to what to wear … a ‘beachy’ affair in their garden which laps the shores of Lake Huon, so slightly ‘casual’ but with some va va vroom … help please! Thanks Vicki!


PS. I forgot to add that my MOTB outfit will need to address those pesky ‘curves’ shall we say, which have mysteriously attached themselves to this seventy year old body! Ha! I eagerly await a ‘wedding’ ideas post! X


5 days out & I still hadn’t bought my Mother of the Bridegroom ‘ensemble’. Mild panic set in & I grabbed the first thing I saw I liked. I’ve never worn it again. Don’t be me my Sweet xx 😩😩


Thank you!
At this stage we have no date or venue… but working hard on it… then I will be thinking about “what to wear”.I am guilty of leaving special occasion dressing to the end too. I am determined not to this time and writing about the journey here will help me with that. :)


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